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In the original fairy tale the Evil Queen died. Regina has so far escaped that fate, but every time Regina’s life has been saved, it’s always come at Emma’s expense.

Regina’s life was spared execution by Snow, Regina continued to reign terror, culminating in the dark curse which led to Emma growing up unloved and alone for 28 years. 

Emma saved Regina from the fire, Regina eventually tried to kill Emma and did kill Henry (he flat lined). Not to mention the abuse Regina heaped on Emma in the interim.

Regina was saved from the wraith at the start of season 2, Emma and Snow end up going through a portal to the EF - separated from their family unsure how to get home.

At the end of season 2, Regina was going to sacrifice herself to hold off the fail-safe (something she intended to use herself to run off with Henry) and instead Emma stepped up to help her stop it. This gave Tamara and Greg the chance to kidnap Henry, setting in motion the entire Never land story which culminated in Emma being separated from her parents for an entire year.

In the season 4 finale Emma took on the darkness to save Regina’s life and the entire town. This led to the Dark Swan arc, complete with dagger abuse and hypocrisy, culminating in Emma killing Killian to end the dark one.

Finally we come to the current season and both Emma and Regina are facing the possibility of death. And I can’t help but wonder if it is trying to save Regina that will lead to Emma’s death? Precedent has been set that helping Regina has dire consequences for Emma and family. Is Emma trying to save someone who is meant to die?And is Emma only postponing Regina’s inevitable death?

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Fic prompt, Halloween please

“Come on, friend Raven! I wish to see your costume!” 

Raven scowled, tugging at the flimsy material of the abomination she was being forced to wear. “Do I have to?” she drawled. 

“Yes please!” Starfire said. Raven sighed. She took one last forlorn look at her reflection before stepping out of the safety of her room. 

“Oh, Raven!” Starfire squealed. “You look most wonderful!” 

The empath felt her face grow hot, and she huffed. “I feel stupid.”

Starfire paid her no mind, instead choosing to snag her wrist and drag her to the common room, where everyone else was preparing for the party. 

It was Halloween, and the Titans were preparing to host their annual Halloween bash, complete with costumes and loud music. 

Raven hated it. 

Okay, so maybe she didn’t hate it, but it definitely wasn’t her favorite. Especially since Starfire always guilted her into dressing up as some ridiculous character or another. 

This year, she was dressed up as Alice from Alice and Wonderland. Except, it seemed that no costume store sold tame women’s costumes, and Raven looked quite a bit like a modern-day pinup. 

It was embarrassing. 

“Look, friends!” Starfire quipped as they burst into the ops room. Raven’s face grew even hotter as their three teammates gazes descended upon her, and she ducked her head. 

“You guys look nice,” Robin said. Though, from the flavor of emotions rolling off of him, Raven could tell his focus was pretty much exclusively on Starfire. Which made sense, as the Tamaranean was dressed as some sexy version of a Disney character Raven was unfamiliar with. One of the princesses, if she remembered correctly. 

“Yeah, Raven,” Cyborg laughed, “nice costume!” 

She shot the cybernetic teen a glare. “Yours isn’t much better.” It was true. Cyborg literally had on an eye-patch and a feathered hat. She had no idea what that was supposed to be. 

“Hey, now! Don’t be like that!” he snapped, adjusting his silly hat. Raven rolled her eyes. She looked over at Beast Boy then, meeting his slack-jawed expression. Her cheeks flamed back up into a blush, and she quirked a brow. 

“Can I help you?” 

Beast Boy snapped his mouth shut, his face darkening. “N-no,” he stammered. Raven eyed him carefully. He shuffled awkwardly, avoiding eye contact while she fiddled with the belt of his costume. His costume was some sort of were-creature, whether it was a cat or wolf, Raven couldn’t tell for certain. 

Of course, there was no time to dwadle, and the five of them were soon wrapped up in last minute preparations for the party. Then guests began to arrive, and the party was in full swing. 

Raven hung out by the drinks, out of the way of all the people. She maintained polite conversations with anyone who wandered over, but the empath mostly kept to herself. 

“Hey, Raven.” Beast Boy’s voice broke through the music and clamor, and she looked up to see the changeling’s grin. 

“Hey,” she said. Beast Boy poured himself a glass of punch, his gaze constantly darting back to her. 

“You look nice tonight.”

Raven scoffed. “I look ridiculous.”

Beast Boy flushed, his gaze dropping to his punch. “Well, I think you look nice,” he mumbled. His emotions were genuine, and Raven couldn’t help but offer a small smile. 


He beamed at her then, and she was surprised to feel the fluttering of butterflies in her stomach. 

“Oh,” Beast By said, “Happy Halloween.” He offered her a bag of candycorn with a little note attached before darting off into the crowd. She inspected the baggie, pausing to read the note. 

This may be corny, but Happy Halloween! 


Beast Boy

Raven shook her head, hiding a smile. Cheesy or not, the gesture certainly made the night far more enjoyable.

What even is this? I don’t know. Hopefully it isn’t terrible, I barely had a plan for this. XD

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