Hey lovelies! Thank you so much I could have never thought I would get this far on my blog!

So I’ve decided that I’m going to let you know what cute people I follow! (⊙‿⊙✿)

16meets18 1d-fangirl-blog 1dgaysmut 1dlovesoned 1dstockholmsyndrome 1one-direction-is-our-infection 3words-larryisreal 5o2lsos 5secondofzayn

andidmarryyouharrystylinson animated-disney-gifs askdaddyandhisprincess askdaddykink asklouisandhaz atharrystyle awesome1dlover2 awordoflarry awsomelouiswallpapers ayounggod

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cactuswithoutspines cant-fathom captianharoldedward cherrypielouis chopsueys-eyelashes cockdays cockholmsyndrome collars comeouteam
confessionsofalarrybeliever connorfranta craicalaic crystallized-teardrops cuteziamlarry cybersweet

daddy-hazza daddy-harry daddy-seeking-princess daddydoms-little-kitten daddyloveslouis daddyluvshisprettypinkkitty daddyslovelylolita daddysnaughtycumslut daddysprincessharry daddyssweetprincess3 daddyswhores69 daddyy-harryy dailyhalseygifs danisnotonfire datmlechick-1d dearhalsey deep-sexts delicatekittensboutique delicatelouisx devonnesophie diggingandfluff doubletheyou

emilyd4 excusemelirry

finding-larry fangirlclique fckloutommo fightmeloueh fivemembers fknbadlands fondinglovers fookinglouzer four1dnews frappuccino freddieismyqueen68 fuckdoll-for-daddy fuuckboys17 fvckhalsey

gay-at-its-finest gay-kiss gayasinbeautiful gaycumsluts gaykissgifs gaymanpornblog getliam giggleharry glitterprincess-baby goodboylouis

hals3y halseyfan halseysangel halseysbitch halseysource haroldinlouis haroldmadness haroldslovebites harry-styles-com harryandlouisedi harryandlouissmut harrystyles1dpics haveyouquitefinishedlouis hazzaandloutommo hazzaneedshisdaddy hectichazza hellolarrrrrrrrry hipstercurlsplease honeynuthoran hotdamnhalsey hothalsey hsoneandonly hurricanehals hxlseys hxlsxy-93

ifidoitsyou illuminouslxrry imanofficialfangirl ins0mniacnights insidelouisass irrationability its1dbromance itsdaddysprincess itsgaytiss itssgay itsziambabe

jakebassmodel justniallhoran

karlapowellmua karukarasmut kimkaidos kinky-shit–you-love kinkyshadesoflarry kipza kwest16

l0velyl0uis larrie2k15 larry-ride-or-die larry-stylinson-for-ever larry-stylinson-proof larryarefairies larryfanfiction larrygiflibrary larryismyjesus larryisokay larrypornsmut larrysincethebeginning larrysmutrecs larrysmutxlove larryspineapple larryssmutt larrysstory
larrystylinsmut larrystylinsondontstop larrystylinsonnews larrystylinsonofficial larrystylinsononeshotprompts larrystylinsonsmut larrystylisrealnson larrytoxic latelatelarry liamotra littlekittenlouis littleswall longhairsquadzarry louis-the-twink louisandharrysblog louisbottonns louisfuckingbeautiful louisplusharryislarry louistomlindaughter louistomlinsonisatwink lovelarrysty lovingtheirish1 ls2k14

m-a-crazy-mofo male-superstar maliksmofos michaelsofficial morethantonight moscowems mrmcmorrowspet mymarinemakesmescream-oorah mytro

nauticallou nederland neondankhalsey newblog-larrypornos newmanagement niallerlouis nialllproof niallshowerswithcunts nochill-nocontrol nsfwboyfriends nsfwhatthefuck nsfwtommo

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thebadboybass theboyfriendstagram thelarriest thelarrydocuments theonewhoprotested tomlinsuon tommorgasm tommosloueh too-old-for-this-ship


vanillalouis91 vansandburberry viplarry

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I’m doing another one of these because *harry styles voice* I love the pain. But since it is my birthday, I thought I’d take some time to appreciate a few amazing people. So, thank you to anyone, and everyone who is on here, and to the people I forgot, and to the people that I don’t appreciate enough. Thank you for always brightening my day.

Also, excuse the edit. I do all my editing at 3AM so it’s not the best, but it sums me up very well.

Specials Mentions  

liamsquad: i think know i love you more than zayn missed leeyum that one time

dammitcal: you get real deep at 4AM man and i’m glad i was only half awake for that (jk jk)

tmhstan: cait you’re literally so amazing and perfect and ilysm

zainistan: thank you for letting me rant about tv shows lmao rabya ily

norrmanikordei: we hardly ever talk anymore but i still love u sarah


I was going to bold people, and then I realized that there is no point because I was going to bold everyone. So without further ado, my follow forever:  

18nth, 1daf1daf1daf1daf1daf, 2008th, 23yo, 23yroldlouis, 2chaines,2k15lirry, 300x5, 4arry, 6godddess, 72y, africanhoe, africayn, aquariusglow,ariesthot, assquad, aubreydrakegrahamvevo, azarry, abczayn, babeneymar,babygoatsaf, baenzo, barcamalik, barcazayn, batmobile, bbatwoman,benwinstagram, bewbies, bewownce, beyonceskalesweatshirt, bigmacmami,blackgirlsvevo, blackjabi, blesskimye, blurberrys, boxingpayne, breadbowling,brownskinhoe, browngirl, brownzaddy, brownpropaganda, brownzayn, butttom,buttx5, cakebossneymar, castliam, champagnepadre, champzagne,champagnepapi, chicalmighty, chicani, cigarettezayn, clivecalderofficial,cockholmsyndrome, comicziam, cosmicleigh, daddyliam2k15,daddyzayns, dadkinks, damneymar, danedehaan, dankmichael, ddurm,desigirlmeetsworld, destinyrauhl, dimpledlouis, drakeslintroller, drakefightme,drakesideheaux, elignorecalder, emboabas, emiratizayn, emojipayne,fakedeep1996, fakemami, fineapplepizza, fkatwigs, forcenturies, gay4rihanna,gay4zayn, gaydirectioner, gayforjade, geminizayn, getliam, ghostworld2001,giggleshrug, girlpcwer, haaleema, haramzayn, harampolice, hardziam,henleyliam, hisroyalhighnessmalik, hoenarry, indianhoe, itsniazkilam,izontmind, j4ya, jackfalahee. jadelust, jawllines, jonnydepp, juicyziam,justinbiebern, justinsblackgf, kardoshian, korday, koreanhoe, kristensewart,laurenjauresgui, lcuigi, leims, lethalfattie, lethalmami, liammix, liamsmohawk,liamsupport, liloinpain, lirrymalik, loszayngeles, louils, louiswiliamtomlinson,lousiest, lovingliam, maatangi, malikificent, marcfartra, masalahoe,maurypovichofficial, mcratpapa, memedirection, memeleanor, menthighs,mexicanho, michalapratts, mishmalik, modestmgmtofficial, monetpuncher,monetfan, muslimhoeblog, nakedreus, nasty4zaddy, natnovna, neeymar-jr,neymarjrswife, neymarshabibti, niallhoran, niallslittle, nigerians, nikeneymar,nsfwpayne, onetimelows, onzayn, orgaziam, pakeeztani, pakihoe,pakistanizayn, paradisewithziam, paycero, paynekillers, paynekink,paynevszayn, playboyliam, preciouspayne, preciousliam, princelyliam,problematicassharry, protectliampayne, ratdaddie, realheaux, relaxliam,remadriid, richdadzayn, richliam, rihspect, rnashallah, rnbsingerzayn,sarmaprincess, sassysimba, sexgodliam, shakirugh, shutupbenwinston,solangestan, slavery, smokingpayne, somalihottiee, stockhlmsyndrome,tanktopliam, tbhdrake, thechamberofsecrets, thiagosliva, thiccmom, thicccc,thicctomlinson, thirstyforobrien, thirstymuslim, thotprobs, thweeeknd,tvventies, trudayproud, themarchtragedy, ungodlythighs, vamostitimessi,vipliam, whoregui, willianborgess, ww3tour, yesziam, yonceghost, yziam,zaddystan, zain2k14, zainspank, zalmain, zanemalicks, zaniams,zarriamofficial, zavvad, zavadd, zaynalprobe, zayndrake, zaynisart, zaynisall,zaynisbald, zaynismuslim, zaynisgawjuss, zaynloveswhitepussy,zaynmalik2015, zaynmeme, zaynsamosa, zaynsfreepalestinetweet,zaynshakur, zeautiful, zayvn, zenbaeyacoleman, zendayaswife, zeymar,zeysus, ziamsex, ziamthekings, zlouds, zoloalbum, zordei, zrake, zustin,zyazn,

And that is all! Once again, thank you for being amazing people. Thank you for making me constantly happy. Even if I hate most of you :).

-Missi aka. frogmeme

so i finally hit 1.5k!!! and i know i said i was going to make a follow forever when i did so here it is. it’s my first one and all so i pretty much put all of my favorites on here! thank you for everyone that puts up with me on their dash if you follow me, especially those that talk to me for hours on end about nonsense. i love you all! thanks again!

B A B E S [my ride or dies]

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thanks to all of you for promotion my endless hours spent on this website when i should really be doing school work or something else! i love you all x. (i also apologize for how long and large this is but i wanted to include everyone and if i forgot you i apologize i did this by hand without a checker for the mutuals but please remember i love and appreciate you xoxo)

WOW SO I HIT 1K?  like … a few weeks ago. i only started blogging daily again about 4 months ago? also shout out to my fave hayden slut haydnchristensen for the beautiful photo above. those are all faces i make on a daily basis. 

jungleboyharry: should i even have to mention you? people know how much i love you at this point i think. you are so very very special to me chummy. thank you for everything, you are the best hairy to my lewis ;) 

croptoplewie: wow ok hi curly! i am very emotional while typing this. you are such an amazing friend to me and i am so grateful we became such close friends from harrylarry. i feel so lucky you are my friend and you’ll still forever be my naill to my lewis. apparently i work well as louis :) 

tomlousins: i really need to thank you for everything lately. you’ve been so supportive with me and so helpful with your sweet little messages to me. thank you <3

Harry Larry Network: you guys are very very important to me. i honestly can’t thank you guys enough. i’m going to list you all here just because it makes sense :) dmdhoe ▲ bigspoonlou ▲ lovesincerelyharry ▲ deadbeatlarrie ▲ hazandlouis ▲ horanmyking 

also ride or die network; you guys are so lovely, thank you all so much <333

this will be in no particular order, as i got lazy af

a-f:  adidasfic ▲ adidadlouamortentialarry  ▲ aboutlou  ▲ asscapade  ▲ alritepetal  ▲ appreciatetommo  ▲ artistlouis  ▲ astronialls  ▲ aberharrybananastagram  ▲ boobearau  ▲ badlndhalsey  ▲ babustyles  ▲ blehlouis  ▲ barefootedlouis  ▲ boyfriendsofficial  ▲ buttplugau  ▲ butlouiscashtonkinks  ▲ captainbatderp  ▲ cinnamonswirlhair  ▲ christmasevelouis  ▲ christophrwood  ▲ cslum  ▲ cuddlehazz   ▲ cashtonaf  ▲ cigarliam  ▲ clifficalumdarklarries  ▲ daggertat  ▲ darkerwings  ▲ demonashton  ▲ dimpledhes  ▲ doncasterau  ▲ darkrainbowlouis  ▲ doncastorn  ▲ donckasterselkseanor  ▲ emolourry  ▲ enbydrcgonfrattylou  ▲ fackinglouis  ▲ ferntattoos  ▲ fightmeloueh  ▲ fkclou  ▲ fookinlarryloser  ▲ fookinlou  ▲ frootystyles  ▲ fuckboylou  ▲ froggylarry

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I don’t have a long intro paragraph because I don’t have much to say. I just want to wish you all a happy new year, and say thank you for keeping my dash (and me) constantly happy. 

dammitcal: we’ll see 

liamtrash: i love you forever (and ever (and ever) and ever)

christmasfic: ilysm and i’m so happy that we’re on talking terms again

taylorswift: hi  

Ok here we go:

23yo90sliam4arry4thalbum6xgodalsexsanchezartnzayn, aubreydrakegrahamvevoawianababeneymarbadwidbarcamalik  barcazaynbartrapocalypsebastianschwienstiegerbastillemygirl 
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hi lovelies its that time of the year when we are all appreciating other peoples blog and the type of friends we have on here so i thought why not do that this year :) i have made so many friends and made so many memories climbing up one directions ass once again. thank you all for a wonderful 2014 and lets have another great year in 2015 !!

*first off i wanna say thanks to fakeasspayne for this amazing ff edit ( and for being a great blog )  cause i cant do stuff like that so yay thanks babe !

*so i don’t like doing the whole bold thing cause i don’t like people to feel bad but these people need to bold cause they are the squad and i love you guys to the end of time and im honored to call you my friends  ! italicize means you are amazing and ily more than you think :)( i love you even if you aren’t )



// 23yroldlouis // 5-cuties-who-stole-my-heart // 6xgod // 


// anna-wa // anonymouschick7 // apicturesqueplace // ashziams // atlanticbrocean // awpayne // beautiful-day45 //beautifulyouthlove // beyoncetwosouls // bigdaddypayne // blessdrake //  boobearloveshisstyles / bigdaddysantaclaus // boyfriendsziam // call-melucy / cahpayne //calumnoodle // cause-of-ziam-im-unable-to-even // champzagne // christmassquad // closertozayn // cockmeats // cocoaziam // comicziam // crownprincezayn // curvylovescurly // 

D-F - 

// dailydoseofziam // deathbyziam / decemberziam/@echoziam // emiliepreciado // fckingallaghers // feministzayn // feministziam // firefly-braveziam // fuckboyzayn // fuckybuddah / fvkstyles // fvckziam //

G-I -

// ghostworld2001 // girllallmighty // goofyzayn // gotharrys // harrysexpecting // haylorwasfake // hellathicc // hipsteruniverse12354 // holyziams // homeiswherethelarryis // howsyourguineapig / / husbandsziam // ih8whitemen // iloveaubreydrakegrahamsomuch // imbrie // imprisonedbytheirlove // indianhoe // insertfandom // 


// jadelust / jingleballsziam ( I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OMGH ILO ) / jinglesziam // jollyassliam / joytothezayn // krabbybatty //ladybreezyandmalik // larry-and-ziam-are-real // larryequalfeels // laynefaire // ldbigg // liamgotmoney / limaspaynes // liamsjingle // liamstolenboxers // lightskinliam // likealeafonthewind // livingwherethesidewalkends // lizzyybug // loadedzayn // loveislove-loveisequal // loving-ziam-and-larry // lsmoments // lulucute // 


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* the squadron of life 


*the homies on the fic blog 

ziamfanfiction and onedirectionobsessionprefernces 

* shout out to @onedirection cause this started with yall 

non mutuals ****

 // ar4bia // biliki // chastityandperversity // chibiziam // coconutcafe // costcosanta // butttom // dreamyletters // fineapplepizza // gay4zayn // henleyliam // hisroyalhighnessmalik // itsniazkilam // jmcats // nerds4life   // onesieliam // zaynismuslim // zaynsfreepalestinetweet // zeymar // ksa-2514 // zaynspank // 

 thank you all for an amazing year i hope you all are safe and well for the holidays :) im so sorry if i forgot anyone ,  tell me and i would add you immediately  !! 


‘Tis the season for my follow forever!! ❅❅ I’ve had my blog for over 4 years now (I don’t understand either) and I’ve followed so many people over those past years, some who have deleted their blogs, some who have stayed and all the new blogs I have followed. I just wanted to thank you guys for lighting up my dash everyday, making it super duper amazing. Especially over this past year, its been insane. But I’m so happy to be apart of this fandom, happy these boys came into my life, and happy for the friends I have made over the years because of them. I love you all, I hope you have a great holiday and new year! And even though they will be on break for over year, I’ll still be here… rebloggin old photos, new pap photos, etc. LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH! ♥♥♥ 


@16meets18@1dminusthez - @21hry - @2012harry@alritepetal - @almightysharry - @aboutlou - @addictofstyles - @adoresnialler - @aguadehorchata - @appreciatetommo - @arretestyles - @atharrystyle@awharrys - @babustyles - @broders - @bandanaharry - @backtostyls - @boycottharry - @bunharold - @crazymofas - @craicthatniall - @chonceinalifetime - @champagnepadre - @cheshere 


@donthaz - @darnstyles - @darkerwings - @dumbae - @extremeharry - @evyautumn - @feelszarry - @fyonedirection - @flowerharry - @fuckharrystyles -  @giggleharry - @germanystyles - @getliam - @golfharry - @getsomehaz - @gooutofstyle - @grayromanticharry

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lmao ok i literally made one like a month ago but winter break gives me a lot of free time and i mostly wanted to make this edit and im glad i did even tho i hate every second i waste making one of these but if i get to tell yall how important you are its worth it!! i just want to say happy holidays no matter what you celebrate i hope you have an amazing time and thank you all for making my threeish years on this shit site so enjoyable!! i hope 2k14 was a great year and have even more to come in 2k15!! i love u all im so sorry if you’re not on here i tried to make it shorter shorter my ass look at this list since i just posted one but if i left u out honestly cuss me out and ill add u bc i cant keep up with the holiday urls im trash

i want to say something to my mains first (no order) for being the best and talking to me all the time and putting up with me so hover for a message :) 

/ karyn / zoie / mecca / maggie / ash / elise / noelle / ariana

and to the squad id be lost without you also hover for a msg (no order) 

/ ada / kai / keeks / sam / meg / amanda / ellen / kt / erica / tina / tay / ty /

now to my fave blogs, both mutuals and non mutuals B( , yall dope af!! some are friends are some are just cool people im afraid to talk to lmao so tru!!

#: 4thalbum4titty / 6xgod  

a-d: actualalien / awfulthotful / ayyliam / bangedliam / bangstilinski / benwinstagram / bewbies / bigdaddysantaclaus / blacklistzayn  / bunsquadharry / butttom / champzagne / changeyourtcket / cigarettezayn / cockholmsyndrome / coffeeshopfic / costcosanta / daddyispayne / daddyliamjpayne / daddyzayns / dadkinks / drakeandrihanna / drakesmami / drunkysanta  

e-j: echoziam / eternityzayn / fakeasspayne / fineapplepizza / gagginiall / gagmeniall / ghostworld2001 / girlalmightys / gotforyourlove / harrygelt / harrygotmestressed / harrystittyout / henleyliam / hipthrustshoran / hobogrungeharry / howsyourguineapig / ih8whitemen / internallyraw / irelunds / itsniazkilam / jackfalahee / jadelust / jollyassliam / juicyziam 

k-o: kissingliam / laurenjauresgui / liamemepayne / liamgotmoney / localthot / lonelygirljpg / longhairedzayn2k14 / merrythot / modestmgmtofficial / mohawkpayne / nacholeigh / nialleatspussy / niallisthesun / nialllhoran / niallslittle / nickjonasnipples / nouisaf / obliviateyourface / officialnipsco / ohziall / onesieliam / ovobritsss 

p-r: paeynliampainettes / paradisewithziamparchedforpaynis / passionpayne / payneidiot / paynekillers / paynekink / paynetition / paynoisperfection / paynopapi / perrieson / pesykink / playboyliam / playboyliam / poinsettiazayn / povvercouples / problematicassharry / punkasszayn / realdaddyliam / rihahna / rihannasdildo / ripharryschill 

s-u: samosazayn / santaclauskink / santapawsliam / santasdicks / santazayn / seducezayn / shutuppayne / silentnightinzaynsass / singlesophia2k14 / sleighsquad / stahpthepayne / sunharry / sweethaerts / tacoyell / taggedzayn / tattookink / teamsluttyharry / the10inch / thighskink / triharrytops / unapologeticz 

v-z: vanpireweekend / versaceziall / wintersjade / wrekingballww3tour / yafiah / yaserdaddy / yeezius / yonceghostyzarry / zaesthetics / zainmelik / zarriallau / zarrychristmasalbum / zaynandharrypls / zayndict / zayngirlsclub / zaynisgod / zaynisnumberone / zaynkillers / zaynmalikeatsass / zaynmialks / zayns1d / zaynscheckbook / zaynsdoublepiercingszaynsfreepalestinetweet / zaynsthesupreme / zaynswatch / zeautiful / zeysus / ziall2k14 / ziamsmistletoe / ziamystery / zlall / zourryau / zrake 

+blogroll | all of these blogs are amazing so check them out too :~) 

yo fam its this time again where i make a follow forever so i can have fun making an edit and complain about how long it takes to tag everyone! !! yall are some real ones and make my time on this dumb site so much more enjoyable & sorry if you’re not on here i follow more people than i can handle and no one is bold bc yall are all cool and theres no need for that when u made the list :) remember to drink water and listen to drake every day!! always lookin out for yall best interest!! sorry i know i dont talk to a lot of you but chances are i almost did but am lowkey a loser so sorry hmu anytime k nice. ps feel free to side eye and msg me to add you if i left you off!! 

my mains 

these are my homies i talk to every day and put up with my countless memes and “mediocre” jokes… i love yall so hover for a quick message!! (no order)

karyn // mecca // ada // noelle // erica // ash // elise // zoie

squad squad

i love all of you so much no matter how much we brawl and yall are fake af.. you keep me entertained literally all day and you’re such good friends and im glad i got such a funny squad :-) we can never unfriend each other with all the blackmail we have yikes was this planned bc i think so.. ANYWAYS always remember ball and beef is world 

5sosjapancastliamfvcksmalik​ godlymalikharryisanassholeharryslilbunjackhemmlounicycletoudelou whatwouldyaserdo wifemeniall yaserismydad zaynisrich zaynsplatinumcard

my mutuals and non-mutual faves 


18yrliam 19yearsoldlou 1daf 2k15lirry 4hoe 93niall adoreliam aesthethiccs africayn allaboutthatpayne almightyliams antidrake asseatinganonymous assquad aubreyzayn augustliam ayyliam bangedliam bangstilinski benwinstagram bewbies blackgirlsvevo blessedziall bootycraic boxingpayne boyfriendsziam britsdom butfoolsgoldtho butttom champagnefather champagnepadre champagneyonce champzagne chipotliam cigarettezayn coffeeshopfic coffeeziall comicziam 


daddyaubrey daddyzayns dadkinks drakeandrihanna drakefightme drakeftzaynmalik drakegrahamofficial drakeisbetterthanthebeatles drakenextdoor drakesdaddykink drakesideheaux drakeslintroller drcke emojipayne eroticliam exoticaleigh fineapplepizza fourchevrons frapayne frapayne ftkristen fuckybuddah gagginiall gagmeniall gay4liam getaproperjobyoudicks ghostworld2001 giggleshrug gotforyourlove harryemojis harryfuckmeup harryidiot harryotra henleyliam hoe2k15 horanyo hydratedbitch


imaruinmp3 indeniallthot itsniazkilam jackfalahee jadelust johnkrasinski juicyziam kingpaynis kissinginthepayne latinaesthetic latinaexcellence laurenjaurejui laurenjauresgui leatherpayno legendrake leighade leighyonce liamandharry liamandzaynaf liamgotmoney liamheaux liamisperfection liammix liamotra liampaynesdick liamsmohawk liamstolenboxers liamwayne lirrybella lirrycentric lirrygasm lirryisall lirryr lirrysgrunge literallyrad lliamjamespayne lliamsrolex loampayne longhairzaynjpg 


maizkliam marvelsziam moanharry modestmgmtofficial mohawkpayne morepayne mr-styles mustyass myfrogdaddy narreyh nialleatspussy niallhoran2k15 niallisthesun nialllhoran niallthedinglehopper niamalmighty nickjonasnipples nigerians nileangel nophiaam nozayn nutonmejustin obliviateyourface ohziall onesieliam orgaziam ovoliam paeynliam paradisewithziam parchedforpaynis passionpayne payneidiot paynekillers payneobsessed playboyliam playcloudsatmyfuneral preciouspayne preciouspayne problematicassharry 


realheaux richliam rihenna samosazayn sebzstan serfborts sexgodliam shipsziall shutuppayne sixgoddess sleighs softniam sophiam stockholmsyndrcme stopzaynmalik2015 sunharry surfbortstyles sweethaerts tacoyell tfwharry the10inch thiccmom thotdrake tommofacts tvventies ukliampayne undertitty upharrysass vanpireweekend varsityziall vegasdate vipliam wheresalbum3 wineaunt wvvatour ww3tour yaserdaddy yeezyniall yveszaynslaurent yvezarriallaurent yzarry


zaayn zaddystan zain2k14 zainknowles zainshmurda zarriamofficial zarrystan zatsbys zaubreygraham zavenclaw zaynandharrypls zaynandliamau zayndict zaynftyaser zaynharry zaynisgod zaynmasik zaynmeme zaynpagnepapi zayns1d zaynsblackgf zaynscousins zaynsfreepalestinetweet zaynsingingshotforme zaynsthesupreme zaynwest zaynzchainz zeautiful zeeknds zeighade zeligion zeysus ziamasf ziamchapel ziamfrustrations ziayms zirlalmighty zirry zlall zlouds zrake zrakeaf zraked zrakend zrihanna zustinsyndrome

also all of these blogs on my blogroll  are amazing so check them out too :~)

Soo hi guys!! I decided to make my first follow forever since i’ve been on tumblr for two years now and have spent amazing time here and of course 2015 is almost over yaaayy. I hope 2016 will be successful for all of you and a ziam year too :)

I’m so grateful for all of you who have stuck with my shit although i don’t talk to almost anyone of you which i think i should change. And to those who don’t follow me i do still love you xo


Beautiful mutuals:

A - C

@aimerziam @arrowpayne @augustliam @baldzjm @be-my-tired-pony @befourzixm @blamestyls @blindedziam @boyswhatevercatsforever @cheekylirry @cheekymoles @crownzayn @curlymohawkliam

D - K

@dilfpayne @doczayn @drunkofzayn @f0ckziamn0w @fakezi4mstan @fckmezayn @fenniferj @flreproof @frogmeme @geographypayne @girlalmightyzayn @guiltylouis @halfofziam @helloyamzy @hipstaziam @hunkliam @ineedpayno @itsforeverziam

L - P

@liam-af @liamfuckinpain @liamisperfection @liamlaymo @liampayne2k15 @liampenys @liamsreina @liamstolenboxers @lilalirry @lirryaf  @lirrycoven @littlethingsofziam @lnvinciblezayn @loadedpayne @lovedrunkliam @lovlieziam @mohawkpayne @my-life-is-ziam @nikoluoma @notpayne @novelahoe @oh-fuck-malik @ofmailks @padresziam @payneasfuck @paynemarvel @paynesnapback @perfectroes @piningziam @pinksugarzayn @power-bottom-malik @purposevevos

Q - U

@raynvr @rhein9 @rogueziam @rootlessly @sarhestic @seducingpayne @selfieliam @siimontam @sinfulpayne @smokingpayne @snpbckliam @somethingziam @soofyahn @squishyliampayne @starliam @team-adziam @themalikzquad @thequietcnes @thot4zayn @twaslouis

V - Z

@verseziam @vipliam @werebird @wollverhamptton @yesziam @ysldrake @zainjaanmalik @zalmainparis @zanta @zayn-jmalik @zayndoesnotoweyoushit @zaynfeatliampayne @zaynoc @zaynscondoms @zaynspubes @zeeyuum @zef0ur @ziam-brahh @ziam-lives @ziam-zquad @ziam2kforever @ziamaddiction @ziamhasnochill @ziamorealthanme @ziampala @ziamscreamssex @ziamsession @ziamshines @ziamsighs @ziamsputa @ziamvocals @zlanet @zolovibes @zontzoitzayn@zrakend @zubrey


Also some beautiful non-mutuals:

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Hi! This is my first follow forever excuse the shit edit. I made this mostly to say thanks to you guys. Some of you are mutuals some are not but either way I still love you, this is just me saying I like your blog. Bigger thanks to those of you who message me and are now friends with me. I enjoy talking to anyone about anything so if we are mutuals and don’t talk we could always start now. I’d like to also add that you can always follow/message me on personal swampbleach 💕


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Again this is just to say thanks I know some listed are not mutuals they are listed because I like their blog. If I forgot anyone it’s maybe because you changed your url or icon.

Hello lovelies! So, I’ve seen so many people doing year end follow forever’s and I decided I wanted to make one. I’m sorry for my really shitty edit… but I tried… 

This has been my first year on tumblr in the 1D fandom and while I think everyone can agree that this year has been pretty terrible, I’m really glad to have been a part of this community. Although I don’t really talk to many of you, I’ve made some pretty great mutuals. I may not have very many followers, but I do appreciate each and every person that follows me! 

Please don’t be afraid to come talk to me!


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Thanks for being my mutuals, I consider you all my friends even if we’ve never talked before. I don’t think I forgot anyone but if I did, I’m so sorry!!

And also some pretty rad non-mutuals:

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Thanks for a great year on tumblr, guys!! And thanks again to everyone that has already included me in their ffs! Here’s to hoping 2016 will be so much better!! 

I love you guys!! xx Fiona

ok so i’ve been meaning to make one of these for a while now and since my blog is almost 4 i figured i would finally just do it

most of these are mutuals and if i forgot you i’m sorry punch me i’m a piece of trash and some of these are blogs that i love from afar ok bye


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HI PALS!!! This year has had it’s ups and downs but I can always count on you  to bring light to my dash and make me smile! Thanks to you all for doing that and just being great people. I hope 2016 is an amazing year for you and I hope to still see you on here :)


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