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Magician (Hilariously) Explains Trans Bathroom Rights to “Kids”

For many of us, it’s not difficult to understand that bathroom laws aimed at transgender individuals is wrong. However, some parents worry — how will I explain transgender persons to my children? Well, Justin Willman has you covered. Sort of.

In a hilarious video, Willman tells such parents to sit their children in front of the screen and proceeds to explain what it means to be transgender with peanut butter and jelly.

He shows a jelly jar filled with peanut butter and explains, “Guess it doesn’t matter what it says on the jar. If its got peanut butter in it, we should just show it some god damn respect and call it peanut butter because it didn’t choose the jar.”

It doesn’t take too long to realize that Willman isn’t actually making this video “for kids” but is just simplifying the explanation of what it means to be transgender for those adults who just don’t quite understand that it’s not about what body a person was born into — it’s how they feel and identify with on the inside.

“Kids, I know this seems so simple but there are some f**king idiots out there who just can’t comprehend this,” he says.

Willman adds, “They think that the peanut butter is going to pretend to be jelly just so it can sneak over here and listen to the jelly pee and just jerk off. That’s not what this is about, Dad!”

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Talking to Parents About Shipping Be Like
  • Me: Oh this? This is just Skylox, one of my ships.
  • Parent: What's a ship?
  • Me: *thinks: I knew this was gonna happen someday....* Uhhh... Well basically I like the idea of two real or fictional people together.
  • Parent: .... I don't get it...
  • Me: ......Well...Uhmmmm.... I'm gonna go now.... *runs upstairs*
  • Parent: ... *shrugs and goes back to watching TV*

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