I enjoy playing the Yandere Simulator Visual Novel, Burning Love. And I really love the youtuber, Jay from the Kubz Scouts’ video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3eQyEheaLs

Where in the game you’ll be paired up with the Flame Demon, and I particularly love the idea where he paired Midori Gurin with the Flame Demon XD. Strangely I actually like the idea of the annoying green haired girl paired up with a demon from another realm.


Have you ever wanted to be a police officer and arrest some bad guys? Now is your chance with the racing game expansion The Crew Calling All Units where you can play a cop and drive a cool Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé police car.

The Crew Calling All Units is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Learn more about the game here: The Crew

Blizzard whitewashing?

Ok, so why is everyone freaking out about blizzard whitewashing their characters? There was a panic about it during the Halloween event when the characters who had a darker skin tone were turned white (which I mean, the light skinned characters turned whiter than they already were, ex:soldier) and now people are freaking out that blizzard is whitewashing sombra. Like, come on guys, think through this for a bit. Blizzard has a HUGE franchise not just from overwatch but all their other games as well. Do you honestly think that they say at their offices one day, thinking up new skins and thought ’ hey….. I’m gonna make this character white so I can piss people off!’ No…. cause I honestly doubt that blizzard would swing that way.
They wouldn’t do it just because, because I’m sure they have enough common sense to know it’s not right or ok to do. So let’s all just calm down, drink some eggnog, get cozy under the blankets and enjoy the overwatch holidays until it’s over~

Get to Know The El Search Party and Watch Your Heroes’ Past Unfold Before Your Eyes!
By GM Amelia

Hi adventurers! How was your Halloween? Are your teeth rotting from the sugar overload yet? Just kidding, please brush your teeth! We hope you had fun trick or treatin’, partying, or playing Elsword this Halloween! We’ve got a new update coming to you tomorrow. We’re adding the main characters’ stories and it mostly involves looking into their pasts. It’d be so interesting to know how our heroes came to be and what their motivations are, don’t you think? Watch out for some new Story Quest additions and dig deep inside their pasts when it comes out tomorrow! And as always cool, new items will come out at the Item Mall so watch out for it and maybe get your hand on ‘em too!  

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