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  • Me: *sings while I draw in class*
  • Classmate: You should make a sound cloud account and put your recordings their
  • Me: It's not that easy
  • Classmate: What? You're just gonna sign up, nothing to pay and stuff, grab a mic, record, then upload
  • Me: No, I'm talking about my self-esteem

I had this convo with cookie about an epic adventure that he made up, where he's a bard bringing the words of the gods to the people and I’m his trusty companion, a magical ram. We were both banished to the rift into a world of silence and solitude.

His name is Sir Crumblington Cheshire of CherryGrove Plains, who was punished for his deeds, his mouth sewn shut And ears blocked off. While my name in this story is Eight Gig 

Galleta: You were punished because you had acquired power beyond that of any god
Galleta: And they were growing afraid of you
Galleta: And so
Galleta: You were turned into a ram
Galleta: Your spirit animal
Galleta: You find me when i fall unconscious after a fall in the rift
Galleta: You speak to me through telepathy
Galleta: And teach me to speak with the mind