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Playhouse Disney/ Disney Junior Original Animated Shows 1997- 2018


highly forgotten cartoons from the early ‘00s (part 1/?)

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i think i'm gonna lowkey start shipping parkolin jeje but, what are everyones favorite tv shows? and favorite movies? and everything favorite i just love them all so much

Someone: Parkolin
Malek: I was threatened. I have never seen anything so false. Ever since that encounter my life has never known peace. Snakes began manifesting in my house physically.

Favorite shows as a kid:
Dallas: Pb&J Otter! Mr Rogers.

Dallas: I can’t sleep.
Malek: *turns to him*
Malek: it’s you I like. It’s not the things you wear. It’s not the way you do your hair. But it’s you, I like.
Dallas: what are you, my mom? Singing Mr. Rogers isn’t gonna make me sleep, dude.
Malek: The way you are right now,
The way down deep inside you–
Not the things that hide you,
Dallas: *literally knocked out*

Malek: some shows on Nat Geo and Discovery chanel because he’s a NERD. Bill Nye too ofc
Malek: this is obviously fake
Ancient aliens: could this be the work of ancient aliens?
Malek: that reaction image of DW

Poppy: THE RUGRATS! It broadcasted way late when she was a kid so she’d sneak out her bed and crawl downstairs to watch it. Dev would catch her and it’d always scare her but he’ll laugh and give her a noogie before he splits a crunch bar with her.

scraping the bottom of the barrel

i present to you: PB&J Otter, a perfect example of how to NOT design cartoon animal characters

doesn’t everyone in this show seems just a little too… naked?

like, they’re cartoon animals. a degree of nudity is expected

but these cartoon animals seem TOO naked

you know why?

it’s the shoes

the realistic, non-cartoon shoes

the fact that they’re wearing regular shoescalls attention to the fact that they aren’t wearing anything else. you gave them one thing that’s TOO human and you ruined the whole rest of the animal.

have you noticed how pictures of humans seem more naked if the naked person is wearing shoes?

the fact that they’re wearing shoes is weird, it’s unusual, it calls attention to the rest of the nudity more than any other singular article of clothing. it makes them seem more naked than just being fully naked.

the same thing applies to these fucking stupid animals in PB&J otter.

they look too naked because of their shoes.



(also known as “the weirdest post I’ve made in a long, long time)

So now that I’ve started doing nostalgia posts, I might as well do a collection post of all the “hosts” children’s networks tend to have. People often remember these, but don’t know the source–partially because they don’t really HAVE a “show” that they’re from. So here’s a quick rundown.

CLAY: This guy hosted Playhouse Disney for a while. He was literally, as you can imagine, Clay. He was voiced by Debbi Derryberry, who also played Jimmy Neutron and Zatch from Zatch Bell.

CHICA: This is…way past my time, but I’m pretty sure this one’s been around for a long time. Chica debuted in 2007, and people who were little then are turning into teens now, so maybe some of you will remember this one. She’s part of segments/a show on the Sprout network. She squeaked. It’s kind of hilarious. Side note: don’t let any toddlers in your care google “chica” without including phrases like “sunny side up show.” Unless you like dealing with toddler nightmares for the next month.

PIPER O’POSSUM: Piper was a host for Nick Jr., starting in 2004. She replaced the ever-popular Face (who we’ll get to). She only lasted about three years, though. She was played by Ali Brustofski, a singer with over 500k subscribers on youtube. She’s only 22, meaning she was only around 11-14 when she did the part.

MOOSE A. MOOSE AND ZEE: These two became emblematic of the preschool block/network Noggin. They lasted from 2003 to 2012, which means that kids who are currently 18 and 8 can both be nostalgic for these characters simultaneously. Zee didn’t speak, but Moose was played by Paul Christie, who played Stick Stickly. They’re both still in use, on Nickelodeon’s Noggin app.

FACE: Face was the Nick Jr. host. He’s beloved by many a 90s kid. He was literally just a face on different colored backgrounds, known for his “hi there, face here! line, and his weird “slide whistle and triangle only” band sound effects. In retrospect, his animations seemed to take about 5 frames and a lot of tweening, but you needed to make a lot of these. Face was played by voice actor Chris Phillips, who’s been an announcer for both Cartoon Network and Nick for a long time. He’s also done voices for Jumbo Studios, playing Roger in the Disney version of Doug, as well as characters in the original Nick version, and father Ernest Otter in PB&J Otter. He’s reprised his role as face for The Splat–check out this interview with him, you’ll definitely recognize his voice from other things.

FEETFACE: Nice name. Feetface was the first host for Noggin, later being replaced by Moose and Zee (they had an actual bumper where he passed torch to them). It’s EXTREMELY hard to find pictures of this dude, probably because he was only around for a year. But I remember him. I still have that song he sung stuck in my head. Playing Feetface was one of the earliest major voice acting roles for Ashleigh Ball, now famous for playing Applejack and Rainbow Dash in MLP: Friendship is Magic.

alright nerds if we’re talking disney let it be known

-hunchback of notre dame is the BEST DISNEY MOVIE OF ALL TIME

-followed closely by lilo & stitch

-i’m surprised i haven’t seen anyone say a thing about holes i know u guys are talking mostly disney channel/the old animated movies but i mean come on

-actually, vaguely surprised nobody’s said anything about even stevens, although i always thought it and boy meets world was utterly boring (at least as a child)

-very little talk of that’s so raven? the most relevant disney show for bb19 because we have a RAVEN in the HOUSE?

-how can u all forget pb&j otter. and bear in the big blue house. the theme songs, man.

-speaking of theme songs i still know all the words to the lizzie mcguire theme and i watch that episode where she’s trying to figure out a career path at least once every year because it resonates with me so deeply.


-also someone said they watched the jonas show when they were in kindergarten and that make me feel incredibly old.

I love how everyone’s answer to my post is that “it’s fake” (no shit, sherlock), but completely ignore the point that the crowd was chanting that Roman deserved his kayfabe injuries in the first place. 

Critical thinking, wrestling fans. I know we don’t use it a lot on here, but let’s get like PB&J Otter and use our noodles! 

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What kinds of silly cartoons do the darlings like to watch?

Good question! Apart from what’s on tv, both Makoto and Kisumi show their respective darlings cartoons they grew up with as well. Most of these don’t air on tv anymore but thank goodness for the internet and Kisumi’s unique collection of old school cartoons (♡°▽°♡)

Here’s a small list of their favorites in no particular order: