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asides complaining, what do you like? what do you enjoy?

Uhm, I like my fandoms, I like writing (I’m not really good at fiction, but I think I can write a decent argument), I like doing wiki work, I like talking with my sister or just being in the same room with her, I like pampering my cat, I like music and reading (not gonna go through the entire list of what I specifically like), I like trains and train rides and watching trains come and go and train stations make me happy too, I like playing video games (Nintendo games, Adventure games, 2D platformers, and games that on average get a review score of 7/10 mostly), I like European comic books, I like biking, I like chemistry, I like watching liquids mix or drinks spill on carpets or anything like that because of how absurd it is that one moment everything is where it’s supposed to be and the next things have been brought together and undoing the connection, if possible at all, takes immensely more effort than connecting it, I like cooking and cleaning up the kitchen, I like food, I like my morning paper rounds because I get to see the world before it wakes up and especially when it’s dark outside I feel like I own the town, I like the small moments of the day I can separate myself from the crowds and maybe prevent light from reaching my eyes and just having a moment of peace, I like getting a new pair of pants that fit perfectly, I like taking showers - especially with no lights turned on, I like being of use to the people around me, I like history (particularly how my family line fits into the bigger picture of migrations), I like etymology, I like fitness (but I don’t do it often because accessibility limitations), and I like the feeling of movement.

Probably a lot more, but this should satisfy the purpose of your question.

So for anyone who needs a quick updating on the recent event, I’m not gonna summarize because that leads to bias. And as I still have no clue what happened myself, I’m definitely not the person to pick what is important and what is not. So, here’s just all the bits for people to read through.

(EDIT: This was supposed to be without commentary, but I found a few bits needed clarification.)

PB’s response to PPV #1

PB’s response to PPV #2

PB’s response to MVM (MVM responded, but deleted soon afterwards. I only saw the notification on my dashboard.)

Anon in between

PB’s response to MTTO

PB’s response to JTB

PB’s response to ST #1

PB’s response to ST #2

PB’s response to ST #3

ST’s response that I never replied to

ST in the db tag #1 (Every single set of eight hours it’s night time somewhere on this planet. I slept. Sleeping hours are not experienced hours.)

ST in the db tag #2 (My reply they couldn’t read because I’d been blocked already.)

Anon on my dash #1 (ie, not placed in the db tag)

Anon on my dash #2 (following on this, again not placed in the db tag)

PS in the db tag #1 

ST’s response to PS (note that at this time he had us both blocked so communication could not follow. That’s why we declined to read it. As of this writing, I do not know what this response entails, just that it exists.)

PS in the db tag #2 (ST responded to that too, but again, I don’t know what he said because I don’t engage in one-sided opportunities.)

PB in the db tag

PPV in the db tag (If you wonder where the provocation to this post is, I am just as clueless as you are. I haven’t talked with him since my second reply.)

And at this point, it’s now and I shouldn’t have to chase down more links.