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Rucas #3 #9 #13 I love reading your fanfics 💕

A/N: I hope this is alright! :) sdfkjng so sorry for getting to this so late! && thank you so much! I hope you continue reading them!
Prompts: “I’m not jealous.” “Don’t ask me that.” “I could kiss you right now!”


“I’m not jealous,” Lucas hisses for the fourth time, throwing a pointed look at Zay for emphasis considering the male couldn’t stop insisting he was.

Zay smirks, “I’ve been your best friend since we were kids– Are you really gonna try and tell me that you haven’t wanted to beat that guy into a pulp?” He points towards the dance floor where Riley’s dancing with one of their Frat brothers. Of course their style of dancing had changed since middle school so it was safe to say whenever the male put his hands on Riley or pulled her close to him, Lucas had to do his best not to march over there and pull them apart.

But he couldn’t. Because it’s not like he had any claim on her– ever since their friends with benefits situation began since the beginning of freshman year of college, the lines between what is platonic and what isn’t had blurred indefinitely.

Rather than responding, he takes a swig of his beer, drinking the rest of it before letting a sigh escape his lips. “Shouldn’t you be busy with Vanessa or something?”

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