Daily Convos w/ My Brother
  • So, context. This started because my brother and I were too lazy to change the channel when One Crazy Cruise - a pbad Nickelodeon movie - came on. The dad came in and told the kids that the password to his safe, which could only have 3 numbers input into it, was 'iceberg'
  • Jakob: How is the password iceberg? It's a number lock that has 3 keys?!
  • Me: Maybe it's a code within a code?
  • -- immediatly deep in thought --
  • Jakob: Okay, so it's a number lock with 3 keys, but the password is iceberg.
  • Me: Well, in Psychology, they use an icebeg to represent the Id, Ego, and Superego
  • Jakob: Okay wait but ego sounds like nego which could be short for neo geo.
  • Me: Okay... so where do we go from there?
  • Jakob: Well... neo geo was made by snk, and snk also made the games King of Fighters and Art of Fighting.
  • Me: Okay, fighters... King... Art... King Arthur?
  • Jakob: King Arthur!
  • Me: Okay well King Arthur had round table with knights.
  • Jakob: And what else is round at night? The moon.
  • Me: People say that the moon made of cheese.
  • Jakob: Cheese... gives off sharp smell?
  • Me: What else is sharp? Edges.
  • Jakob: What has edges? A triangle.
  • Both: Illuminati confirmed. He's part of the Illuminati.