Okay but what if there was PBSTeens?

Not PBS, not PBSKids/Go. PBSTeens. And while there are some new shows, what if old ones came back in a new way? Think about it, teenaged Cybersquad is helping you solve Algebra and Geometry, teenaged Wordgirl is teaching a higher vocabulary, Greek and Latin roots, and translating Shakespeare, and Arthur and the gang are going through highschool, facing and overcoming/coping with several of the same problems you are going through.

Seven days to Christmas. I officially nominate Scoops to be the group hipster. He wears skinny jeans and that hat with the press tag at all times and he uses a typewriter. I could totally see him digging narrow ties and being all hipster. Tobey is trying to pretend he thinks it’s all dorky but is secretly having fun. Becky is wearing a shirt I have.