pc character sheet


Actually while I have their sheets out I wanna show you a thing. Keeping your character sheets inside of sheet protectors makes playing 1000x easier~! I’ve spilled shit on all of my characters at one point or another on top of wrecking the paper by constantly erasing/rewriting HP, spells-per-day, etc. etc. Just do that shit with dry-erase markers, man. We already had them around for the battle map anyway.

I’m sure a bunch of people much smarter than I have figured this out already but ~*just in case*~ here is my advice to u xoxo

Jandar Swill
Jandar Swill Human fighter 3 / bard 3; criminal leader of the Haymaker gang. STR (+3) / DEX (+1) / CON (+2) / INT (-1) / WIS (+0) / CHA (+2) HP: 45 SP: 30 AC: 14 Action Surge. Take an extra action on a turn. Once between short rests. Improved Critical. Score on 19 and 20. Tavern Brawler. Can fol...

As a DM, I try to keep eye contact with my players as much as possible to better role-play conversation going and to keep them engaged. Google Docs are my go-to for writing quest notes, keeping track of combat encounters, and information about the towns and cities the PCs explore. 

I write character sheets in this fashion. It has all the technical knowledge I need on the fly, and I have a short blurb about the character to know how he/she would react to the world around them, and the antics of the players. 

This is my current baddie’s character sheet, a fighter/bard named Jandar who the players have worked against for the past year. He’s a favorite of mine, and I may have to drag his sheet to the Archive folder soon - but I wanted to share this with you in case you need ideas or tips on how to digitally store information. 

Hope this helps! Let me know how you keep track of character and plot info!