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the Arthur episode about chickenpox came out before the chickenpox vaccine was widely used in the US, so it’s not surprising that Arthur’s parents describe chickenpox as a normal childhood illness. the vaccine was introduced to the US in 1995, and the episode was being made the same year or early in 1996.

the interlude of the episode features children talking about how much it sucks to be sick, even if you might get to eat in bed or stay home from school—because you’re miserable the whole time.

I’m really glad i was lucky enough to have not had chickenpox in the time between birth and when I was offered the vaccine in 1999 because itching is sensory hell.

please vaccinate your children against this highly contagious illness that is sensory hell and can result in permanent scars. I’m really glad that our toddler has been vaccinated against it so she won’t have to suffer from it.


Day 7  - “Cover Me” - Comfort/Fluff

This originally had more panels but I’ve been swarmed with work this week and i as such i cant really finish all of them

I’ll pb finally start the Parents AU series after this week is done, but I’ll need to storyboard all of it first 

Or I might start a different AU, we’ll see, yall know how much i love my AUs 

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¿Hablas español? Tus tags....

I was born in the US but I didn’t learn English properly until I was around 5


Talking to Parents About Shipping Be Like
  • Me: Oh this? This is just Skylox, one of my ships.
  • Parent: What's a ship?
  • Me: *thinks: I knew this was gonna happen someday....* Uhhh... Well basically I like the idea of two real or fictional people together.
  • Parent: .... I don't get it...
  • Me: ......Well...Uhmmmm.... I'm gonna go now.... *runs upstairs*
  • Parent: ... *shrugs and goes back to watching TV*

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why does the freshman/the sophomore have a Beautiful Cover™ while TRR2 is stuck with that "act natural" shit-pose smh

i’m tearing up u right…. if pb was a parent and the books were their children the sophomore would be the always home on time, straight A having, favourite child and trr would be the troll sister they lock in the dungeon like come on pb give every book a nice cover 

*me watching Teletubbies with my one-year-old nephew, at first*  “This show is BS. These chubby astro-turf aliens are simply weird, bizarre minions of the anti-Christ and hypnotising kids everywhere for likely nefarious, murderous purposes.”

*after a week of watching this programming*

“I love you, Po. I want to cuddle you endlessly! I will take care of you all! You have no parents around, so it’s up to me! I can nurture you! You’re all so wonderful and lovely!”

It’s too late for me, guys. I know that now. But, please, save yourselves. Don’t watch this programme.  

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Okay so I just realized something. It probably is true, but I just wanna point it out. In the episode "Simon & Marcy" there is this pink goo that Simon climbed and it also sorta gave them the chicken noodle soup. And in the episode "Bonnie & Neddy" we could see PB and Neddy be spawn from the Mother Gum. So I'm guessing this pink goo and the Mother Gum is the same thing? Or not?

The thing worth noting setting the two apart is that the mothergum that spawned Bonnie and Neddy appeared to be inside —

— while the gum that helped Simon and Marcy was in a snowy alleyway outside —

There could be multiple independent mothergums — perhaps being born from a different mothergum is what makes Great Uncle Gumbald an uncle instead of an older brother — and maybe the mothergum collective is capable of coordinated movement. In a canon scene from the video game Enter the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know, it’s revealed that PB kept her parent mothergum underneath the Candy Kingdom, so if nothing else, it can be moved.