Viridi is a relaxing gardening experience in which you nurture your very own virtual pot plants and watch them grow in real time.

There are no shortcuts in Viridi (though singing to them may help a little), you simply plant, water and wait. It’s meant to be left open in a second window while you work, or checked in on now and again for a bit of meditative gardening.

Your little collection of plants take a long time to grow, but that’s the whole point.  In a world where so many games are keen to give you everything as soon as possible, Viridi slows things down to a crawl, making for a wonderfully relaxing experience as you tend to your plants and watch them slowly grow.

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Ashen Ones,

Dark Souls III will be updated to version 1.08 on Friday, October 21st. During the maintenance, the online mode will be unavailable at the timings below:

JST - 2016-10-21: 10:00—12:00
PDT - 2016-10-21: 18:00—20:00
CEST - 2016-10-21: 03:00—05:00

Xbox One
JST - 2016-10-21: 10:00—16:00
PDT - 2016-10-21: 18:00—00:00
CEST - 2016-10-21: 03:00—09:00

JST - 2016-10-21: 17:00—19:00
PDT - 2016-10-21: 01:00—03:00
CEST - 2016-10-21: 10:00—12:00

Please find below the changes included in this update:

• Adjusted poise values across the board. Poise is now more effective for heavier weapons and armor.
• Improved regular attack animations of hammer category weapons.
• Improved regular attack animations of greatsword category weapons.
• Improved regular attack animations of axe category weapons.
• Improved regular attack animations of fist category weapons.
• Improved the “Neck Swipe” weapon skill animation of scythe category weapons.
• Fixed a bug where strong attacks performed using whips would not deal additional ・damage when fully charged.
• Fixed a bug where strong attacks performed using the Pickaxe would consume stamina multiple times per attack.
• Adjusted the “Onislayer” weapon skill hitbox timings for Onikiri and Ubadachi.
• Adjusted the hitbox timings of the claw category weapon skill “Leaping Slash”.
• Fixed a bug where rolling attacks on Astora’s Greatsword could not be parried.
• Improved the “Wrath of the Gods” weapon skill animation for Wornir’s Holy Sword.
• Improved the “Blind Spot” weapon skill animation for Corvian Greatknife and Handmaiden’s Dagger.
• Improved the “Shield Splitter” weapon skill animation for Mail Breaker and Irithyll Rapier.
• Improved the “Wolf Leap” weapon skill animation for Old Wolf Curved Sword.
• The weapon skill of Old King’s Great Hammer “Molten Perseverence” will now release lava on both hits.
• Improved the “Darkdrift” weapon skill animation for Darkdrift.
• Reduced effectiveness of rolling attack animations on Gotthard Twinswords while dual wielding.
• Increased effectiveness of the sorcery “Pestilent Mercury”.
• Improved the cast animation of miracle “Lifehunt Scythe”.
• Increased poison and toxic buildup of the pyromancies “Poison Mist” and “Toxis Mist”, respectively.
• Increased durability damage buildup of the pyromancy “Acid Surge”.
• Increased duration of the “Warcry” weapon skill.
• Fixed a bug where the player’s lock-on target would automatically change even if “Toggle auto lock-on” was set to “OFF”.
• Fixed a bug where the leader board for Darkmoon Knights would display incorrect statistics.
• Fixed a bug where the fog wall near Holy Knight Hodrick would sometimes not disappear during multiplayer even after defeating him.
• Fixed a bug where Orbeck of Vinheim would sometimes die before the player purchased all his spells.
• Fixed a bug where Patches and Greirat would never return if sent to steal after defeating all bosses.
• Fixed a bug where female characters were subject to counter damage during certain movement animations.
• Fixed a bug where equipping Vordt’s Great Hammer or Irithyll Straight Sword in the left hand would cause enchantments to disappear from weapons in the right hand.
• Fixed a bug where two-handing certain weapons would cause the stealth effect on Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring to not work correctly.
• Fixed a bug where Hornet Ring was not working for claw category weapons.
• Fixed a bug where dash attacks could not be performed using Farron Greatsword.
• Fixed a bug where strong attacks using Lothric Knight Sword were not dealing thrust type damage.
• Fixed a bug where dash attacks using Onikiri and Ubadachi were not dealing thrust type damage.
• Addressed other game balance issues and fixed other flaws.


Time Stands Still is a wonderful puzzle platformer that takes years to complete – four hundred year to be precise!

You play an ancient stone being who has foreseen a huge disaster that will take place in four hundred years time, and must travel across the land solving puzzles that involve the passage of time.  You’re not the most agile of creatures, but you do have time on your side – being made of stone means that you can stand and wait a LONG time.  This comes in handy in a variety of ways on your journey – from waiting for a tree to grow to letting the sea freeze over so you can walk on it.

It’s a very clever premise, well implemented and wrapped up in some charming pixel art animation.  Time waits for no-one, but if you’re made of stone there’s no rush!

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Despoiler is a fast paced Unreal Engine 4 Powered team objective arena racer that plays like a blend of Twisted Metal and a MOBA, with two teams of five doing battle, collecting scrap, unlocking upgrades and attempting to destroy the oppositions base.

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Confused John Travolta Clicker EXTREME is a hilarious little game in which you’re tasked with carrying out various different deeds without getting spotted by a confused Pulp Fiction-era John Travolta.

It only takes a few minutes to complete, but it’s a wonderfully ridiculous little game you’ll be laughing at from start to finish. More fun than a Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest!

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I enjoy playing the Yandere Simulator Visual Novel, Burning Love. And I really love the youtuber, Jay from the Kubz Scouts’ video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3eQyEheaLs

Where in the game you’ll be paired up with the Flame Demon, and I particularly love the idea where he paired Midori Gurin with the Flame Demon XD. Strangely I actually like the idea of the annoying green haired girl paired up with a demon from another realm.


Who’s Your Daddy is a highly amusing asymmetric multiplayer parenthood simulator that follows the daily routine of a loving, if bumbling, father as he tries to keep his son safe from harm. 

One player controls the baby and attempts to put itself in harms way, and the other player takes on the role of the father, trying to save his son from certain death.  A darkly humorous and very silly multiplayer parenting experience.

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The very last couple images I worked on at Zenimax for the Elder Scrolls Online. The wide shot illustration finished up on my very last day. These were by far the largest images I’ve ever worked on a very fitting send off for me as a concept artist at my very first company. After 6 years of working on this game its nice to look back on and these two images will be memorable for many reasons.

These images are for the announcement of the first of many DLCs for Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City. check it out here elderscrollsonline.com


The Isle is a great looking multiplayer dinosaur survival sandbox in which you can stalk and stomp your way around a Jurassic Park-style tropical island, controlling humans, dinosaurs and a third faction which has yet to be announced.

Inspired by Rust, DayZ, Jurassic Park and the ill dated The Stomping Land, The Isle pits technologically advanced humans against the brute force and speed of the primeval inhabitants of the Isle.

The Pre-Alpha Build is still very early in development so it does just offer a taster of things to come at the moment, allowing you to explore part of the beautiful tropical island, as humans or a selection of four different dinosaurs (T-Rex, Austrosaurus, Gallimimus, Puertasaurus).  The full game will add another faction, lots more dinosaurs, allow players to form groups, grow from a juvenile to a fully grown dinosaur, create bases, collect DNA, craft and investigate why the dinosaurs are here in the first place.

It’s about time dinosaurs made a comeback, and with the Jurassic World movie and ARK: Survival Evolved also due for release this year, 2015 really is turning into the year of the dinosaur.  It still needs evolve a bit, but with it’s great visuals and enticing dino-based gameplay, The Isle is a very promising prospect - a fun sandbox survivalsaurus.

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Drumpulous (aka Shoot Dildos at Donald Trump’s Head.exe) is a very silly and fabulously cathartic game in which you can shoot an infinite amount of dildos at Donald Trump’s Head as he spouts his xenophobic campaign slogans at a cheering crowd.

Time has shown that you can’t defeat Donald Trump with logic or reasoning, but thankfully a barrage of big floppy dildos seem to do the trick! 

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

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