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WATCH: “I Am an Alaska Native Dancer”

Haliehana Stepetin is a master Alaska Native dancer whose life goal is to promote and teach the many styles of dance found throughout the diverse Alaska Native cultures. See her story in “I Am an Alaska Native Dancer” from  Alaska Public Media. 


This 8 minute short film that’s showing on the PBS website as part of the 2015 PBS Online Film Festival may be of interest to you and your other followers. The main characters are  young South Korean men who come to the U.S. to chat up foreign girls, but things don’t go quite as they expected… :)  It’s called “Banana Trip”.


Watch, share and then vote for this week’s featured films from the PBS Online Film Festival:

National Black Programming Consortium's 7 Day GigA young man sits Shiva, mourns for his father’s death with strangers from the Internet.

Latino Public Broadcasting’s El Doctor: Worlds collide when an Arizona family hires an undocumented day laborer.

Pacific Islanders in Communications’ Dog Save the Queen: The Million Dollar Corgi Quest comes to the Island of Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

National Black Programming Consortium’s El Reloj: Experience a day in the life of a Zapotec grandfather and his city-born granddaughter.

Pacific Islanders in Communications’ My Dear Americans: An Indian-American husband and wife adjust to immigrant life in an American suburb.


Watch, share and then vote for another week of featured films from the PBS Online Film Festival:

Center for Asian American Media’s Why We Rise: Three brave young New Yorkers reveal what it’s like to grow up without having legal immigration status.

KQED’s filmschoolshortsFirst Match: A teenage female wrestler on an all-boy wrestling team faces her biggest challenge.

visionmakermedia and Wisconsin Media Lab’s Lady Thunderhawks: The Lady Thunderhawks varsity basketball team has become a pillar of hope for an entire community.

independentlenspbs’s Tryouts: Being a teenager isn’t easy, especially for Nayla, a Muslim-American girl who wants to join her high school’s cheerleading squad.

National Black Programming Consortium’s You’re Dead to Me: A mother and daughter revisit issues with each other on a tragic anniversary date.


WATCH: “Vimana”

Set in the near future, Vimana travels with three Indian astronauts who are on a one-way trip to settle a distant planet, Gliese-581g. Brought to you by the Center for Asian American Media.


WATCH: “Isabelle’s Garden”

Isabelle’s Garden, from Vision Maker Media, is an uplifting story of a community coming together in reciprocity, through the hopes and dreams of a young Choctaw girl and her garden.

Coming Soon: The 4th annual PBS Online Film Festival kicks off June 15th 

In the mean time, last year’s Most Viewed Film and People’s Choice Winner are available now online.

“My Dear Americans” won 2014′s People’s Choice Award, and centers on an Indian-American husband and wife adjusting to immigrant life in an American suburb. Watch the full video here.

The documentary “Digging for Water,” presented by member station KLRU Austin featuring a Haitian community struggling to retrieve a stuck well drill in order to get water, was the most viewed of the 25 short films screened online. Watch the full video here.

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