paz man

venom standing motionless on a helicopter platform for 9 hours vaping while donna burke yells in the background: born to die
the 5 soldiers that feel compelled to stand there nonstop saluting him: world is a fuck
ocelot on the intercom system: kill em all 1984
kaz from a railing: i am trash man
paz from the medbay: 410,757,864,530 dead pmcs

llamanorthwest  asked:

“ Oh, wow. That’s an intense line of questioning“

Rick & Morty Quote Starters || Accepting

“What, do you want me to not say anything about the fact that you’re totally copying me Pacifica?” Dipper retorted, disgust clearly on his face. And after all the times she’d commented on his wardrobe poorly she had to be up to something. Just what that was though Dipper had absolutely no idea, what was there to be gained by dying her hair and dressing in purple?

A misericórdia de Deus jamais falha. O cristão que se entrega em confiança a essa verdade encontra Jesus Cristo de uma nova maneira. Marca o começo de uma vida mais profunda de fé, na qual a alegria e a paz florescem mesmo nas trevas, porque estão enraizadas não nos sentimentos humanos superficiais, mas bem mais fundo, na certeza escondida da fé segundo a qual Jesus é o mesmo ontem, hoje e eternamente.
—  Brennan Manning