Will was the first person to tell Nico that it’s okay to cry. Will was the first person to tell Nico that it’s okay to be sad. Will was the only person to hold him whenever he broke down, Will was the only person to spend the whole night awake, watching Nico sleep to make sure he wouldn’t hurt himself. Will was the first person to truly care. And he never asked for nothing in return, not once. He never got annoyed when Nico didn’t know how to return the feelings, he never got angry when Nico couldn’t reciprocate the actions. He never pushed Nico too hard - he knew that, in time, Nico would find a way to express himself without hating himself. He knew that Nico needed time to heal.

And one night, it happened. One lonely night, when Will couldn’t sleep because the nightmares were too bad. One night, when Will was alone by the river, watching the waves through blurred eyes. One night, there was a soft hand on his shoulder and then he was being embraced tightly and rocked gently as he cried. It was enough to confirm that he had done the right thing. And Nico never said a word because he still couldn’t figure out what the word to describe it was. And that was okay. Because things took time and the moments were too precious to waste on learning vocabulary. Besides, Will didn’t want a word. He wanted Nico.

anonymous asked:

What are your top 10 fav leo/raph fics?

oh maaaaan

Alright kids, sit down and listen.
In no particular order:

1- Crack, by MissMomo1990
2- Antithesis, by VenusTheMarvelTurtle
3- The whole Omegaverse by catseatsmeats of course
4- The Promise series by reader 115 (But also her Muted Contact)
5- Special Delivery by ZuviosGemini
6- Pretty much everything by Kiraynn but my favorites are Aphrodisia, Kizuna and Evolution
7- The Witchery Way by hummerhouse
8- Jungle Fever by Elphaba-Fae
9- Competition Over the Visitor by cndrow  is good if you ignore the Mary Sue OC
10- …*quietly grumbles* “Twisted Autumn”

These and so, so, so many unfinished stories that because the authors left them unfinished aren’t worth being mentioned.

Let me know what you think, anon, I’d love to hear yours ;)