Ok so… I have exited “worry mode” and have officially entered into panic mode.

This is my available balance. This is all I have left. Now it may seem like a lot, but considering that I still have to pay next month’s rent which is about $700, then I have to pay my health insurance which is about $300, then there’s the utilities, then there’s feeding the furbabies, and so on and so forth you get the idea. In fact, this month’s utilities needs to come out of that, too.

This is now my (yes) desperate, “anything you can donate would absolutely help me right now” post, at least until I get a word back from any of the jobs I’ve applied for.

If you want to hire me for a commission so that you get something for something, you can absolutely do that. I do photomanipulation, photo editing, photo restoration, pretty much anything that has to do with Photoshop, I can do it. My prices will be cheap because I need all the money I can get right now, so feel free to send me an email and we can talk about what you have in mind.

My PayPal (and contact) address is mirandaadria@outlook.com

I also have a Patreon account where you can basically help sponsor me: www.patreon.com/mirandaadria

As always, if you cannot afford to donate anything right now or you can’t hire me for commission, please consider sharing this post and getting the word out.

Thank you!!! 😥😥😥

P.S. Likes are nice, but reblogs are better!!

Earlier this year I went to Paris with PayPal and Passion Passport. My brief was simple - explore the city, meet the locals, seek out an experience which is different from the usual tourist routes - and report back! 

It was a dream assignment, and one which allowed me to wander and explore and talk with so many fantastic people. I have to say that my opinion of the City of Light was forever changed on that trip, and I cannot wait to go back…

I wrote a few blog posts (with photographs!) about my time in Paris, which you can find here and here - hope you enjoy them!


I really hate to do this but idk what else to do. My card information has been stolen and is being used in Maryland. I live nowhere near Maryland. I was able to put a hold on my account, but only after them taking almost $350 from me. I can’t afford food or to pay my bills now. The $45 left I cannot even use as my account is now locked. I called my bank and they said they will help but it usually takes about a month to get everything proceeded and then 90 days for the investigation. I can’t afford to be out $350 at the moment. I am a 20 year old LGBT full time college student and I don’t have a job but I am looking for one. I’m going to keep this short so I don’t bore you but if you could spare even a little bit of money I would be so happy. If you can’t and you could reblog this I would also be happy. Any help will be amazing!
As I can’t use my paypal since it’s connected to a locked account, you can donate to my boyfriends PayPal which is theweeknd@outlook.com
If you would like I can doodle you something or write you something in return. Message me and I’m sure we can work something out of you don’t feel comfortable just donating. I also ask my followers to please reblog this. It would help me out so so much. I hope you have a nice day!

FYI, folks, if you receive an email from a sender that seems to be Paypal that looks like the following:

Do not open it. This is a scam / fishing / malicious attempt. “Paypal” is spelled with a capital “i” and references an issue with your account in an attempt to look legit, but if you hover over the sender name (if you are using Outlook), you will see the sender is not legit at all. Just delete the email, don’t open it.


So I basically have this bill which will be sent to a collection agency if I don’t manage to pay it off very soon. Due to Redbubble’s format, I need to get a lot of stuff sold by the 6th of August so I can pay off at least half of this of bill so I don’t get into trouble. So please check out my Redbubble, or ask for mini-commissions in the form of 50x50 icons, selling at $10 a piece.

My Redbubble

My Paypal is Cloudsampson@gmail.com if anyone wants a mini-commission

help me!

Hi yall, I’m Rowan, a queer dude from Ohio. I am struggling financially and currently have NO insurance and SEVERAL mental/physical illnesses that require medication. I am also trying to escape my depression, hopefully with school! I would love to be a forensic scientist or psychologist, and I’m sure all of you probably know how expensive school is!

  • I’m seeing a psychologist ($160/visit)
    Taking Lialda for Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (w/o insurance: $450/bottle)
    Taking 50mg Zoloft (blessedly, only $12/bottle!)

    Anyway, any little bit will help and I appreciate signal boosts if you can’t donate! I have a donation button on my profile.

Thank you all so much!

Got another scam for you all to look out for:

Seems like the people behind the previous attempt have learned a lesson with replacing “l” with “i”. However, don’t be fooled, the sender is, again, not Paypal, but someone else altogether. If you are using Outlook, hover over the sender to see the original address. If it isn’t Paypal, don’t bother opening it; it’s a scam.



I’m always in need for money and right now it’s for a laptop! I need it to pursue my career in animation!

Options: (In order shown (USD))
-Digital Bust - $10
-Digital ¾ Body - $15
-Digital Icon - $6
-Realistic Bust - $15
-Stylized Bust - $3.50
-Animal Crossing Sticker Set (your mayor and four villagers of choice) - $15

Shipping is $4.50 USD in the U.S. and $25.00 USD international unless you just want a scan/saved copy emailed to you.

All digital pieces have the option of being transparent and/or to have a solid background.

My paypal is talyacatz@gmail.com

For more examples go to http://pasteljock.tictail.com/products/co .

Thank you!

Need $ or a place to stay ASAP!

As of two days ago, we had until August 1st to find a new place. But this morning, our landlord told us to be out by July 5th. As of That date, we will have about $400 combined. We live in a very small town north of the Bay Area, and none of our friends/family can house us for more than a week at most. 

I’m a 7.5 months pregnant, mentally ill queer girl and my boyfriend is a disabled veteran (hearing impaired) and we need either a place to stay (we will have money for greyhound tickets after the 17th) or money to pay a deposit & first month’s rent on a low-income apartment nearby (about $1200). We both have jobs, but together we don’t make enough to have that money for at least another month after expenses. 

If you can help with housing (at ALL, anywhere in the US) please contact me either in my inbox or at paperplasticss@gmail.com. If you want to/can donate, my paypal is also paperplasticss@gmail.com and I have a gofundme page here


My commission price list! and they’re OPEN!!!

PLEASE REMEMBER - These prices are approximate and your total may differ from the one you have totted up yourself. Please email me with all your deets and we can work it out properly.

I had been getting a few asks and emails about my commission prices lately. So I figured I’d make up a new list for you all.

Some prices are subject to change, so please don’t hesitate to email me with what you’d like and we can work something out.

I can also work to a budget so don’t be afraid of saying so.

Links to examples used + more - 

Some may be NSFW


Sketch - x x

Lines - x x

Flats - x x

Cel Shade - x x x x

Soft - x x x x x

Painted - x x x x x

BG styles

Abstract - x x

Simple - x x 

Complex - x x x x

I do tattoo commissions too, but prices for those are tailored.

Status: Commission OPEN
Commission slots available: 3 || Waitlist slots available: 3


I really need to save up and cover my past month’s expences so I decided to open up Paypal commissions, so please consider ordering from me ;;;;


o Digital Art Commission

o prices slated per humanoid character

o Simple texture background

o Additional information for the colored sketch commission: Simple painting style and texture background (optional; just let me know if you want the bg to be transparent)

o Payment via Paypal + USD

I will draw: OCs, Fan arts*, Fan characters, gift art

I won’t draw: Fan character x canon character, Gore*, Extreme kink arts*,Furries,anthros

*Note: I might consider depending on what you tell me on your order.

I reserve the right to decline your request, if I am not able to draw your commission!


If you are interested in commissionig me, please send me a note or pm me at BioChicken@hotmail.de with the folllowing information:


Commissioner name: (pen name allowed. provide other ways to contact like dA, tumblr, Facebook, etc)
Commissioner email: (for payment purposes, preferably the one used for Paypal)
Commission type: (Cell shade,CG)
Size: (Bust, waist up, full body)
Reference links: (please provide adequate references)
Specifications: (pose, expression, etc)


Thank you for taking your time to look at this! _(:3」∠)_

Love, Bio~

P.S.: Pssht, please commission harurin/rinharu/sharkbait lol

Help me out, y’all

Okay, so a little background bc I don’t have that many followers. I’m Alexis (hey!), I’m from NC and I have a beeeautiful baby girl and an awesome bf! Both me and my boyfriend are out of work at the moment and I have two ER bills to pay. I cancelled my insurance because Medicaid pretty much gave me the okey-doke about my coverage. I’ve also been overdrafted on my account for about a month now and only have a month to get $281 to get my balance back to a good ole 0. I know we’re all struggling but if you could please throw some coins my way I’d really appreciate it. My paypal is lexistentialism93@gmail.com. Love y’all fr God bless!


For an indefinite amount of time, I will be taking character art commissions!

  • Lines - $12
  • Flat Colors - $15
  • Shaded - $20
  • For every additional character, add half (ex: for 3 shaded characters, it’s $40
  • I will draw pretty much any character you want, OC, fan art, furry, whatever. If you’re apprehensive, just ask first and I’ll tell you yes or no.
  • No NSFW. I’m not against against it or anything, I just don’t feel like drawing it right now
  • Ask me about sketch rates

General Rules:

  • Paypal Only!!
  • USD ONLY!!! Use a currency converter to figure out how much you owe me in USD BEFORE you send payment
  • I take half now, half later. I will not start work until the first half is paid. When I am finished, I will send a watermarked, low resolution JPG for you to review. If you approve, you will send the second half of the payment, after which I will send the final, full resolution, non-watermarked image.
  • You may repost your image, but you must link to either my Tumblr page, my dA page, my online portfolio, or all three.
  • I will always ask for your permission to post the art on my pages.
  • Aside from minor fixes and tweaks, I will only completely redo an initial sketch once, so be as descriptive and concise as possible, or, conversely, don’t if you’d like me to take some artistic liberty.
  • I will only issue a refund before you approve the initial sketch.
  • I am only taking character art commissions right now! I don’t have time for anything else, as I am trying to work on my webcomic concurrently. However, if you are interested in hiring me for a long term project or large illustrations, please email me at the address below with your budget and project description.

How to Contact:

You can also become a Patron and help me create my first webcomic. There’s even some perks!



I have no idea how PayPal works but does anyone want to help me out a little? I won’t give my story of what situation I am in because if u follow me u probably know about the homophobia (even tho I haven’t even come out yet??) and the whole kicking out thing lmao.. And I haven’t eaten a thing since Friday morning and probably won’t have the money to eat until this Thursday night and tbh I can’t deal with it for that long, I normally can go for a few days but like a whole week? so if anyone could maybe donate even £1 that’d be cool! I’m 16 and a trans guy and don’t have a job bec I look after my little brother most days of the week and also depression and ocd makes it hard to be mentally stable anywhere. I’m working on it tho 💪



Mayakinny’s summer commissions!

Hey there! I’m opening up commissions so I can save up money to move out!

please consider buying them! It’d really help me out. PAYPAL ONLY! Please make the transaction to mayakimmu@gmail.com . I only start working once I have the money! 

I prefer having drawn references for things!



  • Bust: 5$
  • Waist up: 10$
  • Full body: 15$

Full color:

  • Bust: 15$
  • Waist up: 20$
  • Full body: 25$


  • Base price is 30$. The price will go up depending on the background you want.


  • Adding a character is an extra 10$ no matter the drawing type.
  • Gore and nudity is fine.
  • No animals
  • Tips are welcome!

Please message this blog or marchingtons if you are interested in buying! Thank you!