i was tagged by merrykirishimas :)

1. Which body part are you the most confident about?

idk i have really nice nail beds

2. Current lockscreen?

phil and dan from that stupid horse selfie :’)

3. Which entertainment company (kpop) would you sign under?

 have no idea the only kpop i listen to is thornapple so whatever they do i guesss?

4. Are you sad or happy most of the time?

sad, usually

5. What’s your favorite design (floral, pastel, solid, neon)?

man i love obnoxious neon colors so much

6. Introvert, ambivert, or extrovert?

im so introverted its pbad

7. Summer song?

havent been listening to a whole lot of stuff latley, but the last album i had on repeat for a while was New Horizons by Flyleaf (10/10 stars)

8. Favorite type of coffee?

milk, with a little coffee stirred in

9. One OTP. Only one!

ima have to go with zutara, just becasue it was my first ever OTP, you know?

10. Ideal party?

me and like two of my closest freinds all sitting on my bed on our laptops not talking to each other and sharing junk food :)

i tag kellylikescats silverluminosity dinodusted and wonderrogue