I drew random Princess BubblegumxMarceline offspring. Don’t ask. I just had made such cute sketches in Math today, I had to come up with an improbable reason the two would be capable of having offspring.

The first one is named Princess Acina. (I DON’T KNOW it’s latin DON’T KILL ME?!) She’s shy around boys and she doesn’t like to talk much with anyone but her teddy bear. Her hair is made of grape bubblegum, and she’s next in line for the throne of the Candy Kingdom!

The second one is named Princess Mariela. She’s slightly maniacal and has a bit of a manipulative streak, but everything she does is usually unintentional. She’s next in line for the position of ‘Vampire Queen.’

I don’t know, just don’t kill me or something…….;____; I can’t help but make fan babies even when they’re girlxgirl couples.