Haydee is a third person puzzle platforming action adventure in which you play as a ‘interestingly’ designed half-human half-robot named Haydee, as you attempt to navigate levels while camera angles tend to focus on one of her well proportioned ‘attributes’.  Let’s just say it the camera zoomed into her behind any further then it’d no longer be an action game, it’d be a colonoscopy simulator!

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Hammers is a fabulous fan made interactive music video that allows players to fully immerse themselves in Pink Floyd’s anti-establishment rock classic – Another Brick In The Wall Part 2.  It’s a surreal, strange and captivating experience that combines great music with stylish visuals.

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Confused John Travolta Clicker EXTREME is a hilarious little game in which you’re tasked with carrying out various different deeds without getting spotted by a confused Pulp Fiction-era John Travolta.

It only takes a few minutes to complete, but it’s a wonderfully ridiculous little game you’ll be laughing at from start to finish. More fun than a Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest!

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I enjoy playing the Yandere Simulator Visual Novel, Burning Love. And I really love the youtuber, Jay from the Kubz Scouts’ video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3eQyEheaLs

Where in the game you’ll be paired up with the Flame Demon, and I particularly love the idea where he paired Midori Gurin with the Flame Demon XD. Strangely I actually like the idea of the annoying green haired girl paired up with a demon from another realm.


The very last couple images I worked on at Zenimax for the Elder Scrolls Online. The wide shot illustration finished up on my very last day. These were by far the largest images I’ve ever worked on a very fitting send off for me as a concept artist at my very first company. After 6 years of working on this game its nice to look back on and these two images will be memorable for many reasons.

These images are for the announcement of the first of many DLCs for Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City. check it out here elderscrollsonline.com


Who’s Your Daddy is a highly amusing asymmetric multiplayer parenthood simulator that follows the daily routine of a loving, if bumbling, father as he tries to keep his son safe from harm. 

One player controls the baby and attempts to put itself in harms way, and the other player takes on the role of the father, trying to save his son from certain death.  A darkly humorous and very silly multiplayer parenting experience.

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Hitogotchi is a wonderfully wicked 2D reverse-Tamagotchi game that doubles as a visual novel in which you are the one being taken care of, as you play a bloodthirsty monster being looked after by a caretaker.

Throughout your time with your carer you may form a bond with her, but underneath you’re still a monster with an insatiable blood lust - will you be able to control your urges? 

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Drumpulous (aka Shoot Dildos at Donald Trump’s Head.exe) is a very silly and fabulously cathartic game in which you can shoot an infinite amount of dildos at Donald Trump’s Head as he spouts his xenophobic campaign slogans at a cheering crowd.

Time has shown that you can’t defeat Donald Trump with logic or reasoning, but thankfully a barrage of big floppy dildos seem to do the trick! 

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

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