I don’t think I thanked you guys in an official capacity, so here it is!

Thank you for all your love, kindness, and donations to help me get through my medical troubles right now. I’ve got hope about my chemotherapy and cancer knowing you guys have got my back – you can’t imagine how much it all means to me! So, thank you for helping me get here! I know I probably would’t be around if it weren’t for you all! UwU

Deus responde orações porque quando nós tiramos os olhos da nossa pessoa e os fixamos em Cristo como a nossa esperança, isso dá ao Pai uma ocasião de magnificar a glória de Sua graça na obra todo-provedora de Seu Filho.
—  John Piper – Lutando Contra a Incredulidade

That time Oscar-winner Hilary Swank was offered 5% of a male co-star’s salary

You’d think two Academy Awards might be enough to get you a high-paying follow-up job. You’d be wrong, if you’re a woman.

Hilary Swank, who won an Oscar in 1999 for Boys Don’t Cry and another in 2004 for Million Dollar Baby, explained on an episode of Netflix’s Chelsea how after winning her second Oscar she was offered just 5% of what a “hot” actor was being offered for a movie.

“Then I win my second Academy Award, and the next couple movies later, I get offered a movie,” she said. “But the male hadn’t had any kind of critical success, but had been in a movie where he was hot. And he got offered $10 million, and I got offered $500,000. That’s the truth. The truth.“

(Photo credit: Miguel Medina, AFP/Getty Images)
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Well, this is it. I finally did it. I made a Patreon.

What’s a Patreon, you ask? It’s a way for you to support writers, artists, and other content creators (like me), and to help them continue to do what they love (write filth with feelings, for example). You can donate anywhere from $1 a month to $20 (in this case), and receive a variety of perks - the ability to vote in a monthly prompt for example, or receive access to my unpublished works folder (*screams in terror*), or just gain my undying gratitude. 

What does it mean for me? Well, depending on how much I make, it could mean that I don’t have to find another (hopefully not as soul-killing) job, or that I only need to work part-time. Which would mean that I’d be able to spend that much more time writing my stories for you guys. It could also mean that without needing to worry about money, or about going to work every day at a job that crushes my spirit, my creativity is free to wax. I’ll be able to write more, and better, than ever before. 

Essentially, it means freedom. 

So give it a look and, if you please, a reblog. Even if you’re not interested in or able to contribute yourself, you can help me reach someone who is. And no matter what, I am so grateful to every one of you, every person who has come along with me on this long, strange journey. 

Mochof, en mebi oso don hit choda op nodotaim. 


Just a reminder to peeps never to do design contests where they only offer you several hundred dollars as a prize. I’ve seen contests where a big name company, nationally known held a rebranding/logo contest to college students and would have only paid them 500$. 

Thats what you would make -before taxes- working one full week at $12.50 an hour.

Stuff like that is what companies would normally pay thousands of dollars for minimum to rebrand, so don’t settle. Always read the fine print. Most contests I’ve seen, the artist gets shafted to some degree. Always consider the hours you need to put in, the value of the work you’re doing, and the value of the company (based on their size is the pay they’re offering stingy or reasonable?), and if you win or submit your work if they’ll get all copyright to it to do whatever they want with it. 

Welcome to Sabertooth, the gayest guild in all Fiore
—  Rufus, under his breath, as he watches all his friends get their gay on.