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ASA , brother if you have knowledge & people come to you for Advise or clearing their doubts then appreciate & respect that, there are people who have immense knowledge and they stay so grounded & humble, rather look at our Prophet Mohammad SAW(pbuh) subhanAllah, look at Sahabas(pbut) Do you think if somebody was gone to them with a question of deen, they would have replied the same way as you did??trust me you come up as rude and proud, before learning Deen learn some manners & humility.JZK

Wa alaykum salaam

1. I don’t have any knowledge and neither do I seek it with the intention to advise others. If somebody comes to ask me a question I with my experience will answer it how I see best and if it’s not to the questioners liking they are more than welcome to leave my answer and refrain from asking me questions. I am not a personal question service for anybody to use and abuse as they please.

2. Yes masha’Allah I know many of these deeply knowledgeable people, most of my life revolves around sitting at their feet taking from them. If I asked them some of the trivial questions I get asked here I would be lucky if I didn’t get smacked upside my head. For you to assert that the manner in which I answer enumerates my lack of respect for others is a farce, sometimes the medicine is bitter but it needs to be prescribed.

3. Are you accusing me of going against the way of rasulullah (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) and the sahabah (radiAllahu anhum) in my answer? What great crime did I commit in how I answered? Bring shar’i evidence and from which books of usul you derived that I was in violation of the sunnah, I would love to study your arguments but I warn you that if you bring anything out of context, distort it or your arguments are flawed I will dismantle each point thoroughly and if you thought my last answer was harsh then this will be difficult for you to swallow. If I wanted to I could compile a book on how rasulullah (salAllahu alayhi wa sallam) and the sahabah (radiAllahu anhum) responded to trivial questions so don’t you dare try and tell me that i’m going against their way because you don’t have a clue!

4. I don’t know you so I trust you as far as I can throw you. My teachers always taught me to be careful of “advices” that comes from the unknown, the sincerity within it is always questionable. Alhamdulilah we study manners and the need for humility before we open any books, for you to make such a suggestion to me on this is again a personal attack which is unjustified and farcical when i’m pretty sure that if I was to ask you to detail the manners and etiquettes of asking questions and giving advice you’d be stumped. One of the many things within adab that we learn is that when somebody comes with pathetic questions and objections we don’t grace them with responses but rather we remain silent. One could argue that the only rule of adab I broke was answering this but I did so because im quite tired of less than qualified individuals policing me on matters far beyond their understanding.

Quite frankly, it’s messages like this that cause me to be very blunt and straightforward in my answers so keep sending me these and you’ll keep getting the same responses. I care very little about how you perceive me here or how I come across, my friends and especially my teachers know me better than you do and in all my years of studying the deen none has spoken to me in the manner as some of you do. I don’t deserve to be undermined like this at all.


Gondolkoztál-e már azon, hogy ki gyártja azokat a veszettül odabaszós idézeteket, amiket meglepően sok ember oszt? Én azt hiszem rájöttem kik ezek a rettentően megtört embertársaink akiknek nem jutott a fogalmazóképességből és a népbutításban élik ki magukat. És még az a sok csacsi be is veszi. Megmondom miről van itt szó: “Gyere át és basszunk! ?? micsoda idézet mintha Coelho bácsi mondta volna, “Téged kúr, engem szeret” ?? hát de ha már megkúrni sem akar, hogy a halál faszába szeretne? Eszébe se jutsz, nem hogy még megdugjon te jóóó isten (:’D), “Csak azok a dolgok történnek meg veled az életben, amikre már megértél.” lol akkor a várandós tinik egy kibaszott vicc? Szóval a lényeg, hogy nem attól leszel kevésbé debil ha efféle világmegváló példázatokat olvasol és el is hiszel. Igen vannak elgondolkodtató mondatok, de azokat ne az instagramon keresd. Kezdésnek üss fel egy ószövetséget.

Q/ Why ancient Egyptian did not mention anything in their writings about Prophets (PBUT), or about important incident; such as the parting of the sea or the Exodus?