After well over a year, Nintendo have finally decided “Hey, we could make more Amiibo based on Super Mario Bros.”
So here we are in October with wave 2.
Wario, Rosalina (really?), Donkey Kong and a Boo.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing against Rosalina, but you’d think Daisy or Toadette would be high priorities and sorta more relevant in a classic sense.
But ah well, Daisy get’s her turn in November as part of wave 3.

Whilst the Rosalina figure itself is generally higher quality than the SSB version, the dress lacks the pearlescent paint, so also looks a bit dull in comparison.

Wario has turned out as one of the best Amiibo so far. Along with the SMB series version of Bowser, he’s large and chunky with plenty of detailing. Some of the best painting standards too.
It’s great to have a proper classic version rather than the Wario Ware based design from the SSB line. Though I do still kind of prefer the long-sleeved version. 

Nothing to really say about DK. :P

Boo is the first non-main/named character, and opens the floodgates to the likes of Koopa Troopa, Goomba’s, the works. Though you would imagine Bowser Jr, the Koopalings, Birdo, Petey Pirahana etc would get priority in those stakes.
So why is it here? Possibly a bit of an experiment for future Amiibo as he actually glows in the dark!

Sweet Surprise - Requested (Luke)

Anon asked: A fluffy imagine where you surprise Luke on tour after months of being apart. 

Hope it’s fluffy enough! 

Boo-Poo: I miss you xxx

You: Miss you too xxx

Boo-Poo: Miss you more!

You: Not possible!

Boo-Poo: Trust me I miss you more

You: Doubt it, you know you being this huge rock star and me being at home, alone L

Boo-Poo: Don’t be sad

You: Just because I miss you, can’t help it

Boo-Poo: Know the feeling babe. Skype tomorrow?

You: Yes please!!! J

Boo-Poo: Can’t wait!!! Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You: Love you too xxxxxxxxxxxx

Boo-Poo: I sent you more L

You: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Boo-Poo: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


You: Morning!

Boo-Poo: Good sleep?

You: Yesss, dreamed about you

Boo-Poo: And you didn’t have a nightmare? :p

You: You’re an idiot!

Boo-Poo: But I’m your idiot ;)

You: Yes you are! What time is it?

Boo-Poo: 3a.m.

You: Go to sleep Luke!

Boo-Poo: I will, just needed to hear from you before I could. No Skype?

You: I can’t, I’m getting ready, late already. Sorry! L

Boo-Poo: Don’t worry about it

You: Was really looking forward to it, miss your face

Boo-Poo: Me too, can barely remember what you look like :p

You: Hey! :O

Boo-Poo: Jokes J

You: Better be! Sweet dreams!!! Love you xxxxx

Boo-Poo: Have a great day!! Love you xxxxxx


You: Had a super busy day, so tired! You okay?

Boo-Poo: I’m okay, just had my lunch. Try to relax tonight

You: Just going to eat dinner, take a hot bath and hit the hay extra early

Boo-Poo: You deserve it x

You: Thanks babe. How are the shows going?

Boo-Poo: Great, so much fun. Crowd last night was mental!

You: They’re mental everywhere you go ;)

Boo-Poo: True :p No but they were on another level. If you were there, you would have lost your ears, literally. They were so loud, but really nice though. But to be fair everywhere we do is amazing :D

You: You’re living the dream

Boo-Poo: There’s one thing missing

You: What’s that?

Boo-Poo: You

You: You’re too sweet

Boo-Poo: It’s the truth. Miss you

You: Miss you too. Can’t wait to see you, just a few more months. Will be there sooner than you think

Boo-Poo: Can’t be soon enough

You: I agree. What are the plans for today?

Boo-Poo: Quite chill, not much going on. Just sound-check and then the show. Maybe going out after, not sure yet

You: Have a fun day, rock out, give it your all. And if you go out, please don’t give that your all :p

Boo-Poo: I’ll be good 0:-)

You: I’ve heard that before ;)

Boo-Poo: I’m young, I make mistakes, let me live :p

You: haha live baby live. Dinner is ready

Boo-Poo: What did you make?

You: Lasagne, out of the freezer

Boo-Poo: When I’m home, I’ll cook for us whatever you want

You: That’s a promise you’ll realize! Love ya xxxx

Boo-Poo: Enjoy your meal! And for later, sweet dreams. Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*later when you’re sleeping*

Boo-Poo: You’re up?

Boo-Poo: Are you ignoring me?

Boo-Poo: You’re sleeping, right?

Boo-Poo: There is this hot girl here that reminds me of you. Not interested in her, I habe you. I miss yu. I lobe you

Boo-Poo: (Y/N)! Im drunk! I love you!

Boo-Poo: I want you so much. Let us sext

Boo-Poo: Lol just pissed in the sink

Boo-Poo: Wyere going back to the hotel

Boo-Poo: Yoyre the sweetest candything in all off theuniverse <3

And that’s how it’s been going for months. You text every day, but it’s not the same. Calling is too expensive a lot of the times and skyping is so hard with the different time zones. You feel that the situation you’re in right now isn’t maintainable for much longer. You clearly miss each other so much, maybe too much. You miss seeing his face, looking into his bright blue viewers, hearing his voice, hearing him laughing, feeling his touch on your bare skin and breathing in his sent. You don’t know how much longer you can take it. You haven’t talked to Luke about it, because you’re worried what will be said when you open up that jar, but you’re sure he feels the same way as you.


“What’s this?” Luke walks of stage after rehearsal. He looks at the floor where he sees a path of smarties before his feet. He looks to the guys who shrug or have an ignorant look on their face. They follow the trail, it leads them to their dressing room. A note is hanging on the door. Luke takes is, his name is written in big, graceful letters on it. “Luke, go outside. There is a car waiting for you that will take you to your destination”, Luke reads out loud. He looks to the boys, searching for answers.

“What are you waiting for dude! It says what you need to do”, Michael says hastily.

“Do you guys know anything about this?”, they all shake their heads no.

“We’re as ignorant as you are”, Ashton speaks truthfully.

“Guys I’m getting in that car then. If something happens to me”

“You’re such a drama queen, just go”, Michael pushes Luke and he walks away to the car laughing. “Hi man, I was told to come. You’re driving me somewhere?” Luke asks the driver.

“Yes sir”, he starts the car and begins the ride.

“Can you tell me where we’re going?”

“No, sorry sir”

“Okay”, a bit defeated Luke sinks down in his seat, keeping quiet for the rest of the tour.

“We’re here sir”

Luke looks where they stopped. “But this is my hotel”

“Yes sir”

“What are we doing here?”

“I don’t know sir. I needed to bring you here. You should go to reception”

“Okay. Thanks man”, Luke gets out of the car and makes his way to the reception counter.

“Hi”, the girl behind the counter smiles to him. “I think I have something for you”, she gives him an envelope.

He takes it and takes out the note in side.

Dear Luke

We’ve been apart for a while now and it has been hard on both on us. Just know that I’m always thinking of you, that’s why I’ve arranged this surprise for you. How you like what’s waiting for you in your room.

Love (Y/N)

“Thank you”, he smiles to the girl. He takes the elevator to the fifth floor where his room is. When the doors open he sees another smarties trail that leads to his room. He opens the door, wandering what you have left for him in his room. Little did he expect of seeing you. You’re spread out on the bed, trying to recreate the sexy poses you always see in movies. “(Y/N)?” he’s dumbfounded. “What? You? Here?” he stammers.

“Surprise!” you smile bright, jumping of the bed.

“I can’t believe you’re here”

You wrap your arms round him and he does the same, pulling you close to him. “Do you like your surprise?” you look up at him.

“I love it”, you rest your head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat. Another thing you’ve missed so much. “How did you do this? How did you keep this a secret?”

“It was hard to not say anything, but the look on your face was worth it”

“Did the boys know?”

“Nah, only your tour-manager. Didn’t want to give the boys the pressure of keeping this a secret from you”

“You’re too sweet”

“I try”, you shrug.

“This is the best day ever”, he switches his arm position so his arms are tight round your waist and you lock your hands behind his neck. “I’ve missed you so damn much babe”, in his eyes you can read just how much.

“I missed you too”

“I’m never letting you go again”, his grips becomes tighter and firmer.

“I think you have to at one point”, you giggle.

“But not yet”, and then his lips lock with yours, for the first time in months you feel his warm, soft lips on yours again. Your lips move in sync, a familiar feeling of warmth, excitement and tingling  starts to build up in your body. The feeling that Luke’s lips always give you, that feeling that feeling you’ve missed so much.

“I love you (Y/N)”, he whispers on your lips.

“I love you too”, you whisper back.