payton draws things

chohens  asked:

(for the drawing thingy) 1N for Payton or 2N for Lance?

Here he is!!! The sweetest babe, let him sleep,

First of all, bless you for requesting Payton and Seth, I did them both cause I needed the practice. My lame OC babes are under the cut :)

Send me an expression!

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Happy Halloween mofos!! 

As some of you guys know, I’ve been in Portland for the past week, and while I was there I got the incredible opportunity to check out LAIKA House (after an incredible journey walking 3 miles uphill in the rain), at which I actually got to see several of LAIKA’s beautifully made puppets up close and OH MY GOODNESS NORMAN WAS ONE OF THEM!!! 

I immediately started work on this at Wild Wasabi Japanese Grill right after. It was magical…