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It is the future. I’m living my life to the fullest, having enjoyed every second of my retirement. I sit back in my reclined high class series alpha PC red/black gaming chair custom designed with logos of previous works I once dedicated my life to. In my hand I swirl a cup of watered down Kubanskaya with slices of pineapple, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, ice, and a couple of grapes that I have yet to realize are not Seedless. I watch the world outside my 4K window, which is really not a window but a very good TV. My kids, now grown, suddenly enter the room, uneasy and a little confused and distraught. I ask what is wrong. My daughter steps forward with her custom Horde/Zerg inspired design inscribed on her tablet she got on her birthday, and turns it to show me a picture I had not seen in many long years. “Dad, what’s Warlords of Draenor?” she asks me. I gape. I drop my drink, but the cup does not shatter, as it was in one of my four plastic limited edition World of Warcraft cups I have treasured for many long years. My only failure. My only regret. Warlords of Draenor. The one thing I never thought I would have to explain. I thought the expansions that followed it would help people forget. My children stare at me expectantly. My spilled drink has attracted ants. My TV shut off. My daughter’s tablet’s screen timer has timed out and the screen is dark now. I sit back in my seat with a sigh, but the reinforced nylon base that is supposed to hold me up has had enough of my foolery, and it snaps, and I fall into my spilled drink. My grapes are not seedless.


Harlow Council: “Hey, maybe we should just say Chair instead of Chairman at meetings.”



I want to start a new tag ( #showyourchronicles ) where everyone can take a photo of their Narnia Books and share them here on tumblr.

These are mine and they are in german and i love them soooooo much 😍😊.
Would be really nice to See your books!

huh! sure wonder why my back hurts so much (I crouch like a gargoyle in front of my pc on a shitty chair literally every waking hour of my life)

Notice Me Senpai! Guide to Items. Masterlist-kinda...

Forgive me if there is already a item guide to this game.

Warning: This list may update. I also used event items lol

Nerd Senpai: Egg Basket, most Easter items, Guitar, PC Station

Young Senpai: Vase of Roses, most Easter items, Guitar, Stuffed Bear

Lazy Senpai: L. Sofa Set, Guitar, PC Station, Reclining Chair

Art Club Senpai: Vase of Roses, Stuffed Bear, Egg Basket, PC Station

School Festival Senpai: Taiko Drum, Chocolate Cake, Guitar, Piano, Alpaca

Science Lab Senpai: Reclining Chair, PC Station, Grand Piano

Gamer Senpai: Heart-shaped Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Stuffed Bear

Gourmet Club Senpai: Chocolate Cake, Most Valentine food items, Ice Cream Machine

Delinquent Senpai: Heart Chocolates, Chocolate Cake, Stuffed Bear

Basketball Captain Senpai: Heart Balloons, Guitar, Stuffed Bear

Drama Club Senpai: Vase of Roses, Stuffed Bear, Guitar, Fondue

Goat Senpai: Choco Bunny, Vase of Roses, Stuffed Bear

Calligraphy Club Senpai: Egg Basket, Grand Piano, Reclining Chair, Teaset Afternoon

Butler Senpai: Chocolate Cake, Vase of Roses, Teaset Afternoon, Fondue

Student Council President: PC Station, Reclining Chair, Stuffed Bear

Crammer Senpai: PC Station, Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair

Idol Senpai: Grand Piano, Bush

Rocker Senpai: Guitar, Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair

Sensei: Reclining Chair, Stuffed Bear, Guitar

Childhood-Friend Senpai: Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair, Guitar

School Infirmary Sensei: Teaset Afternoon, Tea Ceremony, Parasol and Mat 

Playboy Senpai: Fondue, Mirror, Minipool

Cupid Senpai: Valentine’s Day items, Teaset Afternoon

Tea Ceremony Senpai: Tea Ceremony, Mat with Food, White Day Set

Archery Team Senpai: Mat with Food, White Day Set, Dango

Ninja Senpai: Bush

Swim Team Senpai: Minipool, Sandcastle

Part-time Job Senpai: Cooler, Goldfish Scooping Booth, Yakitori Stand

Director Senpai: Director’s Chair

Villan Senpai: Villain Chair, Maid Cafe Set

NOTE: Most of these items cost gems (ex. Stuffed Bear 25 gems). It is recommended to get the expansion first. 

To get the Childhood-Friend Senpai: buy a cafe theme along wth favorite items. 

For Tea Ceremony, Archery Team, and Ninja Senpais get the 300 gem Sakura themes along with items. Well, it just makes the scenery more pretty. They show up more often with those themes actually.

Using the Easter Cafe Theme (200 gems) will have the boys show up with bunny ears.

Crammer Senpai only appears when there’s wifi.

If there is more that is needed to be added to this list, please let me know!