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‘Tulip’ chair with armrests, Eero Saarinen


This documentary premièred on the opening night of New York’s Architecture and Design Film Festival, and is due to screen on PBS in December. Shot in 6k using drone technology, the film follows the architect’s son on a comprehensive tour of his father’s work.

Oh yes. yes, yes, yes.
  • Me: *leaning out of car window* BENEDICT I FREAKING LOVE YOU YOU ARE AMAZING OMG AND I AM FROM GERMANY (yes, i really said that..) OMG OMG
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: *sticks his head out* *waves and smiles* Hi, thank you, thats so nice, thank you!
  • Me: HI !!! AHHHH You are the best
  • Cabdriver: Hey, is he like famous? SHould I know him?
  • Me: He is the next big thing he will win an oscar one day omg OMG BENEDICT YOU ARE SO SO SO COOL
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: *laughs his pretty ass off* Thanks Thanks yay!
  • The traffic moves, Benedict's car behind me.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: Hi! You are still there!
  • Me: yes! You are AMAZING!
  • Hey was laughing at me! And this went on for 10 minutes : ):):)

calltomuster  asked:

I'm seeing new info saying that the PBS runtime is 2 hours long??

Hi Lovely!

The PBS Masterpiece Page says that the episode is 94 minutes, which is why everyone is suspicious about there being extra minutes on the end of the episode. (X)

OH! Today it’s at 93 minutes! Either way, it WAS AT 94 MINUTES. Someone went and recently changed it to 93!

What makes this even more suspicious to my Tinfoil Hat is that the BBC’s website ORIGINALLY had 94 minutes, and then someone asked them if it was longer, and they “corrected” it. But then… why wasn’t PBS’ corrected, and TODAY it changed to 93 minutes? Does the “runtime” include their little intro pieces? I don’t think so, because past episodes have been listed with the 90 minute runtime and have had (at least ONE episode did) an intro piece.

So. Yes, I think there is additional minutes on the episode. But NO, it’s not 2 hours. People are getting confused because the Cinema screening is about 114 minutes I think.

PBS Screening - Long Story Short

I could not believe that me and my friend would go see Benedict Cumberbatch and Steven Moffat. But not everything went perfect, it was actually quite unorganized. But I still enjoyed it of course.

So I was one of the unlucky people that were CUT OFF in BOTH lines for autographs.

But again, I can hardly believe what happened next. Everybody was rushing out side the building and we saw Benedict and the rest in a big black car. But all the Cumberbabies where screaming of course, begging for an autograph. (i mean we waited for hours ) 

But our car was like RIGHT next to his. So while we are driving through NYC close to midnight, I realize, his window is open. Guess what I started  waving and screaming compliments and he literally waved back and everything. and at the next red light, we got out of the car and we got our autographs. He is just the nicest person ever. He was so amused by our enthusiasm and waved and shouted goodbye when they made a right. 

yes guys. that was so worth it. 

alliandoalice  asked:

Heard that tpf airs at 7pm instead of 9pm on another channel? Do u know where I can watch the stream online

Hi Lovely!

It’s airing at 7 PM EST on PBS. It’s still at 4PM EST on BBC (9PM GMT).No reason other than I believe they have the premiere of Victoria scheduled immediately after :) That’s all. Just double check with your local station!

As for streams, I watch the BBC one. You can check out these stream links here!

BBC iPlayer and PBS Masterpiece will have the episodes online shortly after they air!


The Magnificent Seven

[2015-12-07] Downton Abbey - Final Cast Red Carpet at Millenium Hotel AND Preview screening at the Hudson Theater in NYC. Discussion moderated by David Itzkoff of The New York Times. Also appearing are Executive Producers Rebecca Eaton and Gareth Neame.

Okay for all the Montreal Sherlockian who haven't seen my post on Facebook/doesn't have Facebook, I want to make a card/text for Benedict and Moffat on behalf of all Sherlockians of Montreal/Québec. I will read it to them or give it to them depending of what I can do/how shy I am. So if you have anything to say to one of them or both of them, just send me what you want to say and I'll tell them/write it on the letter. Hurry I'm leaving Tuesday.