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Kiss for Luck

Because fair is fair in magical healthy poly pb&j AU land.
And Look. In this universe in the inevitable future where the Aces and the Falconers play each other for the Stanley Cup, regardless of who wins, everybody wins. Because either way Bitty gets to figure out some sort of creative food for everyone to eat out of it.

(I drew this because I had a fierce need for playoff beards and hockey gear and flow!Jack and stuff.)

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My fanart of another queer sports series (All For the Game stuff)


now look at this remake


My second PB&Jeff Animated! I experimented with a different style on this one. Enjoy!


Spy warthog gets a full body makeover from some banded mongooses.  Basically, this is proof that Timon and Pumbaa are real. #SpyInTheWildPBS continues Wednesday at 8|7c on PBS.