Takodemon is an ingenious monster rolling QWOP-like in which each key that spells the word ‘monster’ is mapped to a different section of your demons circular body.  Pressing these keys cause the corresponding sections of its body to expand, shifting its weight and causing it to move.  You use this odd body expanding mechanic to roll your monster over obstacles and squeeze through tight gaps to the goal.

With it’s beautiful silhouetted visuals and wonderfully tricky ‘monster’ controls,Takodemon is a short, sweet roll-em-up that’s well worth checking out.

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Tsioque is a beautifully hand animated point and click adventure in which you play a princess who must overthrow an evil wizard who has taken over your kingdom.

You play Princess Tsioque, a bright little girl who has a talent for causing havoc wherever she goes.  After her mother (the Queen) left the castle to ride into battle, the castle’s wizard seized the chance to take over the kingdom, casting dark spells of enchantment and throwing you in the dungeon.  Thankfully you’re a pretty resourceful girl, so you won’t stay there for long…

The puzzles and story of Tsioque are both great, but it’s the gorgeous hand drawn animation that stands out.  The backdrops and superb animation transport you into a world that feels like a classic Disney movie (the Black Cauldron springs to mind).  It’s a joyful game that we can’t wait to see more of, especially as the dev promises that it won’t be an episodic adventure, but a fully self contained story – with a start, finish and a grand finale.  A charming and beautiful animated adventure.

Check Out the Kickstarter & Play the Free Alpha Demo (Win & Mac)


Viridi is a relaxing gardening experience in which you nurture your very own virtual pot plants and watch them grow in real time.

There are no shortcuts in Viridi (though singing to them may help a little), you simply plant, water and wait. It’s meant to be left open in a second window while you work, or checked in on now and again for a bit of meditative gardening.

Your little collection of plants take a long time to grow, but that’s the whole point.  In a world where so many games are keen to give you everything as soon as possible, Viridi slows things down to a crawl, making for a wonderfully relaxing experience as you tend to your plants and watch them slowly grow.

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Through the Woods is a creepy psychological horror adventure set in Norway and influenced by Norse mythology, in which you find out just how far a mother would go to save her son.

It’s a well crafted that doesn’t rely on jump scares and cheap tricks, preferring to focus on real storytelling and building atmosphere.

There’s a great sense of tension and claustrophobia as you walk through the woods, with your flashlight the only thing that can cut through he oppressive darkness.  This flashlight makes shadows dance around you, playing tricks on your eyes as you think you see movements in the shadows.  This would be ok if it weren’t for the fact that there really are things out there in the shadows, some of them very big indeed.

Through the Woods feels a little like Dear Esther, but far more sinister and a real sense of danger - if you go through the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise…

Play The Alpha Demo, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)

Crest is a god game about religious interpretation
Tell your followers what to do. Hope to you that they do it.

I hadn’t previously heard of Crest, despite it having been in early access since April. The release of a new trailer has changed that, and could well be of interest to those who like bossing around primitive peoples.

The trailer shows off plenty of tried-and-tested god game elements, but also reveals Crest’s twist: you don’t directly control your followers. The latest press release explains how it works:

“The player is an unseen force, interacting with followers through expressive commandments, depicted by symbols. Your instructions will be interpreted differently by each city and hut, dependent on both the inhabitants’ current states and the experiences of their ancestors.”

It’s possible, then, for humans to misinterpret your commands. Just like in real religions, I guess.

Crest has just received an update that adds lions, midwives and cannibals. And also Steam Cloud support. For more, head over to the Steam page.

Interesting, we’ll have to check it out and report back to everyone. If you’ve played this game and want to write it up, let us know!


Unsolicited is another excellent take on bureaucracy from Lucas Pope, developer of Papers, Please, but this time you’re working for a far more nefarious organisation - unsolicited junk mail publishers.

In Unsolicited it’s your job to send out junk mail and other unwanted letters to families.  These letters include Timeshare offers, credit offers, debt collection, charity donation requests, insurance offers and dubious sweepstakes wins.

You simply have to fill in the correct information in the templates, then sign, seal and deliver them.  Much like Papers, Please, Unsolicited is a clever exercise in monotony and bureaucracy.  It can be a mind numbingly dull job, but you have to pay attention to the details, making sure not to make any mistakes in the letters or you’ll fail (or get fired).

It’s a thankless and rather depressing job sending out unwanted mail, but it’s worth sticking with as there are some interesting twists later on.  In-fact you gain a little redemption when you start doing something meaningful and sending out the most unwanted mail of all.  Another masterwork of monotony from Lucas Pope.

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Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined is a fantastic fan made project that re-imagines Square’s classic RPG as a classic Streets of Rage-style side scrolling beat-em-up, complete with Materia, XP and summoning.

The current build features one full level, local co-op play, two playable characters (Cloud and Tifa) and one fire support character (Barret).  You can also summon your Guardian Forces, charging them up by beating up enemies, then unleashing them for maximum devastation.  In the Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined Prototype, Cloud summons Ifrit and Tifa summons Shiva, but in the full game players will be able to acquire and equip new Guardian Forces as in the original.

The Materia system is also remarkably similar to FFVII, with players able  to utilise Fire, Ice and Lighting Materia to unleash special effects at the end of a four hit combo.  And of course, as it’s based on an RPG, in the full game Materia, Summon Gems, Fire Support and character move sets will all be upgradable through XP accumulation.

It’s still very early in development, but Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined is already a thoroughly impressive RPG beat-em-up experience, full of fan service, exciting combat and real depth to the gameplay.  Not just a great Final Fantasy VII homage, but a great game in general.  

Play the Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined Prototype, Free (Win & Browser)


The Large Pixel Collider: The Most Redonkulous Gaming Rig Ever

The PC Master race just got another reason to be smug. From the twisted machinations of PC Gamer magazine (formerly the world’s premiere source of demo cds and demo cd based news) comes this mammoth machine that was created for the sole purpose of running and capturing high-end PC games at resolutions beyond 4K. The actual cost of the machine is almost a parody of PC gaming excesses. It has 4 Nvidia Titan graphics cards costing $1000 a pop and the 64 GB of onboard RAM alone is priced at over $3300. The whole rig needs a custom-built liquid cooling system, and will have an electricity bill equal to that of South Korea. What’s really impressive is, as is true of all high-end gaming PCs, it’s a great preview of what specs your phone will have in 20 years.

[read the rest at dorkly]


The Night That Speaks is a short, creepy and very stylish retro horror adventure that sees you exploring the catacombs under a graveyard, and trying to escape a freaky monster with your only defense being your ability to flip it the bird.

As you explore the maze-like labyrinth of the catacombs, you come across notes that help build the story and will eventually come face to face with a freaky unstoppable skeleton monster.  The only thing you can do to aid your escape from this monster is to flip it the bird, proving your courage and momentarily stopping the monster in it’s tracks.

The wonderful Game Boy-esque visual style conveys a surprising amount of detail and really draws you into the game, creating a tense retro-infused horror that you won’t want to flip the bird at.  Spooky stuff.

Play the Full Game, Free (Win & Mac)


The Mooseman is a beautiful atmospheric 2D adventure in which you play a mythological shaman who can switch between the real world and the spirit world at will.

The beautiful silhouetted visuals or are fondly reminiscent of Limbo, but with the ability to see chalky white silhouettes of spirits when you enter the spirit world.  The images and ghostly apparitions in the spirit world look fantastic - like ancient tribal cave paintings that have come alive.

Gameplay in The Mooseman seems simple, but can be remarkably tricky.  You can only walk forwards, walk back, and switch between the spirit and real world (you don’t even have a jump button).  The real challenge is figuring out when to move, when t stay still and when to enter the spirit world.  The ghostly white visions of the spirit world not only look great, they can assist in the moving of objects and can allow you to pass through solid objects.

Your voyage through The Mooseman’s Alpha Demo takes around 20 minutes, during which you’ll encounter tricky puzzles, hidden secrets, shambling zombies, beautiful tribal artwork and some huge beasts that are best not to be messed with.  It’s a tough puzzle adventure with beautiful artwork and a great sense of atmosphere.

Play The Mooseman Alpha Demo, Free