pb and jay

i just got to say i really appreciate how much time and effort and thinking pixelberry put into making endless summer. like each character is really well developed, and with the whole system of liking/disliking points and how each character you have to get a a certain amount of points to like you makes them seem like actual people

like how estela has to like you a certain amount to let you see the gun and how your relationship with each character determines how they treat you

not to mention all the thinking that has gone into this and the mystery aspect with just a hint of romance…no wonder its my favorite book

“Her hair falls gently across her face but doesn’t stop her dark eyes from reflecting the shimmering stars overhead….” (Endless Summer Screencap Redraw: 3/?)

i had a lot of fun with this piece! backgrounds always give me trouble, but i loved doing this one because of the interesting lighting and colors! i’ve never drawn estela before, so im still experimenting !!

ariannenymerosmartell ha risposto al tuo post “like..can you believe that one of Martin’s fav book is “The Great…”

the self-made man from humble beginnings who scraped his way through the seedy underworld to make himself rich, would do anything for the woman he loves– PB is jay gatsby corrupted– he’s what jay would have been if he hadn’t been a dreamer at heart. jay gatsby was an optimist who believes in hope– petyr baelish is a realist who believes in taking what you want.

“PB is jay gatsby corrupted“

“jay gatsby was an optimist who believes in hope– petyr baelish is a realist who believes in taking what you want.

couldn’t have said it better, that’s why this fucking asshole is such a great character. and people will always see him as “lord friendzone 2″

Hanna Week Day II: Touch: Dancing, Sock Sliding and Chin-Grabbing

“I can’t stop this feeling, Deep inside of me.

Girl, you just don’t realize what you do to me when you hold me in your arms so tight. You let me know everything’s all right.

 I’m hooked on a feeling, I’m high on believing that you’re in love with me.

Lips as sweet as candy, its taste is on my mind. Girl, you got me thirsty for another cup o’ wine.“

And here are the final results of the McLovin Fashion Week 3:

1st - Corel as Ryuko - 140 notes
2nd - McLovin as Ice Queen / PB - 135 notes
3rd - Jay as Hercules - 115 notes

4th - McLovin as Jack / Alonlestia as Aku - 103 notes
5th - Tony as Cloud / a cloud - 102 notes
6th - Mr Poffets as a  fairy - 99 notes
7th - McLovin as a kitty - 98 notes
8th - Helga as a duck - 92 notes
9th - Ross as Space Dandy - 84 notes
10th - McLovin as Apollo Justice - 83 notes

Don’t you agree with the results? Why not change it at least after?