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Finally, Precious Bubbline

After watching tonight’s episode Varmints, I came to this conclusion…

I am now officially submerged in the Bubbline fandom again AND

The Adventure Time writers found a way to make an entire episode that felt as gay as that moment in Sky Witch where PB shoved her face in that concert t-shirt from Marcy and just inhaled the crap out of it, first thing in the morning too. 

From PB’s snapback and cowgirl-style clothing to Marcy’s letter jacket (where did that even come from?) looking like she just finished winning a college football game. From the emotional confessions between the two ladies about PB pushing everyone away and becoming obsessed with her role as Ruler of the Candy Kingdom to Marcy’s constant reminiscing about their past together. The episode was awesome, emotional, and dare I say, hopeful. 

With the way Adventure Time seemed to dissolve the PB/Marcy relationship as far into the background as possible the last couple of seasons, I honestly thought the show was trying to resurrect the PB x Finn ship. Now, I don’t know what to think because this episode was so supremely (intentionally?) Bubbline from start to finish.

I would be overjoyed if Bubbline was official present-day canon instead of pre-show canon. I mean, just watching Varmints put me on the verge of an ugly-crying stint with all the feels. As a shipper of many non-canon ships, I’ll stay cautious regarding what happens on the show and keeping enjoying the beauty/creativity of the fandom.