She and Jem had laid low for the day, glad for the cover of fog. She’d even rested against a bed of hay, getting a few hours of sleep, undisturbed by any dreams. When she woke up, however, it was to cold drafts pushing through the cracks of the barn walls. The wind outside was picking up, and she could smell the imminent rain. Sitting up, she frowned, hearing the barn creak all around her, but there was no sign of Jem. She stood, taking a few investigative steps forward, but it wasn’t long before she heard something in the distance over thunder and the rain that was picking up outside. Something loud.

Something that meant danger.

She ran outside, finding the prairie around her dark, black clouds slid over them like a coffin, starting to drop heavier and heavier rain, and in the distance, something was dropping from the sky. She didn’t recognize it, but it twisted into a black funnel, plummeting towards the grass, when immediately she realized: It was picking up everything in it’s path, and it was headed straight towards the barn.

She ran. She ran like hell, but it was no good. The hail pelted her, the winds near blew her over, she slipped in the mud, and the cyclone was heading towards her. It was probably Gamemaker controlled, and she dropped to the ground behind a hill, praying it would provide some protection. The next thing she heard was the unmistakeable crunch of splintering wood not far off, even over the storm. Taffeta chanced a peek at the sky, and she saw it flying straight for her- all of the debris from the barn. The last thing she saw was debris flying straight for her, and she tried to roll out of the way, but some clipped her in the stomach. Crying out in pain, she doubled over, praying that the Gamemakers would show her some kind of mercy, and this would just blow over and leave her to her injuries.


SNH48 Team SII One Night Boyfriend Themed Show - Part 1
1. [0:07] Intro
2. [4:25] 激流之战 (RIVER)
3. [7:26] 生命之风 (風は吹いている / Kaze wa Fuiteiru)