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    A Teppu fanmix dedicated to our favorite anti-villain, Natsuo Ishido. 

                                         listen here: (x)

Since I’m apparently in the habit of making fanmixes for everything I’m into, I thought I might as well make one for the manga that’s currently ruling my life.


Intro: Knock You Out by The Bingo Players

i. Seven Nation Army (Piano/Female Cover) by The White Stripes/hollymaez

ii. Hunt You Down by Jenny and the Mexicats

iii. Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill

iv. Bored And Extremely Dangerous by Bad Religion

v. Hit Me Like A Man (The Pretty Reckless Cover) by PAYNT

vi. You’re Going Down (D&B) by Sick Puppies

vii. Walk (Female Vocal Cover) by Pantera

viii. Cruel Girl by Duck Johnson