changed my tumblr name…to good ol plain paytenpurdy. Kynastikus has just been hard for people to say/write/and remember. Might even shorten it to paypur, or purdyphotos(but that’s hecka cheesey, reminds me of 3rd grade nicknames.) My name will be good for now…I think.

if anyone has a clever name for me let me know! :) 

Woah weird. I have been on tumblr 7 months. Haha. Time flies on this thing. Thanks to all my followers I have found a reason to stay here. Love Payt.

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    p.s.- So strange to see how many people liked/reblogged certain photos. It really shows which were socially accepted as a “nice photo”. It’s also funny that some of my favorite photos didn’t make the cut. WUTEVAH, WUTEVAH I SHOOT WUT I LIKE!