remember when the fandom trended #welcomehomehomosexuals when the band arrived back in england after the uan tour was over and liam tweeted “#welcomehomehomosexuals? no no i have a girlfriend @danielle peazer can’t say the same for harry and louis though…” and that was a real tweet and it existed

“Sophiam broke up”
“Sophia’s sister posted a rebound photo”
“Liam tweeted regretting tweets”
“Payzer is back”
“Driectioners are going effing crazy”
“Fandom war”

Me: *grabs popcorn, grabs pillow, grabs blanket, grabs flashlight, grabs obama, grabs a bible, grabs my mom, grabs my brother, grabs my dad’s leg, grabs louis’ bum”

                 “The apocalypse has begun”