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ZIG ORTEGA → The Freshman
Men of Choices Aesthetics [#04]

“When I moved to Hartfeld, I didn’t know anyone. I felt out of place. And then, when I met you, I started to feel right at home.”


GASP! a conspiracy?!!

(pearl dont lie u just wanna get ur sneaky little hands back in jaspers mouth)

GUYS: One week from now, Falsettos will be in select theaters around the country.

I can’t believe I’m as excited as I am to watch three grown men and a child dress up in ridiculous, fluorescent clothing and high-pitch sing and scream at me on the big screen.


Rin Nitaya || Winter Universiad2017, Free Skating: Legends of the Fall

the thing that really irks me about lotor’s design is that he had so much potential because of this reboot… he could have had cool markings and everything!

..instead he came out looking like a plain slice of purple bread compared to everyone else tbh (AND THE STICKY OUT PIECE OF HAIR IS REALLY ANNOYING)