Liam is so sincerely grateful, and it always strikes me how genuine and truly lovely a person he is :’) He never fails to put a smile on our faces, make our hearts explode on a daily basis at how adorable he is and makes us say awe frequently because he is so thankful and loves his fans. This is just one of those things that proves Liam has not let fame get to him, and I am so proud to say that I am a Directioner and especially a Paynette!  So much love and respect for this boy :’) xx

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Would it be possible for you to just list the different pots the boys have their fingers in? I have seen many listed like 1D Media, One Mode, Rollcall, etc but it'd be an invaluable reference (for me) if it was in one place. It doesn't have to be exhaustive or very descriptive, possibly just one line about it? If this is too much work, please don't worry about it. I learn so much from your blog so thank you for all that you discover, learn, and post! Much love and appreciation.

I can do that :)

1D Media Limited - company that holds the copyright on their name and logo. This is the company that shows the highest earnings and has the greatest assets. Owned equally by the 5 original members of 1D. 

One Mode Productions Limited - the only known band company that has outsiders as owners (Richard Griffiths, Harry MaGee, and Will Bloomfield own 50%). It’s also the company that holds the copyright on 5SOS name and logo and owns 20% of 5SOS LLP.  

PPM Music Ltd. - possibly has to do with songwriting and/or publishing, but we don’t know for sure.  Owned equally by the 5 original members of 1D.

Rollcall Touring Limited - the company, along with 1D Media Limited, that serves as director of 1D Live LLP and ODOT LLP through which tour expenses and proceeds are probably handled. Owned equally by the 5 original members of 1D.

1D Live LLP - Two directors listed: Rollcall Touring Limited and 1D Media Limited.  Ownership is not listed.

ODOT LLP - Two directors listed: Rollcall Touring Limited and 1D Media Limited.   Ownership is not listed.

Harry Styles:  HSA Publishing Limited & Fridous Limited

Louis Tomlinson:  78 Productions Ltd. & 50% ownership of Triple Strings Limited (the other 50% is owned by Simco).

Liam Payne: Hampton Music Limited.  Additionally, Liam Payne Limited is a now-dormant company that Geoff started for him in 2010.

Niall Horan:  no other ownership or directorship of companies registered in the EU or UK

Zayn (Zain) Malik: Drop-Zed Publishing Limited

ETA information about Liam thanks to info provided by @paynetts - thank you!

Today is an amazing day, nineteen years ago a lovely puppie was born. Uh! Sorry. I guess was a guy but he’s so cutie likes a baby dog. In this nice time a baby called Liam James Payne came to the world.

He is an example for everyone who wants follows your dreams. In 2008 he tried to enjoy on a TV Show called The X Factor but he was so young and if you guess he desisted you are really wrong cause 2 years late, in 2010 he came back to the show and start in a gorgeous boyband what they called One Direction.

Liam shows us for be happy no matter your healthy, no matter you age or dream cause you only live once. So, live while we are young and Paynette! We are really thanks for all you made for us fans, you make me smile and try to live no matter what happens all time!

Happy nineteenth birthday, Daddy Direction.