The signs as Maroon 5 singles

Aries: Animals 

Taurus: She will be loved 

Gemini: Maps 

Cancer: Sunday morning 

Leo: Moves like Jagger 

Virgo: Payphone 

Libra: Sugar 

Scorpio: This love 

Sagittarius: One more night 

Capricorn: Wake up call 

Aquarius: Misery 

Pisces: This summer’s gonna hurt

  • Payphone (Cover)

Hai guys c:
So, yeah, I know this is not a post you guys are very used to on my blog, but as you guys know, my number one passion is singing. It’s one of the most important things in my life. I wanted to share this with you as sort of a thank you for 200+ followers! It’s something a little more personal, so I hope you all like it. I’m anxious to know what you guys will think of it. Thank you for supporting me with my writing and posts. I hope you guys will support me with my music as well. Thank you. ❤
Song: Payphone (Piano Version)
Artist: (Originally by Maroon 5)

piano credit: