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Prison Break 30 Day Challenge
Day Eleven- Your Opinion on T-Bag
Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell is easily the best written character on Prison Break. He is the kind of character that you are supposed to hate and find revolting but you can’t help but want to just give him a hug or fall for his charm. Though he is basically evil to the core, with little redeeming qualities (there are some though and they make me love him even more), he is still a human being. His background story with his father and the Breakout Kings episode with his mother just about kill me and make me feel as though if he were in a different time or place, he might actually have had a chance at a good life. I also love how his story came full circle.

Consistency is Key

.I haven’t run a race at this pace yet, buuuuttt…I’ve been aiming to run 1000 miles this year, so I’ve been way more consistent with my running lately.  Especially when you compare it to last fall, when basically by the end of December I had stopped running at all.

So when I started back up in Jan, I was running over a 10min mile.  I felt sluggish and couldn’t even go for longer than a mile at a time.  It felt horrible.

And the other day I ran 3 miles at sub 9 min mile pace.  And by sub-9, I mean 8:57, but still! Lol

I’m just relieved to be back in the swing of things :-)  And while knowing doing something consistently makes you better at it is one thing, actually seeing the results yourself is another.

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Moral of the story: just keep running! 


Last month, after I was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the staff asked me to stick around and take the PB&J challenge. The rest is history..which did not have its eyes on me.

Stretching, Pulsing, and Tucking...

Alright, I feel really sore and I LOVE that feeling. It’s not a bad sore, but a “You did a great work out” kind of sore. I can’t wait to get back to the Barre.

With that being said, I find myself pulsing and tucking at the most random times. I’m reading for a class, pulsing. I’m getting a salad or waiting in line to rent my school books, tucking. I’m watching Dance Moms, stretching. Yeah, I did look like a fool in the book line (fellow soror said so, but I felt good about it), but I don’t care! 

I realized that I’m not telling you all how I feel! I’m so sorry! I’m feeling great, and I have seen a tiny (like a centimeter change) in myself. I’m sitting taller, and if I slouch, you best believe I feel that! It’s a tiny change, but it’s there. I’m also sore all over, and if my right ankle was a human being, it would kill me. My top abs (the first two) are REAL sore and it’s setting off a domino effect in my body. If it’s not my abs, it’s my right seat up to the small of my back and then it stops at my left seat (odd, yeah it is). I didn’t feel any soreness from yesterday’s class, but I bet 25 cents (cause that’s all I have) that tomorrow morning it’s going to be hell. The most unexpected part of my body that is hurting is the center of my back where my shoulder blades are. Yeah, that’s real bad when I have to carry a 10 pound back pack around my campus. 

That’s an update about me and what I have been up to, but now I have to finish reading for class as I watch Kim of Queens. The sooner I’m finished with my homework, the quicker I can get into bed and SLEEP! 

LTB and Take Care!

Day 12- Class 12.

Another 8:15 am class, and it was worse getting to the Barre than ever. I just wanted to sleep in and stay indoors, but I got up and I went. Thank goodness I did because I pushed myself to go further and I also disciplined myself because of yesterday’s disappointment. Alright, to the good points! 

  • Minimum form corrections
  • Held plank for 15 seconds
  • Did four push-ups before stopping (achievement if anyone knows me) 
  • Didn’t over think like I did last class

Okay, so this is my second strongest class, and hopefully I’ll have some soreness later/ tomorrow?! 

LTB and Take Care!

Day 14- Class 14

Third strongest class today and it was my first time with the Velcro tubes. I’m still feeling the burn from those! I’m diving right into the good points: 

  • Minor form corrections
  • Received a shout-out
  • Accepted the challenge of the Velcro tubes

Not too many but it’s fine, I have things to share during my personal post coming up along with TWO pictures! 

LTB and Take Care!