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NOT ANOTHER PLOT BUNNY > Bella Whittemore, Beauty is the Beast

  Bella Whittemore already had enough on her plate outside of the supernatural. Her brother was in a tailspin after the pair found out they were adopted, and with Jackson reacting so poorly Bella worked to ease her parents burden while still supporting her brother. Suffice to say, it wasn’t an easy task.

  Now, with the second half of Sophomore year on the horizon, Bella wanted nothing more than to find a sense of normalcy at school. Unfortunately, one certain Alpha had other plans. Now not only was her family on the line, but her own life. What exactly happened to her that night at the school? And what does a certain Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski know about it?


endless list of plot bunnies: hazel martin

The Martin sisters were like royalty. The oldest, Lydia, was the queen of Beacon Hills High School and the younger of the two–by only a year she harshly reminds her sister–Hazel, was the princess. Their beauty was unparalleled and all the boys knew this.

Hazel is starting her freshman year of high school and Lydia is continuing on to her sophomore. Her sister remarks that it’s her chance to finally find Hazel a boyfriend now that she’s in the big leagues. Too bad the boy Hazel is even slightly interested in is in love with her sister and has been acting super weird lately ever since his best friend got really good at lacrosse and, oh yeah, became a werewolf. This is, of course, unbeknownst to Hazel who is now experiencing all the crazy stuff that has been happening in her hometown including video store mountain lions and multiple murders which accidentally puts her directly in the line of fire of a power hungry alpha.