Liam is so sincerely grateful, and it always strikes me how genuine and truly lovely a person he is :’) He never fails to put a smile on our faces, make our hearts explode on a daily basis at how adorable he is and makes us say awe frequently because he is so thankful and loves his fans. This is just one of those things that proves Liam has not let fame get to him, and I am so proud to say that I am a Directioner and especially a Paynette!  So much love and respect for this boy :’) xx

Today is an amazing day, nineteen years ago a lovely puppie was born. Uh! Sorry. I guess was a guy but he’s so cutie likes a baby dog. In this nice time a baby called Liam James Payne came to the world.

He is an example for everyone who wants follows your dreams. In 2008 he tried to enjoy on a TV Show called The X Factor but he was so young and if you guess he desisted you are really wrong cause 2 years late, in 2010 he came back to the show and start in a gorgeous boyband what they called One Direction.

Liam shows us for be happy no matter your healthy, no matter you age or dream cause you only live once. So, live while we are young and Paynette! We are really thanks for all you made for us fans, you make me smile and try to live no matter what happens all time!

Happy nineteenth birthday, Daddy Direction.