FINALLY finished this monster. I never want to see the color green ever again. I never want to see ice again. Hnngggg

But yea, I adore the AU episodes of AT, so I made a tribute piece along the vein of those happy-go-lucky “What Time is It?” drawings where finn/fionna look all excited.

Instead they’re badass and infected w/ crown magic but what the hey. Jake and Cake have to be my favs for the image tho.


Technically, Ruby COULD stick her arm through her gut w/ no strings attached, huehuehue.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this crossover yet, so I went ahead and did it myself using scenes from Futurama’s episode ‘The Sting’ (one of my fav episodes tbh).

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Image based off Tori and mine’s headcanon that Sora IS Kingdom Hearts since he holds like everyone’s heart at one time or another.

This is finished insofar that I refuse to work on it anymore b/c I have other shit to get to before probable LA trip. I used Sora’s final form design as a base and recolored/added different symbols based on him being in ‘KH Form’ lolol. Did I mention that I love shit that glows?

I’m never drawing Sora or the X-blade ever again ever.

Prints of this will be at my table at AAC! I may modify it a lil before then.

Creditz: Beautiful cloud brushes here! (don’t let my poor use of them throw you off).

Finally -finished- this monster just in time to maybe get it printed for Anime California 2015 which is in like four days (on top of being sick, yay).

Since I’m obsessed with both KH and HTTYD, this mashup was one I couldn’t help but waste countless hours on. Especially since I was like ‘why don’t I try painting it”; famous last words, amirite?

I modified Riku and Sora’s outfits to mirror Astrid and Hiccup’s respectively, same for their Ryu Dragons (to look more like alpha toothless and stormfly, or something, idk). There are minor easter eggs in the picture if you wanna look for them, if they’re even visible.

Don’t repost please. Thank.

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