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So for an ice breaker in my senior capstone class, we did two truths and one lie. So my three choices were:

1. Never had a PBJ sandwich before

2. I’ve gone diving with great white sharks

3. I have seven goldfish

and out of all of those, everyone thought the goldfish one was the lie??? 

They’re all saying “omg those fish are so hard to keep alive! There’s no way you have seven, that’s impossible!” So when I revealed which one was the lie (#2), they were like “Holy shit how do you even keep those goldfish alive???” and I told them about my 125 and all the filtration on it. Needless to say they were all amazed. I should have told them the names of my goldies too. But I easily influenced a room of 30 20-somethings about proper goldfish care without being preachy and I’m super proud of it