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Virna why is Liam tagging Payton? I believed it was over.

Hello my Anons; since your questions are similar (I think) I’m answering them both together. 

What was over my Anon? Payton or Payneton? Cause payton is a person and he can’t be “over” and Payneton at least as far as i’m able to tell based on the data we have, never happened! 

A couple of months ago (on January 28) they were lastly seen leaving a club in L.A., in the company of other people. And here you can find an excellent post by @nerds4lifeabout the coonnections of Jordan Payton with the Hadid family.

Considering that Mike Navarra was the person who introduced payne and Payton, I’d say it’s clearly promo. The fact that Payton’s number of followers in SM seems to be unable to rise should tell them that this kind of promo is simply not working and they should reconsider their strategy.

That being said, I see Payton casted in a “support” role to highlight Liam’s clubbing activities. Don’t forget that during the Sophia era we had other people casted in this role. So I expect “new daddy of 3 week old Champ” to be transformed into thhe “party animal” Liam with the support of payton and quite possibly a few of payton’s friends. And I’m waiting to see how this will further the “Liam does not want to commit” narrative.

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Okay! I read everything I could about payneton (Didn't really make up my mind about this) so I want o know from you! What do you think about all this payneton thing?

I really don’t care tbh. The only thing that get on my nerves is, larries happily accepting Jordan Payton as Liam’s supposed love interest and not Zayn. Other than that, do whatever you want. If this friendship leads to a Ziam reunion, the better. Lol.

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What's payneton?

Payneton is the ship name for Liam Payne and Jordan Payton.  Liam was seen on the sidelines of Jordan’s football game, he was with Liam in the coffee shop picture when we first spotted Liam’s roses tattoo, Liam brought him up during the airport pap walk he did, and there has been some back and forth on Twitter. 

There’s some shadiness going on around Payneton right now.  

1) This has all happened in a relatively short period of time and it’s been surprisingly public and noticeable.

2) It feels eerily similar to Xarry (Harry and Xander) from last year.  Almost as if it’s male bearding designed to push “anyone but Zayn” just as Xarry would have contributed to “anyone but Louis”.  Nothing big ever happened with Xarry in the end.

3) The Larries have jumped on this ship strangely quickly and excitedly.  It feels like Gryles or Hazoff in a lot of ways, except the group that’s on board is the Larries this time.

4) The notice of the ship even before the Larries jumped on board seems to have been strange.  I’ve never seen many non-1D ships get attention for any of the boys but Niall, and even he doesn’t get much.  Suddenly there were people shipping it and timeline posts and speculation posts seemingly out of nowhere. This was after only one or two interactions.

It feels like bad insider info and astroturfing to me- like the Larries were told Payneton is real which is why they’re suddenly ready to consider Liam being queer, and like the rest of the fandom was astroturfed to get the appropriate topics of conversation circulating despite there not being much grounds for it.

I don’t have a great feeling about it overall, but I also don’t know exactly where it’s heading.

There’s some speculation 1DHQ is going to try forcibly outing Liam with a scandal under not the best of conditions.  I can believe they would do something that gross, but I’m also a little skeptical that would be in 1DHQ’s best interests.

It’s a major no-no, so they could end up getting crucified for it by the public, the media, and the entertainment industry.  They could also get themselves sued and I still don’t think they really want to start a legal battle with 1D.  1D has way more ammo when it comes down to it.

It’s also counter-productive to try to beard someone for so long and then to undo all of that by outing them, even if it wouldn’t be ideal conditions.  I still feel like outing someone so soon after a bearding relationship ends is only going to cast doubt on the old relationship and expose it as bearding.  In this case they could claim Liam is bi and took up with Jordan after the break up, or that he was misleading Sophia all along, but I still think it’s risky for 1DHQ to point the finger that direction.

Something is going on, but I don’t know what.  It may amount to nothing like Xarry or it may end up being a big problem like babygate.  There’s no way to know for sure yet.  We just have to watch and wait.

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Melly- sorry to hear about your Grandma. who is Jordan Payton and what is the significance?

Melly, why we dislike Jordan Payton? Im new here, thanks for your time. Hope u have a full day of cuddles and snacks.

It’s gone from his instagram again tho. (If I remember correctly he has posted and deleted posts/pics w/ Liam before)


Alright, let’s talk about Jordan Payton since folks are asking!

Jordan Payton is a player for the Cleveland Browns. Currently suspended for getting caught with PEDs, in case you were wondering.

To say that Jordan has had a subpar year in the NFL is putting it kindly, and Jordan wants to be famous. The last time he was spotted out and about with Limothy, it was prior to the NFL draft, where his association with Liam could have done a lot. Spoiler alert: It didn’t really though. He got picked fifth round in the draft.

Jordan did indeed delete last night’s instagram post. But not before leaving it up long enough for the fandom to see it. Which, not shady or anything, bruh.

I don’t know if we would call it a dislike as much as a

Jordan Payton was presented to the fandom last year the way that the typical 1D winter beard was.

Putting this under the cut, because its a little long and has screen shots and such.

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