Hey, ASOS, why don’t you PAY an illustrator to use there work instead of asking for free art and calling it a contest?

ASOS is promoting a “competition” on tumblr where artist and illustrators get to submit there best work in hopes that ASOS will print on there shirts without any compensation to the artist.

If you are a fellow artist/illustrator on tumblr who believes artists should be paid for their work, just say NO and reblog. Large companies can afford to pay for fresh new artists.

last time I tried to talk to this particular doc about my derealization/depersonalization she kind of brushed it off as anxiety. and she was immediately going to give me a script for depression without asking me much more. I declined that time but took my other doc up on it and it made everything a hundred times worse. I was all over the place mentally it was gross and idk if I want to go back on that or if I even should.

  • Brother:Naw, he should stay dead. It's too cliche for him to come back.
  • Me:You realize you are literally the only one who thinks that? Right? EVERYONE ELSE AGREES WITH ME
  • Brother:There is no reason for him to come back. He's dead. It's permanent.
  • Me:*pulls out list of ideas for Pietro's resurrection* PERMANENT YOU SAY?! NO ONE STAYS DEAD! NO. ONE.