pc elitism

  • Toronto: Okay, Calgary, to be considered accepted to the big city club you need to have a traumatizing natural disaster in childhood, preferably a fire.
  • Vancouver: [doesnt even look up from phone] great fire of vancouver
  • Montreal: hahahaha Where do I sTart-?
  • Toronto: and I had THE BURNING OF YORK [pained silence]
  • [they all look expectantly]
  • Calgary: well in the winter of 1906-7 the chinook didn't come at all that year and all the cattle died so the spring after was called "The Big Stink".
  • Big 3: ...
  • Calgary: oh you know what haha I just remembered there was a fire that wiped out $100,000 of uninsured assets exactly 20 years prior hey can we start this interview over

More work from Elite:Dangerous

A bunch of supporting concepts for the bridge of the Falcon Delacy Anaconda ; most of them done fairly quickly as they were done in parallel to the 3d modeling! :)  Congrats to Jo Taylor who did a great job translating my scribbles into polygons! :) 

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite videogame?

Ohh, tricky question! I’ll just give a list of the games I like, I’m awful at making choices.

- Dragon’s Dogma
- Demon / Dark Souls series
- Osu (PC)
- Ouendan / Elite Beat Agents
- Prof Layton series
- Animal Crossing
- Monster Hunter series
- Zelda (more specifically Wind Waker and Minish Cap)
- Katamari
- Little King’s Story

I think that’s about it! I don’t play a whole lot of games.

All the best movies of my childhood had a poster done by Drew Struzan :) I think I must have dreamed of one day creating a similar poster :) 

So, after having art directed most of the 10 first powerplay characters, it was a real  joy to be able to create this composition for the announcement of Powerplay launch, integrating some of the final character pieces. I’m quite happy with the way it turned up,  and I’m so pleased to be able to share it with you!  Hope you like it! 

And if you havent yet, have a look at #Elite:Dangerous! This powerplay update is awesome!!!