Secrets Only After Breakfast | Tamara & Dallas

Dallas sat at the table, poking his eggs and pushing around the accompanying bacon, eyes bleary and bloodshot. ’What a horrible night,’ he lamented, staring disdainfully at the cooling food on his plate. ‘Is it truly so hard for people to attempt to learn spells outside of the dorms? Now I’ve got to clean everything I own, so that it won’t smell like the vile black slime. What arses, especially not even offering to help clean up.’ Grumbling to himself, Dallas sipped his orange juice. He cringed as it left a bad aftertaste in his mouth. ’I bet my day is going to be just great.

A couple of second years sat beside him, giggling. Dallas’s head swiveled towards them, his icy glare made even more frightening by his eyes and dark circles. After one noticed him, they fell silent. When Dallas didn’t look away, they managed to grasp the message and both scrambled away. Satisfied, Dallas urged himself to take a bit of egg. Again, he regretted it. ’That slime seems to have not only damaged my property, but it has done something to m nose and taste buds. Everything smells wretched, and tastes even worse.’ Pushing his plate away, Dallas dropped his head onto the table and groaned.