pbb teen clash

Tricia eat with James
  • Devon: Tricia, James is calling you. Wala daw siyang kasabay.
  • Tricia: ikaw?
  • Devon: Sinong kasabay niya?
  • Tricia: Sige lang hayaan mo siya.
  • Ryan: thanks tricia. James is waiting for you Tricia.
  • Tricia: No.
  • Bret: He's waiting for ... You know if you think he doesn't like you, and he acts like he doesn't like you. But he likes you. You're so stupid! Di ba?
  • Ivan: di ba?
  • Bret: you can tell?
  • Ivan: konti lang. He's good. I can't tell what he feels.
  • Bret: I know what james is thinking. He's thinking about whatever your name.
  • Bret: why don't you go, eat with james?
  • Ann: Tricia eat with james.
PBB Shiz

There had been a widespread of photos of PBB Teen housemates and the most abundant pictures are of Tricia Santos. Not only that, people are starting to hate her, as they would say she is flirty. And I’ve got a feeling that she really is. I mean kung talagang may breeding siya she would not do those gestures with Ivan. Okay, linawin ko lang ha, hindi ko to sinasabi dahil may gusto ako kay Ivan. Kahit kanino mo ipakita ang mga pictures na yan generally people would come with the same conclusion. Malandi siya. 

This is my OPINION lang naman. :)

People are starting to hate Tricia because of what she’s doing with Ivan. I really do think that she should stop that. She’s only 14 years old, diba she’s supposed to treat Ivan like her Kuya or something dahil 19 na yung dude na yun? Plus they’ve only known each other for 3 or 4 days. Point is, she’s being flirty knowing that she’s only 14 and sinsabi pa na from a rich family or let’s say may kaya. So, kung ganon dapat may breeding . Okay sige, wag naten I'point out yung ages nila. Let’s just focus on the credibility and, then again, breeding ni Tricia.

Personally, nung una I really liked her kasi she’s athletic, pretty, & has a piece of mind in music. But when I saw those pictures, I changed my perspective sa kanya. Naiba ng sobra. Sana maalala niya na may mga nanunuod sa kanya. Well, fine. Sige pakita niya kung sino siya para malaman ng LAHAT yung panget niyang ways.

WAIT, baka naman strategy niya to’? She’s copying MELASON, isn’t it that Jason & Melai stayed strong sa loob because of their cute relationship? But MELASON is WAAAAYYYYY more credible than what Tricia is doing now.  Tss, goddluck sa kanya, dahil I know ngayon pa lang hindi na gagana yung ginagawa niya.

She has FACEBOOK HATE FAN PAGES, even here in tumblr. Bahala siya.

*may feeling din ako na may gusto din itong is Ivan kay Tricia eh… Hmmm..

Well, what about you? What can you say about Tricia?


SUPAH Missed Teens performing on stage!!!

Cute, Funny!!