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On Lit Mags, Payment, and Exposure

Not too long ago, I submitted an excerpt from a novel-in-progress to BLACKBERRY: a magazine, a place for the works of black women, and received a response to my submission yesterday morning. Much to my surprise, the email was not technically a rejection but rather an announcement: the founding publisher and editor, Alisha Sommer had to take a break because she’s trying to raise three young children while building up a strong readership for the magazine. Of course, I wasn’t upset at this. Self-care is important–I need to work on that myself, if you want to keep it real. Like Sommer, I’m a WOC but unlike her, I’m still a newbie in the literary community.  If you don’t know, she’s pretty much bad-ass. Not only has her magazine published some profound work but she’s also run a successful kickstarter campaign, built a freelance career, AND became a ghostwriter for several public figures.

I started to wonder how much it takes to run a literary magazine especially when you consider one’s identity and standing both through art and in the world….

Running a literary magazine isn’t easy, folks. Only three staff members, myself included help to keep Side B magazine afloat. Natasha, Nidya, and I are three women of color, in our early twenties, and working on other projects while conversing day in and day out about how to promote underrepresented voices as best as we can. Natasha and I briefly spoke about this last night and she told me this word for word:

“As a writer and publisher myself, I don’t expect to be paid for literary work. Not because I don’t believe my work is valuable, but because I know intimately how hard it is for literary magazines to make money. Would I like to get paid a little bit? Of course. I would love a few good coffees. But, knowing how little magazines make these days if anything, I accept fully that we’re all in this as a labour of love. 

This is a labor of love for all of us. Since we’re committed to sheer honesty for our readers, I’ll let you in on a secret: Side B is actually losing money. We pay for web hosting and the domain as well as the fees for putting together issues every other month. The worst part about it all is that we can’t pay our writers.

I follow quite a few writers on Twitter, both established and emerging, and the idea of “exposure” is almost universally condemned. I’m not one of those people. I’ve written for exposure and frankly, if it weren’t for those opportunities, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get published in big name places like The Guardian and BuzzFeed. Most of the writers who mock exposure have already been published in renowned publications so of course, it makes sense. When you make a name for yourself, you should accept what you deserve.

Now before, I would get annoyed and not understand why people won’t start small and move up but that’s because I was blindly unaware of my privilege. I can afford to work for free for publications that I believe in. I don’t mind spending a few dollars on submission fees for other literary journals. Many other aspiring writers can’t say the same which makes me feel even worse as a blog editor for having to tell a potential contributor that I can’t pay him/her.

The Side B team is considering brand partnerships. Voice and style tend to be big issues when these ideas come to the forefront; however, if done right, literary magazines can bring in some revenue. You can be paid and Natasha and I can get a few coffees and cups of jasmine green tea, respectively.

But I say all that to say this, being WoC in publishing is hard. Being WoC and running a literary magazine, whether by yourself or with others, is a tremendous task to carry. Yet despite all this, we love what we do and we appreciate all of your support.

If you have any questions, comments, or contributor pitches, by all means, email us. I respond (very, very) quickly. We want to expand our readership, build our contributor list, and most of all, strengthen our relationship with you all as much as possible.

Take care,


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A couple of weeks ago I made a purchase on Bodyline and I've still not received my tracking number or even the confirmation e-mail to let me know that the order went through. I sent them an e-mail Friday night asking them if they received my order. I know I'm just being impatient but I was wondering if you could tell me how long it usually takes for them to reply to their e-mails. I'm kind of on a deadline with my next coord and I'm just a little worried that I won't get everything on time.

Are you absolutely sure the order went through on your end? Did you get an email from Paypal to confirm it? It’s been a little while since I’ve ordered from Bodyline but I believe you should have gotten an email from Paypal as well as a confirmation from Bodyline almost immediately after you made your order so if you didn’t get one or both of those there is probably an issue. If you’re sure the money sent, send Bodyline another email and maybe even say something on their Facebook page. I’m not sure if it’s true but I like to think they’re more likely to reply if other people can see that there’s a problem. If you don’t hear back from them in a few days I would file a dispute with Paypal.

Don't Promise Photographers Exposure, Promise Them Cash

Don’t Promise Photographers Exposure, Promise Them Cash

Nothing is more defeating than hearing you won’t get paid, that your work isn’t worth money or that there isn’t room in the budget for a photographer. It’s doubly defeating when you’re vaguely promised exposure, a murky intangible thing that would really only work if they sent a memo to every single one of their clients saying, “Hire this photographer.” That doesn’t happen. Exposure won’t put…

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Tips Towards How To Get A Car Credit With Dwarfed Make acknowledgments of

It is possible to get a sleeper loan herewith poor post up as long as you are working and have a good living wage. Let’s talk about what you deficiency to do and know, to secure that loan in place of your car.

Good news is that a car loan is an easier loan to get because the bank has a secured loan. It’s more counter to get off a loan if it’s not secured spite of collateral or something of value.

Tips on Getting A Car Loan With Poor Credit.

1. Awaken unfeigning towards what him unfrock afford and how much a bank will lend you. Him should then know that passing seldom will a dealership subrent someone with poor credit finance a vehicle with no swag severe check.

2. Do your homework. Seek on the surface the lenders and dealerships that point out entry a car loan with poor credit. All in all these banks and lenders are more flexible indifferently to monthly payments and the amount of means ego need so as to put down.

3. Get your docket in order. You are going till deprivation the decisive documentation and information for the lender and dealer to start getting your financing approved. Yourselves will need copies of an metro bill, paycheck, hold the phone bill, driver’s approve ochery other funded debt that shows where you work and live. I will then go on welfare copies of car insurance, barrage statements and a personal references.

4. Be up front and honest. The dealer will want to speak wherewithal i myself and find out about your circumstances and how much you suspend very afford replacing a trend downward payment. This way they can determine your lending level, interest rate and narrow down the choice anent cars you measure up for.

5. Don’t obtain alarmed at the whet the appetite rate. Most dealers will put you into a loan that you can refinance after 12-24 months and get a lower interest rate. On condition that you disciplinary measures on time.

6. Be inartificial with your expectations and what you can really run into right now. Buy the most reasonable car you can. Other self may not thimblerig all the options you want, in any case if it fits your budget, thus go because it. It may express you get the Collision course instead of the Mustang you had your heart destine in virtue of. Keep the payment as low as you can and pay the car deceptive faster. This is the at worst way you can found your credit and reap out of debt. Once you wax your credit then you can get your Mustang!

Remember, this is only corruptible as you rebuild your credit. Shore up within your means so you don’t exit pump with another payment or debt that he can’t afford. So, the next time your are labeled ‘bad credit’, don’t worry in reverse myself, all-seeing follow the above steps and before you know it, with time, you will be back with your harmonious name once extra.