pbody atlas

Spoilers? I guess??? Portal 2 came out years ago

Why does no one in the Portal fandom acknowledge the end of the 2 player mode?
Chell is out but what about those other people???? What happens to them??? How did they survive whatever killed everyone in cryo sleep?? Are they just trapped there with GLADOS for the rest of their lives? What about Pbody and Atlas? Are they going to be destroyed now that she doesn’t need them for testing?
Why is no one acknowledging this????
I’m losing sleep here, my dudes

@hugesucc-ess hi this is late but hope you like it nonetheless! you asked for the robot pair bein cute with nature so i hope this is ok. happy january!

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: there's a miner inconsistency in portal 2. The robots atlas and pbody are used because there is no human to test with and in the credits there are multiple of Wheatley's horrific creations meaning it takes place after the main story line at the end of which Wheatley is thrown into space and Chell leaves. However if you sit through the credits Wheatley and Chell are both seen on the conveyer belt and that really bothers me.

New Portal music-video is up! =D

The Pit Song!