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So I went to the museum today….
I now understand how niyuuvampire feels now …. I’m too homestuck this.
This is a 5 story tentabulge tower, and then under the tower is a room filled with them. They were on the walls, you could pick them up.
It was miraculous day.

Gamzee's Only friend has been Tavros

Can I have a saying to this that …  Tavros has been the only friend that Gamzee ever had, Gamzee and Tavros share a great friendship and no matter what happens or what Gamzee does/say Tavros will always be his friend no matter what. Its sad that some of the trolls treat Gamzee I mean Tavros is not a person to tell and talk shit to Gamzee I mean he CAN relate to Gamzee. Tavros was secretly been emotionally, mentally and physically abused by Vriska and she told some trolls to not be friends with him because he wasn’t good enough for anyone that’s when Gamzee came in the picture.

There were hints that Gamzee maybe/could be in love with Tavros not just being a great friend but also understand him like no one does. I wish I knew what was Tavros' truth reactions were when Gamzee confessed his love for Tavros. I mean Lil Cal/Lord English knew that Gamzee when into depression/sober when he find Tavros dead and on top of that NO ONE DIDN’T TELL HIM THAT TAVROS WAS KILLED BY VRISKA OR HE WAS OUT TO FIGHT HER. ALONE. 

Is it possible that Gamzee may have a chance with Tavros:

Gamzee confessed his love:

Tavros not knowing what to say or reply back:

Gamzee’s relationship with Tavros:

Tavros’ relationship with Gamzee:

I strongly disagree the fact that some people say that Tavros is only talking to Gamzee is because he feels bad for him no his friends with him because of the fact that they have somethings in common, what its like to be alone, having people that don’t understand them(Gamzee and Tavros), they been abuse (Gamzee) while the other doesn’t know that they are being abused(Tavros), and that they have a strong bond.    

Sad Gamzee talking to Dave:

GamTav/Bronze potion!?:

Okay I’m just saying this is because Gamzee cares for Tavros and Tavros helped him fight his PTSD/Depression even if Gamzee was in his drug addiction even he tries so hard to not hurting others and Tavros especially Tavros the fact that he is he’s only friend he haves. I just wish that Hussie reunite the two so Gamzee can die in peace knowing that his not alone the he is loved, cared, respect, and support. I just hope that Hussie gives me/us an GamTav/Gamzee/Tavros update on them because I can’t help but getting the feeling that they’re die or Tavros not knowing about Gamzee trapped somewhere in a world somewhere he maybe or die in this case. I hate how some people say about Gamzee for the things he did but IT WASN’T HIS FAINT HE WAS MIND FUCKED BY A LOT OF PEOLPE!!!