im suddenly in such a fuckin honomaki mood it’s almost 2am but HOLY SHIT i can’t stop thinking about how dedicated and loving honoka would be to maki like she probably couldn’t be able to stop thinkin about her during any of her classes and would daydream about what they would do together after school and after practice
honoka would probably just ask maki to sing to her a lot since she loves hearing that tsundere sweet voice of hers and how maki would act really awkward abt it since she probably doesn’t really see herself as all that amazing
maki probably thinks of herself as average but honoka would be like “NOOOO!!!” and tell her how wonderful she is at singing and dancing and would probably accidentally tell her about all the times it mesmerized her and made her fall in love with her even faster before they were a couple aND THEYD BOTH JUST SIT THERE STEAMIN RED AND LOOKING AWAY UNTIL MAKI REACHES FOR HER HAND AND THANKS HER AND HONOKA TACKLES HER WITH A HUG AND A TON OF KISSES

beserkerjewel replied to your post: “white people are so extra tbh they stay playing that ‘dont pit women…”:

‘the coffee is dark and it is good!!!’ lmaooo Zaire nooo. :PBut for real, I’m sick of white women inserting themselves where they don’t belong and making everything about themselves.

That’s exactly what they sound like and I can’t stand that. They insert themselves into things they don’t care about only to derail it

I always showed them love and mercy even though all my time here I was hated on. But you all hated on my creator and my forefathers Ismael and Muhammad pbut, and you raped my sister’s, now that an evil I’ll make you all pay for, trust me when I tell you this, I will have you all on your knees.