NACWS #7: The Mouse & The Motorcycle! Remember, aspirin is bad for mice, but good for kids under 21.

ashgrey asked:

this is me formally asking u about your fetishes. what are your fetishes, friend?

oh my gosh thank you tumblr user ashgrey tonight you have made my heart soar

hmmm well ok in no particular order„ voice/vocal kink (like to a severe level), domsub, oral fixation, unconscious/slEEPING, worshipping?? im not sure if thats the right term it only really matters for guys anyways if its a girl then id be the one worshipping, begging, comeplay i guess but again thats girls, whipping/spanking/scratching and that, lingerie and any extremely feminine clothing really, dirty talk ah yes, voyeurism, uh????

theres probably something really big im forgetting but oh well!! :B