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Earlier this year I went to Paris with PayPal and Passion Passport. My brief was simple - explore the city, meet the locals, seek out an experience which is different from the usual tourist routes - and report back! 

It was a dream assignment, and one which allowed me to wander and explore and talk with so many fantastic people. I have to say that my opinion of the City of Light was forever changed on that trip, and I cannot wait to go back…

I wrote a few blog posts (with photographs!) about my time in Paris, which you can find here and here - hope you enjoy them!




School starts in 3 weeks and I’m 6k behind…I’m struggling to make ends meet as it is - my mom and I are living on $25 a week for groceries. I’ve been going without antidepressants supplements and painkillers for months because I cant afford it and I’m really feeling the effects. I can’t live like this. .

please donate to my paypal / gofundme:

or send me food on amazon:

Everything helps - please help me.

Quick and easy way to earn money for the things you want

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please donate if you can

as some of you may know, we’re on the brink of being homeless again. we have to be out of our current place by September 1st and were struggling to pay rent as it is. there’s no way we can afford a security deposit and everything by the 1st so we won’t be able to get a new place. we’re literally going to have to try to store our belongings at friends/family’s houses and live out of the car. we recently went through something similar where we didn’t have a play for almost a year. we don’t want to do that again so if you guys could please find it in your hearts to donate to my paypal effy.durden@gmail.com or just reblog this to help spread the word. at this point anything will help. we’ve received food donations over the past week because we literally can’t afford to feed ourselves. any money that is raised will go to making sure we’re safe and fed. I’m getting more and more nervous because winter will be here soon and it’s going to be far too cold to sleep in the car.

again my paypal is effy.durden@gmail.com

hi, i’m lee !! i’m a mentally ill, genderfluid, 18 year old, autistic poc and i’m currently unemployed. I just graduated from highschool (june 2015) and haven’t been able to find a job bc of my developmental disability so far!! i have no ways of paying for community college other than financial aid (which sucks pretty much) and i was just hoping, if you could,  please donate to my paypal to help w/ school/supplies!! that would be very sweet of you all and i would very much appreciate it !! thank you so much 

school wishlist, if you don’t wanna donate but you wanna help out??

paypal link!!

please reblog if you cant donate!!

i feel so bad asking but i really need help. i need money for a new laptop for school and money to move out from my abusive living situation with my mother. please donate money to me here, and if you like i’ll write you a fic for your favorite pairing or make you a fanmix for anything  (the only things i’m good at), just please, i really need some help. signal boost if you can

EDIT: I don’t think that link works, so please just go onto my blog and use the donate button there. Thank you!

So I basically have this bill which will be sent to a collection agency if I don’t manage to pay it off very soon. Due to Redbubble’s format, I need to get a lot of stuff sold by the 6th of August so I can pay off at least half of this of bill so I don’t get into trouble. So please check out my Redbubble, or ask for mini-commissions in the form of 50x50 icons, selling at $10 a piece.

My Redbubble

My Paypal is Cloudsampson@gmail.com if anyone wants a mini-commission

Paypal Commissions?

Hey guys! Thanks for liking my chibis so much! :) It has made me really happy! 

I am also asking if anyone would like to commission me for chibis like I have been posting on my tumblr! Examples: 

These can be OCs and other such characters. I can even attempt small scenes of a few characters together in this style.

Possible prices - 3$ each

If you’re interested send me a note on my DeviantArt - http://xxukarixx.deviantart.com/

or email me at - hhaden18@hotmail.com 

Thanks :) 

hey everyone!! 

so, i rly hate to do this, but as a 19yr old university student it turns out i have no money (woop)! i’ve been out of work all summer so obviously i’ve been unable to save up. and well, rent is coming up on the 15th of september and it needs to amount to around £400, so obviously with my balance of around 12 tears and 10000mil despair, it ain’t gonna cut it right??? 

the good side to all this is that i do happen to have a decent wardrobe full of decent clothes…. so i set up an account on vinted!! where i’m selling a few items for v lil money (more will come up in the next few days). i’m UK-based but ship worldwide, so if u like something u see don’t worry about ur location at all! 

anyway, paypal donations are also very very much appreciated at mgcarpiceci@gmail.com and i will do literally anything in return for u (obviously within reason lmao) but literally even the smallest amount will be appreciated! and if u guys want some lil drawings, illustrated puns, tattoo designs, framed haikus and poetry or short stories in return i’ll be more than happy to do that for you!!

if you can’t donate (which is 200% understandable, i feel u my broke bros n sistas) that’s completely fine, every reblog is appreciated, as is every donation or every piece of clothing u may want to buy… thank u all in advance n lots of love xxx

A closed mouth don’t get fed

My father has ingrained that into my head.

That being said, I have decided to reach out and ask for help (despite the knots my stomach is in because i have the biggest problem asking for help). As many of you know, I am in search for a cheap, but reliable car to get to and from work, help my parents run errands, and things of that nature. Tbh, this is something I want to be able to do on my own, but with no reliable method of transportation available at hand, finding a job that I can get to on time is hard af, so I can’t work my way towards a new car. So. Here I am asking for help from you guys. My budget is $1500, I already have $950, and I need $650 more hopefully by the end of the month. I’ve asked family and close family friends and for the most part, I have one definite yes and the rest are maybes, which to me, are essentially polite ‘no, but good luck’s. I have almost 3k followers, and even if only half of you donated $0.50 HERE (my email addy is miyatahm@gmail.com), I will be able to make it to my goal. If you can’t, cool..no biggie. If you can, awesome. I’m not the type to beg and plead tho, so if you are willing and able to help, trust, I greatly appreciate it, seriously. :)

Thanks peeps


Hello Im offering comissions for a period of time to gain urgent funds for the end of this year!

All prices are in US dollars!

Contact me if you’d like to order or if you have any questions at:


Please ensure that you send references and any small tidbits about your order as well as your paypal email.

Payment is upfront after a rough sketch, WIPs will be shown along the way. 

Price are subject to change based on character detail/difficulty

Will do nudity!

Would super, super appreciate any signal boosts! thank u so much <3 ;0;

Sketch/lines:  Bust: $15    Half: $25    Full: $ 45

Flats:  Bust: $ 35   Half: $45   Full: $70

Full colour:  Bust: $45   Half: $ 65  Full: $150


So I finally quit my anxiety inducing job! But now I no longer have hourly wages to pay for day to day needs. Your business would really help me out!

Pricing goes as:

$3 for sketches
$5 for basic chibi
$10 for full size lines (+$2 per extra character)
$15 for full colored pose
$20 for a one page, simple comic!

All pricing is subject to change based on the complexity of the request!

I accept all payments via Paypal, and will provide payment information once I have completed the artwork. 

If you see anything not listed you would like to negotiate, please speak to me about it! I can definitely expand my selection.

Thank you so much! If you like my artwork, please spread this information around. I need to make as much money as possible!

Help me get to school please

I’m trying to go to college right now and I’m basically stuck in Jacksonville for the weekend and if yall could help me out I have a balance that isn’t allowing me to get to enter even though I was registered into classes and given a rooming assignment , I’m at my last leg here, I’m dealing with all this stress, depression and anxiety and just need some assistance, my email is edacruz12@gmail.com anything yall can give to my paypal would be appreciated , I just , don’t know what to do right now 😔



I’m always in need for money and right now it’s for a laptop! I need it to pursue my career in animation! My parents are paying for half so I need to raise $1049.50 I also need money to pay for gas, car insurance, and other basic needs!

Options: (In order shown (USD))
-Digital Bust - $10
-Digital ¾ Body - $15
-Digital Icon - $6
-Realistic Bust - $15
-Stylized Bust - $3.50
-Stylized Bust Inked - $3.00
-Stylized Bust Sketch - $2.50
-Stylized ¾ Body - $13
-Animal Crossing Sticker Set (your mayor and four villagers of choice) - $15
-Dotwork Design - $5

Shipping is $4.50 USD in the U.S. and $25.00 USD international unless you just want a scan/saved copy emailed to you.

All digital pieces have the option of being transparent and/or to have a solid background.

My paypal is talyacatz@gmail.com and there is a donate button on my page.

You can also purchase my products at http://pasteljock.tictail.com/products/co

If you wanted to buy me something my wishlist is here http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/37QIWJ3ECWIMK

Thank you!


so, i’m usually not one to ask for people to give me or my family money for no reason, but this is a special circumstance

pictured above is my 8 month old kitten, tucker

not only have we been unable to get her spayed, but as of late she has been acting a little odd

she hasn’t been eating at all, only drinking a little water from the faucet, vomiting when she even sees her food, and laying around the house sleeping (she’s usually extremely energetic)

my mother works through the state of illinois, which is in so much debt, we barely have enough money to pay rent and get food each month

i would very much appreciate if you could donate so we can take her to the vet, even a dollar or two would help a lot

you can donate here, or click the button in my blog description

thank you



My commission price list! and they’re OPEN!!!

PLEASE REMEMBER - These prices are approximate and your total may differ from the one you have totted up yourself. Please email me with all your deets and we can work it out properly.

I had been getting a few asks and emails about my commission prices lately. So I figured I’d make up a new list for you all.

Some prices are subject to change, so please don’t hesitate to email me with what you’d like and we can work something out.

I can also work to a budget so don’t be afraid of saying so.

Links to examples used + more - 

Some may be NSFW


Sketch - x x

Lines - x x

Flats - x x

Cel Shade - x x x x

Soft - x x x x x

Painted - x x x x x

BG styles

Abstract - x x

Simple - x x 

Complex - x x x x

I do tattoo commissions too, but prices for those are tailored.