Wewwww..first time kong gumawa ng motion blur effect plus animation. Napanuod ko lang tohh sa Youtube. Nag-download kasi ako bagong Adobe Photoshop pero portable pa rin. From CS3 to CS4. Di na ko nag download nung bagong version ng photoshop ganun din naman ehh..

Since First time ko. Nag try ako sa photo ng bebe Liam ko nakalimutan ko pang ilagay ung URL ko para sa credit ng photo tanga ko..First art work ko using the effect. At tuwang tuwa ako hirap kasing mag lagay ng right secs para animation para swak ung galaw.

Reblog only, Let me know if you downloaded the image

  • Феникс
  • Глория

И пламтяща горя,
птица феникс ражда се в мене,
литва от пепелта,
твойта обич иска да вземе.

Уморих се
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Уморих се да прощавам!
Колко още да ти давам?!
Твоят ред кога ще дойде ми кажи?


Four years ago, on this day, Andrea dropped her smash single “Dokray” This was the first song produced for an artist of Payner by the composer Ocko and it went on to become number one for five weeks straight.
The video comments on the close-minded people who claim to denounce chalga, yet are just as much a part of it.