THE LIAM PAYNE MEME: 5 favourite relationships [1/5]
↳ Liam And Twitter(‘Twiam’) - I feel really good today and it’s a mondayyyy #magicmondays ha watched harry potter yesterday and decided i want to be him ahaa // at least one person told me it was tuesday ermmmm #terrifictuesdays

the Liam Payne Meme:

A project created to appreciate, express, and cry over our love for a wonderful, talented, and so fucking hot  that sometimes it hurts, man named Liam James Payne. 

Rules & Regulations (or lack there of):

This meme is very simple and flexible. You can do more than the suggested amount, or you can do less. Feel free to make it your own. You can do gifs, pictures, collage, whatever you want!

Tracking The Tag:

If you’re wanting to keep up with whoever is making edits for this meme you can check them out here: #paynememe

The Categories:

  • [5] Favorite Liam relationships
  • [4] Favorite Quotes about Liam
  • [3] Favorite Liam Moments.
  • [2] Favorite Liam Outfits
  • [5] Liam + colors
  • [4] Liam + places
  • [3] Liam + body parts
  • [2] Liam + significant objects
  • [5] Liam Emotions
  • [4] Liam Hair Porn
  • [3] Liam Payne Au’s
  • [2] Liam Payne fanmixes.