No religion has been oppressed like Islam has: it has been repressed by its own people through their ignorance, and it has been repressed by its enemies by their injustice … amongst its followers it is distant and in its homeland it is foreign.
—  Sayed Muhammad ibn Mahdi al-Husayni al-Shirazi

Sayed Ammar Nakshawani Ramadan 2013. Night 7

The Engravings On The Rings Of The Ahlulbayt (as)
  • The engraving on the last Prophet's ring:'There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.'
  • Engraving on 1st Imam's ring:'Allah is the Master of the Kingdom.'
  • On the 2nd Imam's:'Al Izzato Lil Lahe - Verily, All honor (as a whole) belong (only) to Allah.' (4:139)
  • On the 3rd Imam's:'Innal Laha Baligho Amrehi - Verily Allah accomplishes His purpose' (65:3)
  • The 4th Imam & the 5th:Imam wore the same ring as the 3rd Imam.
  • 6th Imam's:'Allaho Waliyi Wa Ismati Min Khalqehi - Allah is my Master and He will safeguard me from His creatures.'
  • 7th Imam's:'Hasbeyal Laho - Sufficient for me is Allah.' (9:129)

It is reported that the great ‘alim – Muqaddis Ardebeli (A.R.) never stretched his legs, even when he slept. Never did he explain this peculiar habit.
In the last moment of life, he had no choice, but to stretch his legs for one who is about to depart from this world is to have his legs outstretched, facing Qibla.
The family and friends heard Ardebeli utter this to Allah:
“Forgive me, for my stretched legs are but a necessity at this time. I never stretched them before for fear of disrespecting You, for I know that You are present, always. Forgive me, for now I must.”