Ladybug Season 2 RANT


Phew! This is so great!

As season 01 focused on characterization and world building so the viewer gets a first understanding of all the students, the parents, the places, the problems and the magic I can’t shake off the feeling that season 02 has a much faster pace and is adding depth with every minute.

Season 01 often focussed on Marinette’s classmates and their problems, as if we watched Ladybug probing her power and gaining experience. Important information as the difficult relationship between the Agreste was repeated over and over.

Season 02 is like … the staff around Zag Toon has read up all the fanfictions of MLB and started to answer the unsolved questions.

What we did learn so far up to Episode 05:

  • Hawkmoth is more badass than we thought and more skillful in dealing with Nooroo’s powers. He’s a manipulating asshole with a master plan and Natalie knows. She does not even bat an eye on the secret supervillain passage. (How does she cope with all that? Or is she manipulated as well?)
  • Gabriel is conceited since he plastered his butterfly logo over all of his works and interior designs but never feared that someone would draw the conclusion.
  • Gabriel does care somehow for his son beside putting him in a golden cage. He interrupted Riposte before she could strike Adrien who lay on the street defenseless. Plus he remembered her to focus on snatching the Miraculous. It’s a small interference but normally it takes a few seconds for this butterfly pep talks. He gave Adrien a chance to adjust and escape.
  • Transformations are instantaneous. Transformation sequences are fan service. :D
  • Injuries that happen before transformation are not healed thanks to the kwami‘s magic.
  • Marinette can use the skills and reflexes she attained as Ladybug. Plus her civilian self has to have a nick for fighting since she learned to fence really quick. So I suppose Adrien can fight with a staff, too. It’s not bound to their transformations. 
  • Chat can actually purr. Meow! ^.~ (My fangirl heart kinda exploded there.)
  • Marinette is 14, so Adrien is a tad older than her. Probably everyone is around 13-15 years old which explains ALOT. Like everything. Especially the way everyone is so shy about their crush.
  • Adrien has a type. He definitely likes Asian girls with blue hair. :D And he definitely likes the color red. (Change your style, Marinette. xD )
  • Everyone is starting to mature. Usually, cartoons focus on the main characters and that’s it. But with the second season Marinette’s class is slowly getting more mature. Chloé trying to fulfill Adrien’s request. Marinette dealing better with jealousy and actually talking with Adrien. Alya being on television in a live talk show. The class defending Marinette although all they normally did was run or hide.
  • Once upon a time Chloé has been a nice girl but something went terribly wrong. 
  • Kagami Tsurugi has a full name so she’s going to be important. Especially since it’s a mix of the Japanese word ‚mirror‘ and the name of a double-edged sword.
  • And lastly (for now) : Evidence is piling up that Adrien has already found out Ladybug’s identity (or is really certain about it). He is teasing her so much lately, especially as himself. It’s like he wants to say ‘When will you notice, bugaboo?’. Like he’s letting out a bit of Chat Noir to lure out his lady.

me after watching season 1: what?! Wolfie never said Kala’s name out loud!

me when watching Christmas special: please say her name. please say her name. please say her name, Wolfie.

wolfgang: enjoy yourself Mrs. Rasal


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me when watching season 2 finale: yes! this is the moment! you said you love her. now say her name Wolfie! say it!

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* out of nowhere * Whispers:

Kala. Ms. Kala Rasal. Thank you, Wolfgang. You see how easy that was?

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Mike and max in season 3

Max: listen mike I would really like to be in the party and I don’t want these hard feelings between us-

Mike: that’s interesting. but what is also interesting is that I don’t give a shit