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when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin


highly forgotten cartoons from the early ‘00s (part 1/?)

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Once again, it’s time for my favorite post type: Which of These Two Situations Is The Real One?

#1: I am sipping tea from a hand made clay mug. I brewed the tea from herbs I grew in my own garden. A large slab of pure obsidian sits in front of me, lit only by candles. I stare beyond the obsidian, scrying for messages from the other side. My free hand is writing strange symbols in my leatherbound grimoire, automatic writing those messages from the Beyond.

#2: I’m eating a pb&j with one hand, using the other to write in my Moleskine-knockoff I got from the clearance section of Barnes and Noble. Tumblr is open on my phone and I’m copying down cool information on object cursing. Occasionally I stop writing long enough to fend off the cat, who really wants to lick the pb&j. I’m watching “Charmed” on the computer screen in front of me.

Kent Parson’s Birthday Bash 2017 Masterpost

Hello wonderful people! 

All participants should have received a gift today, so we’re ready to publish our masterpost of every fic produced for the challenge. Woohoo! We know you guys are reading like mad already and we’re excited to see the level of interaction and love going around. Remember to leave comments and kudos galore for all the wonderful creators!

You can access the AO3 challenge here at any time.

This masterpost list is organized alphabetically by recipient and will be updated on July 10th after author reveals! 

All this week, we will also be publishing several smaller posts that will organize fics by ship to make it easy for your shipper heart to find the fics you want! 

Thanks for much for participating in the challenge this year. It’s been a blast & we’ll see you next year!

Happy birthday, Kent Parson! 


@whiskeytangofrogman & @iamneversleepingagain

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anonymous asked:

Uf, ut sans reaction to having an s/o who's hosting a cat playdate/bithday party , where the s/o invites all they're cats friends from the neiberhood, and they all do the things humans do for birthdays.


Red nopes out of there so fast.  Nope.  He can’t do this.  

“uh, i think i left the stove on… in snowdin.  better go check on it.”

He makes a beeline for the exit, but Edge is there with Doomfanger!  “EXCELLENT TIMING, BROTHER.”  Edge thrusts Doomfanger into Red’s arms, while Red stares straight ahead with hollow sockets.  “DOOMFANGER IS HERE FOR THE PLAYDATE.  MAKE SURE NOTHING HAPPENS TO MY CAT OR I’LL TAKE YOUR FEMUR FOR HER NEW SCRATCHING POST!”

Red begins to sweat.  “i was actually headin’ out, so–”

Edge leans forward, narrowing his eyesockets.  “ARE YOU ATTEMPTING TO SKIRT YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES, SANS?”

Red stiffens, shaking his head.  “i jus’ don’t see why you can’t watch your own damn cat.”



“n-nope, not at all.  you can count on me, boss.”  His smile is tight.  


As soon as Edge leaves, the cat begins hissing at Red.  “stupid fuckin’ cat…” he mutters, and the Doomfanger starts clawing at his face.  Red shouts, letting go of the feline, which then proceeds to run off toward the party.  Red ends up trapped there, running around and trying to keep Doomfanger in line, while becoming grouchier and grouchier. 

He breaks up with the s/o afterward.  He really doesn’t do cats.


A cat birthday party?  Welp, this is hilarious.

Sans invites Catty as a party coordinator, and she goes over-the-top with cat decorations.  Sans is even wearing a galaxy-print T-shirt with a cat sitting on a PB&J sandwich.  He doesn’t know why that shirt exists, but it’s perfect for the party.

“or should i say purr-fect?”

“What is?” his s/o asks, and Sans grins wider.  

“this shirt.  isn’t it the cat’s pajamas?”

Yes, this entire party is just an excuse for him to use every cat pun in his extensive arsenal.  

“everyone having a good time and feline fine?”

“i’m not kitten you.  the water’s been spiked with cat-nip.  they cat seem to nip the habit in the bud.”

“i’m pawsitive.”

“ready for me to bring out the catfish?”

“actually, scratch that.  it sounds like something they’d be furbidden from eating.”

“did i make you uncomfurtible?”

“what’s wrong?  cat handle these jokes?”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I ask for a hc regarding Jumin trying various "commoner foods" with MC for the first time? He talks a lot about being raised on "proper food". (Also your writing is amazing and you're a blessing thank you :'>)


also i’m gonna write this on foods common in america, since i dont know a lot about Korean food `~`

*cracks knuckles*

Hot Dogs

  • MC insists Jumin has an authentic hot dog from a street vendor, just like they did growing up
  • “hello sir. i’d like one plain hot dog please”
  • MC grabs Jumin’s arm and pulls him away
  • “Jumin, you cant talk like that to a street vendor. he’ll way overcharge you”
  • “but why would the price be different based on how i ask for a hot dog?”
  • oh, Jumin. you’re so hopelessly adorable
  • MC sighs, smiling
  • “just watch. i’ll get us both hot dogs”
  • MC approaches the vendor
  • “gimmie two dogs with ketchup”
  • “that’ll be two bucks”
  • MC turns back to Jumin, smirking, and mouths the word
  • see?
  • Jumin applauds quietly
  • “alright, Jumin. ready for a taste of my childhood?”
  • Jumin wants to say yes but honestly he’s not sure
  • how…how do they get the meat into this weird tube shape?
  • he asks MC
  • “you dont wanna know, sweetheart. now eat your hot dog”
  • Jumin shrugs and bites into it, looking extremely awkward
  • MC giggles watching him try to eat it
  • “i dont really understand this, but i will admit it’s quite delicious”
  • only Jumin can say that he doesnt understand hot dogs and still be the cutest man on the planet


  • MC takes Jumin to an old school diner
  • “this is so…quaint”
  • geez Jumin, you might as well just say you hate it
  • MC picks a booth to sit in and Jumin is just like ???? whY IS THIS CHAIR SO LONG???
  • “MC, i have a few questions about this menu”
  • “dont worry about the menu, Jumin. we’re here for milkshakes”
  • “milkshakes? what is-”
  • “you’ll see”
  • Jumin is ???? but decides to trust MC
  • they order one vanilla milkshake and one strawberry milkshake
  • when the milkshakes get there, MC gives Jumin the vanilla one, leaning forward
  • “well? take a sip!”
  • Jumin takes the cherry from the top of his drink and gently sets it on a napkin, placing it on the table
  • he sips up the thick, sweet milkshake
  • Jumin looks at MC with wide eyes
  • “this is incredible!”
  • MC smiles
  • “i know, right?? and they’re romantic, too”
  • “romantic? but how-”
  • MC takes a bendy straw and puts in Jumin’s drink
  • then, pulling oh Jumin’s sleeve they say
  • “we can drink together”
  • Jumin’s cheeks turn bright red
  • so close!!! in such a public place!!!
  • h e  l o v e s  i t


  • “it’s so loud in here”
  • MC ignores that
  • “alright Jumin, here’s what we’re working with. you can get a salad, quesadilla, burrito, or burrito bowl. i suggest the bowl”
  • there are police sirens screaming in Jumin’s brain right now
  • what,who,i’m,wh confused
  • “wh….what’s in the bowl?”
  • “it’s basically like a deconstructed burrito”
  • “whats in a burrito”
  • oh god, this was a mistake
  • “just stand behind me, i’ll order for you”
  • *while MC is ordering*
  • “MC, doesnt that seem like too much corn?”
  • “okay Jumin why dont you go pick a table and i’ll meet you there in a sec”
  • when MC brings Jumin his food he’s even more confused
  • he sifts through the food with his fork
  • “Jumin, you’re acting like a little kid. just take a bite!”
  • MC happily munches down on their own bowl
  • is takes a few seconds for Jumin to even get enough food on his fork
  • finally, he’s ready to take a bite
  • “oh, interesting. this ‘bowl’ isnt exactly aesthetically appealing but it tastes quite nice”
  • MC rolls their eyes but still smiles
  • “i’m glad you like it, weirdo”
  • they take a small cup of guac out and eats some chips with it
  • “MC, whats that youre eating now?”
  • “just finish you’re bowl, Jumin. one new thing at a time”


  • Jumin was working hard, even though it was saturday
  • MC comes into his study, singing
  • “lunch is served!”
  • Jumin looks away from his papers, beaming at MC
  • “my darling, its so pleasant to see your face. what are we having for lunch today?”
  • MC dramatically places a plate with a sandwich neatly cut diagonally, and a few apple slices with triangles cut out at the top
  • Jumin tilts his head
  • “whats all this?”
  • “my favorite lunch since i was little! PB&J and bunny apple slices”
  • “PB&J?”
  • “it means peanut butter and jelly. it’s what’s in the sandwich!”
  • Jumin doesnt have the heart to tell MC that peanut butter and grape jelly sounds like a terrible combination, so he just smiles and bites into the sandwich
  • boy, was he wrong
  • “MC, this is incredible! how did you come up with this?”
  • MC laughs
  • “i didnt come up with it!”
  • “who did?”
  • “…i…i dont know….?”
  • Jumin takes another big bite of the sandwich
  • he wonders if there are cat friendly peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • elizabeth has got to try this

PS: this is what bunny apple slices look like

cute, right? i feel like Jumin would go nuts over them

thanks for the request, i really hope you like it!!

TItled: Pitchy Black Background Story

So here is some more background information on Pitchy Black.
(sorry for the small print)
I had a lot of fun with this and I can’t wait to do more art in the future involving this character, especially interacting with Pitch and the other cousins.
(I can imagine some shenanigans with Proto and some other fun scenarios.)

Pitchy Black is my OC~<3
Pitch Black belongs to William Joyce and Dreamworks~<3
PLEASE do not repost/claim credit or steal this image. If reblogging, do not remove my username and sight source. Thank you so very much!~<3

Here is a bit more additional information on Pitchy if you’re interested:

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Allergies Headcanons

Jyn/Bees: You will see this tough girl squeal the moment she hears a buzz

Cassian/Pollen: He hates spring. No one understands his accent with a stuffy nose on top of it.

Chirrut/ None: Chirrut can enjoy every season, food, and animal. He thanks the force for that on the daily.

Baze/Cats: He gets all sneezy and repeatedly says “nonononono” when a cat is around. And Chirrut loves cats.

Bodhi/Shellfish: There’s not a lot of sea food on Jedha so he was never around it. Poor guy was so excited to try it and his tongue blew up like a balloon.

Krennic/Peanuts: He’s too refined for PB and J anyways

Human  WC Headcanons #3

Spottedleaf has a makeup/beauty/fashion channel on Youtube.

Lionheart has seen The Lion King like a billion times and he never gets tired of it.

Brightheart has a half-shaved head.

Squirrelflight throws really awesome birthday parties. For one of Hollyleaf’s birthdays, since she really liked butterflies, Squirrel had a butterfly cake, butterfly decorations, and they got a butterfly garden in their backyard.

Sometimes, Jayfeather asks Briarlight about what certain things look like. Once she described herself, and Jay couldn’t stop smiling.

Goosefeather used to play Duck Duck Goose with Feahterwhisker, Bluekit, and Snowkit.

As a child, Crookedstar had an interest in cooking. He made little things like PB&J sandwiches for his family, and Rainflower usually took 1 bite and said something like “It was Okay, but you put too much Jelly.” Oakheart, oh the other hand, thought they were the tastiest things to ever grace the earth.

Graystripe has a lot of Twitter followers but he usually posts things like “I bought a rlly weird sweater today” and “the kids just introduced me to my favorite emoticon :Y #likewhatevenisthat”

Feathertail collects bird feathers.

Yellowfang cracks up at the comics in the newspaper.

Turtle Tail loves TMNT.

Princess was a school teacher for kindergarten.

PB&J headcanons because I love those dweebs

  • One year for hallowe’en Bitty sat on Kent’s shoulders under a really long coat because they decided to dress as a tall person just so they could chirp Jack for once
  • Jack is getting increasingly more nervous about Kent’s demon cat. He checks under sofas before he sits down because he doesn’t want his ankles scratched that much again
  • Kent says swawesome. It’s how the Falcs worked out that he and Jack were together, but they all thought they were the only one to know so they respectfully kept it quiet
  • Bitty sometimes ends up on those “hockey wives” type things that I keep hearing about from y’all and am still not convinced are real
    • Oh man I bet there’s some Falcs/Aces rivalry at some point and Bitty’s in the middle like “I just hope everyone has fun and no one fights”
    • Sometimes Kent shows up because “I’ve got a famous hockey boyfriend too”. He’s great on reality TV
  • When Kent is watching tape, Jack will do everything in his power (up to and including neck kisses) to distract him. Until he finally gives in and decides making out is a better plan, at which point Jack will look at the TV and go “actually this was a really good game” and completely ignore Kent
  • Kent and Bitty have a competition on twitter where they try to take and post the most photos of Jack while Jack is taking a photo of something hipstery
  • Bad Bob pretends to be the disapproving future father-in-law type about Kent because he thinks its funny
    • But only Kent
    • “Mr Zimmermann, what do you think about your son dating two men?” “Well, I’m glad he’s happy. Y’know, Eric is so good for him and they’re going to be so happy together it’s wonderful. And Kent’s alright too I guess.”
    • Jack makes Bob give Kent a special “sorry I pretended to hate you for a joke” cake and absolutely refuses to let him put the word “pretended” in scare quotes
  • All of Kent’s pet names for Bitty are foods. “Cupcake”, “shortbread”, “apple pie”. Sometimes he calls Jack “maple syrup”
  • Sometimes they go on road trips between Providence and Vegas, but they have to avoid the entire midwest because Kent is scared of tornadoes
    • Jack’s like “fine, then we have to avoid the south because I’m scared of republicans.”
    • And Bitty says, “If we’re ruling out states, I’m not going anywhere where we’ll see nothing but corn for more than five hours at once”
    • They have to cross into Canada to make it work
  • Kent and Bitty throw the best forth of july party every year, partly because it’s Kent’s birthday, partly to annoy Jack
  • French. Bitty is competing with Kent to get better at it. Kent actually sucks at french but he is great at fake french and Bits can’t tell the difference it’s actually hilarious
  • No one knows which baseball caps belong to who anymore, they just grab the nearest one and put it on
    • They’re everywhere in their houses
    • Sometimes Jack and Kent end up accidentally wearing merch from the wrong hockey team
  • Kent is a little intimidated that both his boyfriends went to college
  • Joking arguments about the weather. “It’s only because you’re from Georgia” “Nuh uh. Canada is just too cold. Kenny, tell him.” “It’s too cold. Should be illegal” “You live IN A DESERT”
  • If asked, Bitty says he’s only dating two hockey players to double his chances of getting to take a selfie with the Stanley Cup. Or he’s hedging his bets in case one of them loses too many teeth. Sometimes he says he’s just doing it to annoy his grandparents. He’s got a lot of bullshit reasons it’s become a running joke in the media
  • “Don’t you want to live in the same city as your boyfriend?” says the Falcs or Aces GM, every time Kent or Jack are close to free agency. They’re desperate to get the two on the same team again so they can win lots of games and make the third guy on their line feel awkward
  • Bitty beats them all at air hockey
Black and Blue

Before you read this there are a few things you should know:
• Today I finished watching “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix
• This poem touches on sexual assault
• This is not what happens in the show but it’s inspired by it.
• It’s from Clay’s point of view and the ending that I think he would like to see.
• I hope you like it.

Black and Blue

She was wearing a black and blue dress
Black, deep black with a velvety touch
Blue, bright but cold
You met her by the fountain in the park
That girl in your class
The one with the medium length dark brown hair
That has sun-kissed strands by her face
Oh and her face, always smiling
Radiant infact
And you both walked
Side by side
To the town diner
For shakes and fries
Where you stayed for
One, two, three hours
Talking about life, school, football, art, music.
Anything and everything

Just a simple strawberry milkshake
Sweet to taste
And nice to look at
That’s what she was, wasn’t she?
That’s what she was to you when you left that diner
When you told her you would drive her home
And she felt safe with you
Until you pulled over
10 minuets away from home
And told her you liked her
And she smiled
And you leaned in
And she did too
And that simple kiss was just enough for her
And you reclined the seat
And she said “No, not now, not here, maybe another time, I’m not ready”
But you didn’t listen
And you kept going
And told her everything would be fine
She just needed to relax
And she screamed “No, Stop, Please just take me home ”
And again, you didn’t listen
So she fought back
Because she was a dragon who shouldn’t be caged
But you held her down
And hit back
And forced yourself on her
As she cried for help
So you muffled the sounds
And you took her soul
And crushed it
Right there infront of her eyes
And then when you were done
You left
You abandoned her on the side of the road
She was still wearing black and blue
But it wasn’t her dress
It was her skin
Her skin that you made her want to crawl out of
Because you made her uncomfortable in her own body
And so she walked home
And alone

And that’s how she felt
For the next two months
Because she didn’t speak a word of it
Because you took her voice that night along with her dignity
And so she roamed the halls alone and afraid
And only spoke when spoken to
Avoided eye contact
Until you told your friends how your night went
How your charm was impossible to resist
How she was so easy, she was down for anything
And you never told the truth
And you knew she wouldn’t
So your friends gave her cat calls and whistles
Because she was a “hot piece of ass”
Or she was “good for some action”
But we all know that actions and consequences go together like PB&J
And we hoped that she knew that she had the choice
That she knew if she said something to someone, anyone
That she would make it through

And weeks later
In the classroom
There was an empty seat…..

Where you should be sitting
But instead you are in a jail cell
Wishing you listened to her inner dragon when it roared
Because she knew you were slowly backing her into a cage
Poking and prodding her
And she felt alone
But the fire in her stomach was too hot to contain
So when she realised she had to make a choice
Between letting herself burn
Or setting you on fire
She chose to save herself
So yeah Orange is the new black
And her skies are blue.

- @moonbeampoet 2017 ©

“What the hell is that?”

Bitty looked down for a moment and then back up at Kent. “It’s my fanny pack,” he said.

“No.” Kent shook his head. “No, you can’t wear that. I can’t deal with it.”

Bitty looked over Kent’s shoulder and grinned. “That’s too bad. Jack’s got one too.”

Kent whirled around to see Jack coming into the room. “No,” he whined. “Not you too, Zimms.”

Jack looked at Kent with a mystified expression. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t be seen with someone with someone who wears that!” Kent said in exasperation as he pointed at the equally ridiculous fanny pack that was around Jack’s waist.

“Why not? It holds my phone and my money.”

“It’s handy,” Bitty chimed in. “Don’t be jealous though. We got you one too.”

“No,” Kent gasped in horror. He started to back out of the bedroom. “You can’t make me.”

Jack and Bitty exchanged matching, devious grins before Jack said, “Get him.” They tackled Kent to the floor in a tangle of limbs, shouting, and laughing as Bitty distracted Kent by tickling him.

When they finally stopped, gasping and out of breath, Kent confirmed that Jack and Bitty did manage to strap a neon green fanny pack on him. “I hate you two,” he muttered as he let his head fall back to hit the floor with a thunk.

“Just admit that you love it,” Bitty laughed. He propped his head up.

“I’m not admitting anything.”

“He’s just mad because he didn’t think of it sooner,” Jack teased. He tried to kiss Kent but he dodged it.

“I’m not kissing you, traitor,” Kent grumbled without any real heat.

Bitty snuggled in closer to Kent’s other side. “Actually, you look really great in it.”

Kent snorted in response, but he let a small laugh escape at the ridiculousness of his boyfriends. “At least it isn’t yellow crocs.”



So I decided to jump on the Mutant Atsume Bandwagon, and make my own Mutant Cat :3 Their name is PB&J. And here’s some lore (or whatever you wanna call it) about them:

PB is a boy, and J is a girl. They are best friends
PB is chunky peanut butter, so the dark spots are real peanut chunks

J is grape jelly, and her dark spots are real chunks of grape
They’re made of real peanut butter and jelly, so they’re very sticky. They’re well aware of this, and they’re both very considerate, so they do their best to leave as little stickiness behind as possible. One way that they do this is by using toys where they can sit up/take up the least space (they also avoid rubbing against people’s legs, so as to not get them sticky). Despite leaving behind stickiness, they never actually lose any mass from doing so.

They can separate if they need to, but they really don’t like to, because they love each other so much, and it is very uncomfortable for them to be separated. 
They love pillows and things of that nature, and will only come into your yard if you have something that will make them look vaguely sandwich-ish (such as the yellow pillow, and the cat pancake). 

PB enjoys the Shitty Bitz a lot, whereas J just sort of tolerates it, because she likes seeing PB happy and healthy.
Their momento they give you is their favorite toy, which is a kinda soggy piece of toast, with a bite out of it 

Since they’re technically two cats, each of their visits count as two cats.
When they’re separated, their Power Level gets cut in half (so they both individually have 22 Power)

I got my inspiration for PB&J by seeing @pepper-the-neko‘s lovely Biscuit + Jam! Go check out their blog if you haven’t already, its full of such cuteness! (And their other cute mutant cat OCs!) Thank you so much for being so cool about me semi-stealing your idea!

Oh, and of course, thank you @suprememeep for being the one to inadvertently start the whole Mutant Atsume thing with cute Hobo and creepy-adorable Glunkus! *hands you some Shitty Bitz

alpha-exodus  asked:

hi!! first of all your art is fantastic :D secondly i saw the palette meme you reblogged and wanted to suggest pb&j w/"cherry soda" (or just kent!!) thanks for being awesome <3

thank you!! this palette gave me some trouble (which is a good thing! challenge yourself (ง •̀_•́)ง), so instead of 1 more detailed drawing, have 3 sketchy ones.

thatmockingj  asked:

once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~)

1. Master of the art of PB and J. I know the exact ratio of peanut butter and jelly that results in perfect sweet/salty combo.

2. The ability to think up an incredibly witty comeback exactly one hour after someone says something to me. It’s uncanny.

3. Cats are naturally drawn to me. Yeah, it’s totally not the other way around.

4. Can think up worst case scenario for any situation. Very handy, actually.

5. Gotten to the point where my writing only makes me cringe every other page.

anonymous asked:

Hi!! For the prompt thing would u do Pimms with my cat keeps breaking into your apartment next to mine so I tied a note to its collar to apologise and you write back so we keep exchanging cat notes and you’re pretty funny. (Maybe where Jack and Kent already know each other but haven't been in touch and somehow don't realize they've been living in the same building and rebuild their relationship?? Or bitty can live w Jack and it can be pb&j if u want! Idk or anything else I trust u!)

ahhh this was in my drafts so long so I’m just putting out into the world. Not shippy, just a Jack n Kent reunion fic. Sorry it’s not really what you asked for orz


Hi, I’m Kit! The note reads. I just moved into the building and like to explore. I’m not lost. Please don’t feed me no matter how much I beg. 
It’s a pretty simple note, Kent thinks. Direct, to the point. The cat is named Kit, she wanders a lot, and she’s on a strict diet. All anyone has to do is read the note to learn that 1) they don’t need to call animal control and 2) they don’t need to feed her. Which is why he doesn’t understand the messily written addition to the note, the one that appeared sometime after Kent left for the day which says
Your cat is really cute so I gave her some salmon sorry -#401
“Come on, Kit,” Kent gripes. “We talked about taking food from strangers.” He scraps the paper he’d attached to her collar and writes a fresh note, being sure to underline all key phrases. Once certain he’s made his point clear, with an addendum specifically for Mr. or Mrs. #401, he affixes it to her collar again.
With a loud slurp of his coffee he determines his task done and shuffles around his temporary home, a place he found on Air BnB cheaper than any pet friendly hotel room. Though the amenities are lacking, it’s good enough for the five nights he’s staying, but there’s not much to keep Kit occupied. She’s taken to the fire escape, stalking up and down the rails and harassing anyone who might be on her path with pleas of petting and food.
“I gotta get going,” Kent say over his shoulder, searching through the ten different snapbacks he brought for the training camp. He settles on an alternate Aces cap before looking outside and seeing the rain coming down. Fuckin’ New England. Fine, he switches for the standard cap, the one they give him by the box, checking his reflection once more before grabbing his bag and making his way down to the rink.

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Kent tries to hate bitty. He really does.

He went into this little get together with the full intention of hating whoever it was that had taken Jack from him. But he wasn’t prepared for 5 feet and 6 inches of pure goddam sunshine to walk through his door.

And now here he is, with the taste of key lime pie still lingering on his tongue (how did he know it was his favorite?) and listening to this boy’s sweet southern drawl and ohmygod he’s completely fucked.

Kent’s jaw nearly hits the floor when Kit Purrson fucking leaps onto Bitty’s lap like she belongs there. Kit hates everyone, but here she is sitting on this kid’s fucking lap purring contentedly as deft fingers scritch her ears. This fucking adorable Georgia peach doesn’t even realize the honor that’s been bestowed on him and just coos about how beautiful Kit is and praises her (not calling her a goblin like his teammates). When Jack asks if he should be concerned about being put in the same beauty category as a cat and the small blonde fires back that Jack wishes he was as attractive as Kit, Kent admits he swoons a little.