pbj all the way


So I went to the museum today….
I now understand how niyuuvampire feels now …. I’m too homestuck this.
This is a 5 story tentabulge tower, and then under the tower is a room filled with them. They were on the walls, you could pick them up.
It was miraculous day.


Happy Easter!
Yes, I know I’m not an artist
Yes, I know there is a smudge on Jeans face.
Yes, I know Marco looks like he go flattened then stoned.
But lets ignore the tiny imperfections and look at my OTP eggs…. I must say there are pretty badass.
I mean look at them.
* plays heavenly music *

alright-night  asked:

Um, Sari? Can I ask for a request? I mean I totally understand if you don't want to. But if your up for it, can I ask for a Gamtav drawing? Cause I've been looking at your art and I see that you that haven't been drawing them that much lately. But I understand if you don't want to or if your too busy. But if you can, it would mean the world to me because I absolutely LOVE your art! Thanks!

fun fact, it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to turn down a gamtav request. er, well, unless I have a lot of requests at the time… then I might not get around to it cuz I forget but… GENERALLY, GAMTAV GETS PRIORITY

I haven’t been thinking about them much on my own but hells yeah will I draw them when prompted. so ppl can feel free to send their gamtav prompts my way. *ABSORBS THEM ALL*